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I enjoy reading the comments for BTY & JLY MVs to see people's reactions to his music & MVs & they are almost all positive comments (95%+). You can tell the Louie/1D fans, but it's also great to see the new fans liking his voice, his lyrics, his look, how catchy & chilled his sound is, how they relate to the message, how they're not pop music fans but really like this, etc. Whatever image his horrid team are pushing, I think Louis & his music & his style now are gaining news fans incl more men.

Some comments on Back to You:

And Just Like You:

A lot of love for Louis, as you said, including men, new fans. It’s good to see. 

The best and worst people of the signs: Your friends and your enemies
  • The worst of the Aquarius: Literally too extreme. Too stubborn, and impatient, lives in their own made up reality and hates aggressively towards that which doesn't fit their ideal, which is unproductive. Doesn't compromise. Extremely disconnected, pushing away others. Unloyal.
  • The best of the Aquarius: Original, independent, curious thinkers. Intelligent and imaginative. They are the definition of a humanitarian. Straightforward. They talk less about people and more about ideas. Could actually improve the world.
  • The worst of the Pisces: Overly sensitive and dramatic. Petty. Their expectations and ideals are just too much. Impossible to please. They never stops dwelling on the negative or moping around.
  • The best of the Pisces: Dreamy and ethereal. Generous, affectionate, sensual and kind. Loves their people intensely and is extremely loyal to them. Cares for pretty much everyone.
  • The worst of the Aries: This person is very aggressive and short tempered. They abuse power and exercise control over others because of a superior complex.
  • The best of the Aries: Straightforward, no bullshit types of people. Passionate. Extremely fair person. A fair leader. Will stand up for what's right, people they love and themselves. Good flirters. Adventurous, fun and brave.
  • The worst of the Taurus: Insecure as hell. Hypocritical. Tends to lash out unnecessarily, holds grudges, refuses to take healthy criticism, is often passive aggressive or coward like. Sometimes all talk, and no walk. They are harmless and laid back upon meeting but their insecurities and nit picking are revealed to those closer to them, causing them to appear "two faced".
  • The best of the Taurus: Affectionate, makes good impressions on people. The most determined and enduring person you will meet. If they're good looking the ladies love Taurus men. If they're average the ladies will love them when they're looking for a husband. Females are really sensual.
  • The worst of the Gemini: Because they keep their feelings internal and are versatile they can be extremely "two faced", hence the twins symbolism. They can be extremely insecure. Complete disregard for genuine relationships and loyalties. Cowards who can't show their inner hatred, but rather be cruel behind people's backs.
  • The best of the Gemini: Gets along with everyone, pleasant to be around. Extremely sweet and adaptable. Just wants to please others. Impartial, non judgemental and unbiased. Spontaneous as fuck. Versatile, will try new things and is always open to growth.
  • The worst of the Cancer: Unknowingly hurts or bothers everyone. Because they are the most emotional sign, they are either extremely loving or extremely explosive. Overly dramatic, and complex. Lashes out with a strong victim complex, while being quite draining or abusive themselves. Also crippled by anxieties, crying often. Maybe the most fucked up person you know.
  • The best of the Cancer: The most loving and soft person you will meet. Will do anything for someone they love. Treats everyone with respect, and is a good ear. Nurtures you when you feel down. Couldn't hurt a fly.
  • The worst of the Leo: So self obsessed it's sickening. Feminine Leos selfies' mean way too much to them, and they may do anything to constantly be in the spotlight. Males can be very boastful and arrogant. You will hear him before you see him because he is that loud, often provocative and stirring up fights. They can exercise excessive dominance.
  • The best of the Leo: Passionate and strong minded. Loves intensely, generous and affectionate. A healthy sense of self allows them to genuinely love people and get a long with them without the insecurities and issues most people have. Leaders who stand firmly for the greater good or what's right.
  • The worst of the Virgo: The most judgemental person ever.
  • Has impossible expectations. Traditionalists. Boring. Failure to understand people and situations because of extreme narrow mindedness. Never satisfied with themselves or with others. Controlling. Acts like they have a stick up their ass.
  • The best of the Virgo: Intelligent and analytical. Perfectionist who aims for the best work. Just wants to do the right thing. Dreamer and thinker. Potential leader, ability to improve the world.
  • The best of the Libra: Extremely open minded, non judgemental, fair and soft. Rational and impulsively emotional at the same time. Laid back, well rounded people who are solution orientated.
  • The worst of the Libra: Superficial and obsessed with appearances. Only cares about what their physical appearances and relationships look like on the outside. Boring, with absolutely no opinions. Irrelevant.
  • The worst of the Scorpio: Makes you wonder how people can be so cruel. Extremely disconnected, unforgiving, overly sensitive and overly dramatic. Too damn complicated, explosive and high maintenance, to bother with. Hates almost everyone for extremely petty things. Doesn't believe in gray areas. No one holds a grudge or hates like a scorpio. Also pushes people away in a very cold way to remain in full control of their feelings. Simply put, very fucked up people.
  • The best of the Scorpio: Very mysterious and very interesting. Somehow dreamy or cool. Extremely loyal to their friends. Their love feels very special and once they love someone it's almost forever.
  • The worst of the Sagittarius: Air headed and can become detached extremely easily. They never stop talking to their ex and they hang out with bad friends. Inconsistent. Sometimes self obsessed. Can act surprisingly out of character and crazy when provoked because they are impatient.
  • The best of the Sagittarius: Genuine, self confident and open minded with a good head on them. Laid back yet straight forward, no bullshit kinds of people. Curious and adventurous. They have one of the highest potential in signs for the best friendships and relationships.
  • The worst of the Capricorn: Extremely negative and boring. Stubborn and comes off very cold. Never stops complaining. Is pretty irrelevant and blends into the background.
  • The best of the Capricorn: Laid back as hell, open minded and extremely loyal to friends/partners. They are always willing to listen to those in need, and help their friends. Practical and patient.

