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I always thought about Nordic languages and Gaelic when mentioning Ravenclaw. They are rough and cold, yet fluid and harmonized. Also, there is something antique and mysterious about them. Like telling a fairytale. But I can see your point. I'm a Ravenclaw and I love Spanish even though it isn't my mother language.

I really love this thanks for sending it in! Also Gaelic is so ravenclaw I can’t believe I didn’t think of it! I mean there are so many unnecessary letters in there just to make the words look more complicated it’s ridiculous

Saint Patrick’s Day Headcanons!

(A cool little article I read through about the holiday is here - if ya’ll would like to learn a bit more about the holiday ^^ (Most of the stuff here I had to Google cause I didn’t know much of the holiday ^^’)) 

Rin Okumura: 

  • being raised in the Catholic church - he sort of knew that March 17 is the date that the Saint Patrick was thought to have passed on - so it at least started out as a feast in his celebration 
  • so ever since he learned that (and learned to cook) he’s always made a big feast for his family and friends on that day
  • he always attempts ‘Irish’ dishes like…
  • Sheppard’s pie
  • Colcannon
  • Sauteed Cabbage
  • and for desserts he’d do things like:
  • Chocolate Stout Cupcakes 
  • or Lime Poke Cake
  • he makes sure to wear funny headband that has a little leprechaun hat on it

Yukio Okumura:

  • being raised in the Catholic church - he knew lots of information about the Saint 
  • teaches a lesson about it so the others would be informed 
  • makes sure to wear a shamrock pin on his coat 

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro: 

  • got some hella cheap green dye from the convenience store 
  • put it on the tips of his blonde 
  • it looks really good, it kinda fades into this nice spring green color 
  • he washes it out the night after Saint Patrick’s day 

Shima Renzo: 

  • goes out that night and tries to convince older ladies to buy him drinks 
  • (none do) 
  • checks out the parades going on and has a good time honestly 
  • wears a green shirt that says: ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ 

Konekomaru Miwa: 

  • reads up on the customs and traditions and things of that nature about the holiday
  • wears a green hat 
  • has chocolate gold coins in his pockets and gives them out to his friends cause he’s a sweetie 

Izumo Kamiki: 

  • wears green hair ties in her hair 
  • doesn’t really care too much for the holiday - doesn’t see the big deal about it 
  • but whatever

Shiemi Moriyama: 

  • puts a four leaf clover in a cute little bottle and ties a brown suede cord around it and makes it into a cute necklace and wears it all day 
  • wears green and white striped thigh high socks 
  • is so excited for the parades and stuff 
  • picks as many four leaf clovers as she can and gives them out to her friends first (and maybe gets up enough nerve to be able to hand them out to strangers too so they’d be lucky too!) 


Shura Kirigakure:

  • this is HER HOLIDAY man
  • wears a green top instead of her usual red one
  • is hella wasted before the end of the night
  • her goal was to go into every bar around the whole town
  • and she succeeded 
  • she also enjoyed the parade and ended up with a ton of green beaded necklaces 
  • and she LOVES all the themed foods and stuff like that 
  • (on the dl she thinks its cute but she’d never admit it) 
  • makes Rin swear that he’d save her a plate with everything he makes 

Black guy: I’ve been called a nigger…

White guy: I’ve been beaten up for being white, been stereotyped as racist, and been rejected by a college because of due diligence, what did I ever do to this world?


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In Ireland, there used to be a type of deer called the Giant Irish Deer (they're extinct now) that were almost 7 feet tall at the shoulder. I think some Giant skeleton protectors would make a great symbol for Irish aces!

I love ‘em so much I kind of want to commission art of our skeleton protector walking in the forest with an ace colore flower clown

Not even sure which clown-related discourse is worse, the “Clowns have afros so they’re obviously blackface” (despite the fact that white people can have curly hair, most clowns have bone-white face paint and their afros generally come in a variety of colors, some even having straight hair, though most commonly clowns’ hair is /red/) or “Pennywise is the new gay icon rebloob to piss of The Straights” (he’s a fucking CHILD PREDATOR you unpeeled carrot)

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To answer: scottish Gaelic is not a dialect of Irish. They're both from the same language family and both call themselves similar things (like how we have Dutch for the Netherlands and Germany refers to their own language as Deutsch) but are different standalone languages. Sorry this isn't appropriate for the blog but I figured it'd be good info

hella appropriate