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The Signs and their Lives
  • Aries: Lives an exciting life in danger. They have the scars to prove it. Tough front but always battling an inner issue. They usually do something that scares them to "challenge" themselves and their self consciousness. They're offensively independent and will never lean on anybody.
  • Taurus: Stubborn. They live their life by their rules and they won't let anyone else tell them how to live their life. This can be good and bad. They're hard workers and will do the most just for a little bit of cash. They want their life to be comfortable, so they will never ever leave their comfort zone.
  • Gemini: Their lives are full of laughter and they live everyday like it's their last - doing what they absolutely love to do. They are easily depressed but no one will ever see this side of them, so they feel awfully lonely that no one can see them for who they truly are. They hate sleeping, having someone or something waste their time, and will rest when they're dead. They are always looking for their identity. But Geminis can be everyone they ever met in one person.
  • Cancer: Cancers are constantly going through tough obstacles in life but they get stronger each time. They only come off as emotional because life tests them to the fullest and they look for ways to conquer it. In reality, they are heroes everyday of their life. Pushing through stress and heartache, they are truly tenacious. Home is where their heart is.
  • Leo: They are always trying to over-achieve. They want to be more than what they already are. This is why they come off as egotistical. Leo rules the heart, and they are constantly trying to find themselves and who they are.. what they can become and what they're capable of doing in everyday life. But too often they will hide their souls in fear of being ridiculed.
  • Virgo: Virgos are workaholics.. but they actually love working and keeping busy. Virgos are naturally anxious beings. They need routine and a sense of control over their lives. They feel foreign from everyone around them, constantly in a state of logical thinking, but hardly do they ever acknowledge their feelings. Virgo comes off as a thinker, not a feeler.. though everyone should know they feel deeply, and life may scare them sometimes.
  • Libra: They are generally happy people. They don't understand those who just wallow in their own pity. It's the little tings in life for them. They want to keep moving forward, and show themselves off. They are generally flirty and will charm people for their own advantage. However, they constantly need confirmation and people's approval. They often feel very lonely and will look for love or any type of partner just because they hate to be alone. Life without love is not a life worth living to Libras.
  • Scorpio: Their lives are very black and white to say the least. They find themselves feeling extreme emotions about other people before they even speak to them. They always keep parts of themselves hidden. Truth is, they want someone to open up to without having to worry about it. They will hardly ever show their emotions (they see them as vulnerable) and they need their privacy. They aren't afraid of anything - not even death. (Scorpios rule death and the underworld) so their lives will can be hell and they'll handle it well.
  • Sagittarius: Sagittariuses live by their own rules and their rules require two major things. Fun and freedom. They feel their purpose in life is to travel, experience new things, make friends, find true love, and to take in as much of the world as they possibly can. However, if they don't, they can feel trapped, and they may hurt other people to prevent themselves from getting hurt first. Their happiness is shown off, but their pain is often hidden.
  • Capricorn: Workaholics! However, they don't very much enjoy their jobs or what they do, they just do it to make money and because they are naturally hard workers who want a comfortable, stable life. Although Capricorns may feel like they are collapsing on the inside, on the outside they are completely deadpan. They want everyone to know that nothing bothers them, however, they may worry too much and get embarrassed too easily. Make one mistake with a Capricorn, and you will never be forgiven again (unless they feel like torturing you for fun) They will prove they are the toughest of them all.
  • Aquarius: Their lives are unpredictable. Their friends are the most important part of their life, and they will never live a boring one. Aquariuses seem happy from a distance, but they love hard and feel hard when you get close. You will see they fear rejection or being alone. But they will never, ever express this. They are pretty stubborn about showing their emotions, even if something incredibly sad happens. You won't see them cry. They may seem too focused on their life goals and projects, but they feel they are worth more when they accomplish everything they put their mind on.