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I look up to Bang Yongguk ♡ bcs of his personality, I know he looks intimidating but inside he's the sweetest person ever. His smile when he watch his members being dorks is so genuine ♡ his songs he compose, the way he performs & cares not only for members but also BABYZ ♡ on his Vlive when he was covering his cheat tattoo bsc people mind find it scary. I'm sorry I just love this man so much (and thanks to him I have high standards in men) ^_^

<3 <3 <3

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[Question of the day: Who’s an idol you look up to and why?]

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Honestly, gay men don't really need a term to just describe them. They're the most vocal and recognized group in the community and there's really nothing to be gained from being exclusively attracted to other men. They don't face misogyny like lesbians do they don't deal with biphobia or panphobia. "Gay men" is a perfectly good term to describe them. And besides, bi men and women have to be described as bi men and bi women, so why should gay men be any different?

Wow! Lucky you! I wasn’t really going to dignify this with a response! But it looks like you picked the right day if you wanted my attention.

1) “Gay men don’t really need a term to just describe them” I literally explained -why- I wanted a term to describe only gay men. No one “needs” a fucking term for anything. No one “needs” anything. We’re on a fucking molten rock hurtling through space and nothing matters.

2) “They’re the most vocal and recognized group” So? Literally why does that matter? Recognition isn’t always a privilege lmao

3) “There’s really nothing to be gained from being exclusively attracted to other men.” Listen here you absolute smear of dogshit on the bottom of my shoe. Literally nothing was more painful for me, as a gay kid growing up in a Mormon household, than finding out I was attracted to men, and ONLY men. My ENTIRE childhood, I was raised and taught to love women, to end up with a woman, to have a fucking eternal family with a WOMAN. Like I’m sorry that your experiences and the experiences of other people don’t specifically match my experiences and that my experiences aren’t universal but you know what? They don’t have to be universal. They are MY experiences, and this is MY blog, and MY life. 

I was BEGGING God every night to be bi, to just be attracted to women a little, please. I cried myself to sleep every night for a fucking year because I was gay and ONLY attracted to men. Miss me with that bullshit! Being gay changed my life so irrevocably in a way that being bi wouldn’t have. I’m not saying one would have been harder or whatever, but ummm because of how I was raised, I can imagine that the two experiences would have been radically different. 

Gay men have to put up with this bullshit idea that we’re more privileged than other groups of people when we face so much violence at a disgustingly high rate and, I’ll let you in on a secret, this “privilege” you’re hinting at doesn’t exist. A large part of what gets us killed so often is our visibility because we’re viewed by straight men as predators, deviants, mentally ill, what have you. 

I’m sorry you’ve been fucking brainwashed by this godless hellsite into thinking that gay men have any sort of privilege over bi and pan men but it’s just not true.

I was literally posting an honest opinion that is applicable to me and actually lots of other gay men. It wasn’t even a fucking controversial post. It doesn’t take anything away from you. You freaks LOVE to jump at the chance to hate on gay men because it’s ~progressive~ and because you actually are homophobes. But! I see you! I notice it! 

4) “They don’t face misogyny or biphobia/panphobia” literally so what? Also IDK if I’m going to have to have a fucking kindergarten lesson with you or something but homophobia is like at least 75% misogyny lmao not that this point matters

5) People describe their same-gender attraction ALL the time as “gay.” People describe THEMSELVES as gay. Fucking aroaces literally describe themselves as gay. All the time. It has become a universal term. If you say “wow I’m so gay” that could mean literally anything now!!! Are you bi/pan? Are you actually gay? Are you eight layers deep in mogai hell? Do you like to get pegged? It doesn’t mean anything!!!!

