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Remember when Alec caught Camille kissing Magnus so he just glared at her like ‘this bitch’ and then Izzy came up beside him and also glared at her like 'this bitch’ and then she basically threatened to end camille’s life whilst both the lightwoods continued to stare her down?….yeah it’s my favourite.

Stimmy Recommendations #1

Studio Ghibli movies! 

They have very pretty animation and a very nice whimsical feel. They’re aimed at kids (of various ages), but I don’t think they’re any less enjoyable for an older audience! Most of the scenes are very visually stimulating.

I think “Ponyo” is especially stimmy (and less dark than some of the others too since it’s aimed at younger kids), but my favourite of the films are “Spirited Away”, “When Marnie Was There” and “Kiki’s Delivery Service”. Another one I would reccomend is “From Up on Poppy Hill” , which I think less people have seen (it’s very good).


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Spirited Away:

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When Marnie Was There:

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Kiki’s Delivery Service:

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From Up on Poppy Hill:

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