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I was watching a show about Alien encounters and there was one about a bright light that shone from a UFO to these ladies on a bus and one could see a silhouette of some humanlike being. So I ended up drawing the boys and theykindaendeduphavingtheAncestorstylelook ahahaha.

Ahem. So someone (no it actually wasn’t Me this time! *side eyes Frisk) said that there would be no update this week. However they misread the numbers. We can absolutely do a comic this week! Sorry for the confusion, time is wonky between Our world and yours.
We’d speed up so you don’t have to wait so long but then you’d catch up with our current time and have to wait weeks before anything more happened.


Wait no, what if the dragons all randomly leave at once, and the Berkians are like “oh it must be some mating season thing or something they’ll be back in a few days” but then the dragons just like

never come back