If you’re bi you can literally just say “I’m bi” like everyone knows what that means. There isn’t any wiggle room. 

If I say “I’m gay” people are like “oh okay… so you like men… but also are you bi? Pan?” And then I have to say “haha actually I’m ONLY GAY, FOR MEN,” or I have to call myself a homosexual! 

I don’t want to have to explain myself like that! 

I legitimately hope you have a terrible day! Get fucked! -Mod Grimes

I'm not really a good friend
  • Me: look guys i just found another fictional pair of men with lots of angst and UST between them-
  • friends: *busy doing things in real life*
  • Me: -and did i say that they're probably never going to be with each other-
  • friends: *still busy doing things in real life*
  • Me: -so accompany me in crying over their longing looks at each other and all the other tragedies they will face-
  • friends: *still infuriatingly busy with things in real life*
  • friends: *finally look up from things in real life* Aww, they're cute, aren't they? *look back to things in real life*
  • Me: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Me: ....
  • Me: *drags friends down to the eternal fiery pit filled charts and discussions on why the said fictional angsty pair must be shipped and cried over and doesn't let them out until they ship it with the same intensity that i do*
  • Liam: He looked you up and down as you walked into the bedroom clad in your little black dress. "You're going out like that and I don't get to be with you?" he said, walking up to you and wrapping his large hands around your waist. "It's girls night, Liam. You're not a girl, last time I checked," you giggled as he began to kiss your neck. "What if I accidentally showed up at the club?" he asked, stressing the word 'accidentally.' "No babe," you sighed as he moved to kiss the spot right below your ear. He moaned just as the doorbell rang. You pulled away and glared down at his pants, revealing a large bulge.
  • Zayn: "Y/N?" Zayn said as you walked into the room, wearing a pair of really short shorts and a low-cut tank top. "Hey!" you said, waving to him. All the men in the room turned to look at you, smirking to themselves. He ran up to you and grabbed your waist, kissing your neck slowly. "What're you doing? We're in public," you warned, fighting back a moan. "You look so good; and I don't like the way they're looking at you," he gestured towards the other guys. You looked down and noticed his bulge, as his eyes scanned every part of your body. "Let's go," you sighed, pulling him away.
  • Niall: "Hey," you said as you walked into the living room. "Hey ba-- woah," he was cut off when he noticed your outfit; it was quite revealing and much different than what you typically wore. "C'mere," he motioned to his lap. You straddled it as his hands found their usual place on your hips. "I enjoy this," he said, looking you up and down. "Do you?" you said, your lips inches apart. He placed a hand softly on your jaw, connecting your lips. "I really enjoy this," he moaned in between kisses. You grinded on his hips slightly and tugged at his hair, causing him to let out a throaty moan.
  • Harry: You woke up to find Harry placing kisses all over your neck and chest. "Morning," you said, giggling. He smiled and looked up at you, placing a kiss on your lips. "Hello love," he said cheerfully, and began to kiss all over your body. "Someone's anxious this morning, huh?" you said as you felt his kisses get lower. He moaned as he kissed back up to your stomach and cheeks. "Do you mind?" he asked you, placing a long kiss on your lips. "No," you moaned as he kissed down your body.
  • Louis: You walked into the tour bus to find him sitting on the couch, texting someone on his phone. "Hey," you plopped next to him, kissing his cheek. He put his phone aside and pulled you onto his lap, kissing you slowly. "Hi," he breathed, hands tightening on your hips. You pushed him down on the couch and put your hands on both sides of his head, kissing down his neck. He ripped his shirt off and placed one hand on your bum and one on your waist. You kissed down his chest, causing him to moan and grind slightly upwards towards you hips. "Hey guys, do you-- oh my god," Zayn said, walking into the tour bus and covering his eyes. "We're in the middle of something here," Louis said, flipping you over so he was on top, covering your body.

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Gotta ask but why do so many pro-black vlogs proclaim black men and mixed race black men have to be attracted to black women, specifically dark skin black women, or they're self haters? I mean last time I checked we weren't born at the hip, black men don't have any obligation to date black women. Black men don't complain when good looking black women get with white dudes like Halle Berry or Rosario Dawson, we're too busy chasing actual women. I love some black women, I just don't desire them

You really wanna send this ask to us?

The conversation isn’t that black men must marry black women, that’s your misinterpretation. If you really want to get to the bottom of that, ask yourself why you don’t desire black women and ponder on how eurocentric beauty standards are involved in that maybe you’ll get to the answer.