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It’s the first anniversary of my first ever dating app and one of the best games I’ve ever played in my entire life and BAM i celebrate it with crappy doodles. Go me yayyyy

AU where nobody keeps secrets or suffers or is brainwashed or is kidnapped or dies and everyone is happy and Saeran is just an emo kid in need of love. Ft. Godparent Vandy who’d rather be anywhere but in this group photo.


How to look at someone you want dead: a guide by Edward Nygma

Lord of the Flies reboot is being made…

but instead of a group of boys…they’re remaking it with a group of girls…

what idiot came up with this idea?? this change in premise literally erases the point of the book


Mob psycho 100 chibi pen doodles~ I’m really proud of these mobs


North Korea Skaters Seek Olympic Bid, and Diplomats Cheer

From mid-June through mid-August, the North Korean pair of Ms. Ryom, 18, and Mr. Kim, 25, trained in Montreal, refining their attempt to claim one of five Olympic spots available here at this week’s Nebelhorn Trophy competition.

The skaters, their coach and a North Korean skating official spoke frequently about the Olympics, said Bruno Marcotte, a prominent French Canadian coach who worked with the pair.

“All the time they would ask me: ‘Do you think we have a chance to qualify? Are we good enough? What do we need to qualify?’ ” Mr. Marcotte said of the pair, who aspire to become one of the world’s top 10 teams.

“They didn’t want to talk about politics,” said Mr. Marcotte, who is also here assisting the North Koreans. “It was all about sport and being the first ones in the Olympics and breaking barriers and doing their best.”


On Wednesday, Ms. Ryom and her partner, Mr. Kim, appeared smiling though slightly nervous during practice. (“Trying to be too much,” Mr. Marcotte said.) Still, they received polite applause from the four dozen or so people who watched them train at the Eissportzentrum in this Alpine village with bell cows in the pastures and snow dusting the highest peaks.

It is not uncommon for pairs skaters to have an artistically stressed relationship, and as Mr. Marcotte put it, a coach can sometimes be more of a marriage counselor. But the North Koreans remained unfailingly upbeat during their summer training, he said. And they even made kimchi, a staple dish, for a South Korean pair that he also trained.

“I think there is a will for friendship, a will for peace,” Mr. Marcotte said of the skaters. “They were so driven and so positive. I didn’t expect that. They were sponges. They wanted to learn so badly.”

Ms. Ryom and Mr. Kim will be under enormous scrutiny and pressure this week to qualify for the Olympics. But they also appear confident, Mr. Marcotte said.

Charinina family on a trip
They left Anatea for good and settled into the dragon village

I’m already on my way sketching the little baby dragons in children form btw
They may be more than four oops!

Anatea’s new king and queen here!

I’m honestly so sad about how vicious some people have been to the Bioware devs over this game. It’s just… some of the responses I’ve seen to this backlash are straight up cruel.