they're just so cute i don't even know

a lot of ppl seem to be rlly salty about the max-lucas-dustin thing and it’s like,,, they’re 12 lmao i’m sure it’s gon be mainly cute and funny and used as comic relief if anything like idk i’ve even seen ppl say “omg what if this ruins lucas and dustin’s friendship??? ):” like, did y’all forget who they are lmao 

Uhhhh….attempt at chibis? >.<;;;;;

I’ve wanted to make merch for a reaaaally long time, starting with charms of some sort, but chibi art style intimidates the crap out of me.  I tried?  But yeah, I found a site that makes charms pretty affordably, even at smaller runs, with multiple characters. 

Would anyone be interested in charms like these?  I’ll probably just do two to start, but if people are interested I also want kitty!Hiro and puppy!Dashi charms, and ones where they’re in it together, and possibly other things too, like stickers and pins….is my chibi style alright????