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Seriously; at what point in LIS has Chloe shown any sympathy for another person, other than jealousy or self-interest? Chloe is what is known as a sociopath. Don't project feelings on her just because you want her to have them. She doesn't.

First of all, hello rude anon, nice to meet you too.

Second, no, I’m not projecting my feelings onto her. If I was, she would be a lot happier and a stammering mess of goo when Max ‘flirts’ with her.

She is neither of those. Chloe is a manipulative, hateful, and bitter person. There are few things she cares about more than herself, her weed, and her smokes; those few things being Max and Rachel. One of which abandoned her for five years and the other which vanished without a trace.

She isn’t a sociopath (Idk how you got this do you even know what a sociopath is Anon???). She’s depressed and she’s bitter and she’s angry. And she knows it, which is one of the reasons I’m assuming she uses weed (”put in some music while I self medicate”, the pills that might be hers in the bathroom). She acts just like any person would who’s father died, favorite pet died, one best friend disappearing and the other ignoring contact for five years. Really, if you were in her shoes and you completely love the world and you’re happy all the time, maybe you’re the one with the issue, yeah? Everything about her character points to her having depression. Which is not a sociopath, ya'dig?

But none of that really answers your question so lets do that. There’s several small instances that shows she cares, and there’s also instances that people complain about that can be refuted.

[Episode One]

• Chloe’s truck
- total bitch move, taking up the handicap spaces.

• Chloe’s house
- you spend the entire car ride to her house listening to Max getting ragged on for abandoning her (which she lightweight deserved, let’s be honest here) but she also asks about how Seattle was, despite being pissed off at her
- it might not seem like a lot, but Chloe gives her free roam to go find the tools and snoop around to find a CD. And it is a lot because Chloe thought Max was never coming back, that she had forgotten all about her in Seattle, and the first day she sees her again, she immediately settles into their old friendship, despite being bitter about it. There’s trust there.
- the weed incident, depending on your choices, yeah, Chloe’s a total bitch if she says it’s yours but you also don’t have to agree and she’ll just get mad and get over it. (Also, you’re really supposed to hide so she doesn’t blame you when you hide). Not defending her here because she totally was a bitch, but it also probably has to do with the fact she feels like Max owes her for abandoning her. But again, not defending her. But she does force David to back off of her at the end so. (David tried to threaten me but Chloe was awesome and threatened him.)

[Episode Two]

• Diner
- Chloe isn’t necessarily a bad person for telling Max not to answer. We don’t know if she knows how depressed and suicidal Kate is, all we know is she thinks she’s sweet. To her, Kate’s just a friend that Max made to replace Chloe.

- Again, Chloe’s pretty shitty with how she goes about things, but I think that she honestly wanted to help Max find a limit to her powers. And if it helped her, so be it. At some point, Max starts to have a little fun with it, until Frank shows up.
- She takes care of Max when she passes out.

• Chloe’s Truck
- Chloe shows interest in helping Max figure things out.
- She also restates (again) that she’s happy they’re together again.

• End Game
- Somehow Chloe finds out about Kate and her immediately reaction is to text Max (Sorry about Kate. I hope you’re okay). She probably doesn’t know Max’s powers weren’t working and she probably doesn’t know that Max was even up on the roof with her, but she’s still checking in on her anyways.

There’s a lot of positives and negatives about Chloe. She’s a round character, just like Max and Kate and Victoria. We don’t know enough about her to call her a good person or a bad person. We have to wait and see.

So using the facts I gathered from playing LiS again (for the fifth time), I’m going to have to say yes, she’s a manipulative little youknowwhat, but she does have a heart and she does care, especially about Max and Rachel.

It’s cool if you don’t share that opinion. Because you don’t have to. But this is mine and I’ll stick with it until it’s proven incorrect. Sorry if this pisses you off, but hey, you came into my ask box buddy :>

killingfreetime sent me this photo but I accidentally deleted it when I was trying to figure out how to comment on a submission in the submission post…

They saw the car like yesterday after school! That’s so cool. The car even has a Czech licence plate, from our region/district, it’s local! I think I’m gonna stalk the car.

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When you get this ask list five things that make you happy then pass it on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you~~


PUPPIES! Puppies are the best. We have three puppies and they are my babies even though they’re old babies and I just love them a lot. (I will also accept non-canine puppies, which basically covers animals that are cute. Sometimes human children? I’ve lost control of my life.)

I like it when it rains?? I guess life just feels like 10x as cozy and also I feel less guilty about wanting to be inside watching the world go by. Also rainy day naps are the beeeeest.

That part in a book where you realize that you’re SUPER INTO IT. Like maybe it started out a little slow (or didn’t), but all of the sudden everything is AWESOME and you can’t put it down. Such a nice feeling. Until the book ends.

Also the same feeling with music. When you find a song that just CLICKS. Yeah.

Erm… I ran out of thoughts too quickly. People doing nice things for each other? Or just saying nice things? I don’t know. Nice people make me smile. In other news, I’m sleepy which apparently makes me grossly sentimental and I’m done with this now.