they're in two different worlds


someone write a 50′s AU where Levi’s a high school drop out who works as a mechanic at his uncle’s shop and Eren is a cute nerd with car troubles


dr. isaacs / alice gifset [Part 1 of 2]
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It is always different. It’s always complicated. And at some point, someone has to draw the line, and that is always going to be me.

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Hey Kaz, since you said YOI was the first anime you really got into, can I recomend one I think you probably (almost certainly) will like? It's called No.6 and it's so good! The story revolves around two guys that are bound to be enemies 'cause they're from two different worlds, but they also feel strongly drawn to each other so they can't actually be the enemies they were supposed to. I know rivalries are your thing so you should really check this one out, I promise you won't regret it!

I’ve never seen No.6 before but I might check it out in the summer :)

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Father/daughter Vader and Leia #18 or #19 (whichever you feel up to)

(19: things you said when we were the happiest we ever were)

She knows her father’s wrong.

It took a long time to reconcile her heart and her head, to remember morality over loyalty; she spent a lot of nights as a kid trying to toe the line of black and white, to mix the paint enough that she’d finally see the shades of gray. It was hard; she cried and yelled and screamed, raging against her own blood and the galaxy she never chose to live in. She knows her father’s wrong.

It’s always there, like some thunderous cloud - it’s sewn in Vader’s breath. The constant litany of oxygen, of crimes. Just like her father could escape the infinity of his breath, Leia could escape the endlessness of the corpses in his wake. They could forget. 

“It’s not so bad,” Leia said. Vader was inspecting her swollen hand, the stiffness of the metal limbs belying warm concern. “You should see the other guy.”

“Do not give me pitiful excuses for injuring yourself,” Vader said. “Would you like to visit the doctor, or shall I splint this myself?”

Leia rolled her eyes. “It’s not pitiful! And… should I trust you?”

“My daughter,” Vader said, clearly exasperated, “I have done much worse than break my hand.”

“Fine,” she said. Peace like this was hard won - she’d take what she could get.

Vader led her to the workshop table, still holding her swollen hand, and a medical kit floated out of the cabinet. “Would you like to explain how you injured yourself this time, my child?”

Leia bit her lip. This was a little embarrassing. “You know Antonio, right?”

“No,” Vader said, delicately taking her hand. “I will try to be gentle. Be prepared.”

“We know what happens when you try gentle - ouch - Antonio Motti Junior, the - “

“Oh,” Vader said. “Motti’s son.”

“Yeah,” Leia said. “He - he kept trying to tell me the Force isn’t real, and that you were a liar. That you were just a droid. But you’re not, and I may have - lost it.”

Her father wasn’t a droid. He was many things, but he wasn’t a droid.

“Give young Antonio some credit,” Vader said, “he was sixty percent correct.”

Leia giggled, despite herself. 

Vader tended to her hand, and they fell into companionable silence - Vader radiated pride through the Force, which she sheepishly accepted. She knew it would turn to betrayal the next time she tried to convince him of the Emperor’s corruption.


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