they're in love dammit


The last color palate image, this one snuck in just under the buzzer! Apologies for the lateness! But here it is, finally, a sad moose-eyes Sammy for singing-demondean :)

I’m not caught up on it at all, but I really enjoyed the first 5 seasons of my time with the Winchesters! No worries, it wasn’t a strange request! I’m not up-to-date on his current look, so I just went with the derpy flippy hair I’m used to! Hope you like!  You can check out the rest of my color meme images here. Thanks!

The nurse came in while we were kissing again. She cleared her throat pointedly. Two or three times. I let her. The kiss wasn’t finished yet.

Harry Dresden (Skin Game by Jim Butcher)

I pity the poor fools who try to get in the way of this ship. I bet that nurse ends up hating Harry over the next few weeks XD.