  • Pisces: Pisces naturally have hard lives. They are often misunderstood and are distant from their families. No one truly "gets" Pisces, so they feel that they go through life alone. They are the most melancholic sign and their stories could possibly break your heart if you listen. However, they are very vague and it's hard for them to open up. It takes a while for them to trust you because they have been hurt repeatedly. And yet they are still standing. They are not looking for pity, but someone who can love them without deceiving them for once.. and someone who can give them their alone time (which they love). Pisces are seen as rebellious because they walk the opposite way everyone else is walking. However, despite their hard lives, Pisces are not very much afraid of anything (except being alone), considering this sign rules death and the afterlife.





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the signs + money
  • aries: are generally pretty impulsive but thats if they believe its necessary. will buy whatever they (or anyone else) needs or wants if they feel its important in that moment.
  • taurus: isnt as big on money as they are about the things that money can buy (if that makes sense but whatever). theyre the materialistic sign, enjoys luxuries and indulging themselves. so basically, they love money bc it can get them what they want.
  • gemini: spoils themselves, spoils others. money doesnt matter to them as much as happiness does. if buying something for someone will make them happy, theyll jump at the opportunity.
  • cancer: money is mostly used on others, but you can and will see a cancer buying things they dont really need. not always the smartest spenders but are usually pretty good at finding good prices for what it is they wanted to buy.
  • leo: love to spend their money as if they have a lot of it. theyd rather have a few nice and brand name things rather than a lot of cheap or knockoff things. <br>
  • virgo: money is literally the motive. prefer to make money doing more leisurely tasks, but will work for it. good savers, but arent afraid to spend it. theyll be seen buying things for the ones they think are worth it as well as for themselves.
  • libra: likes money. may be seen using people for money, may also be seen being used for money. usually gets free things with their charm, not always on purpose though.
  • scorpio: can be an impulsive spender. sometimes, spending money &amp; shopping can be an emotional outlet/a way to relieve stress. sometimes finds themselves at a loss of money but soon gets themselves out of it.
  • sagittarius: hardly ever buys themselves anything. if they have a lot of money, its because they saved it up for something in the future or because they want to have a sense of financial security. very common to see a sagittarius buying things for the ones they love, but not for themselves.
  • capricorn: they're hard workers for a reason, money is key for them and they like saving up and knowing they're financially secure
  • aquarius: more intellectual, focuses on wordly things and problems that money can't solve. this leads them to not care as much about money since it won't solve their problems.
  • pisces: very good at keeping an eye on their money and saving up, but won't hesitate to spend their money on themselves or the ones they love.
the signs based on people I know
  • Aries: Aries' are great people to have as company. They're always on the move and looking for something to do. Loud. Very rash and sometimes makes decisions too quickly. They have a tendency to start arguments they don't intend to finish. Super dry and sarcastic sense of humor.
  • Taurus: Amazing friends. Great at listening to your struggles and giving their own opinion. Very independent. They have a mind for themselves and seem to know what they want. It's easy to get along with them. Easy to appreciate their sense of humor.
  • Gemini: Incredibly loving behind their "don't talk to me" demeanor. Gemini's make great companions when you're looking to just forget about your problems. It takes a while for them to open up, but when they do its like a flood of emotions. Super hilarious, will make you piss your pants with laughter.
  • Cancer: Always so attractive. They know how to make you feel calm and secure. Being with them is so incredibly easy. They have a very mature side that would surprise a lot of people. Scary when angry. Not very sentimental people, but they will make you feel loved and wanted.
  • Leo: Leo's are very protective. They are good at keeping a situation at bay and always appearing calm. They will kill you. Whether it's with their humor, looks, or rage depends. They're so so witty, always having a come back. Also charming, could charm anyone to bed. Incredibly intuitive.
  • Virgo: Dry, dry, dry sense of humor. Always know when something's wrong. Great people to vent to. They know how to handle any situation and always have a plan. They're always so reassuring. Hard workers to the core, will make you very proud to know them. Sometimes gets in over their head.
  • Libra: Quiet. They know how to have fun without being too crazy. Amazingly smart, in a strange way. Weary people. They need reassurance a lot of the times. Great at cheering people up. Very romantic and know how to treat someone right. Will protect themselves first.
  • Scorpio: Someone to trust with your life. Very reliable and always ready to catch you if you fall. So so adorable. They know to light up a room with just one smile. Big, loud booming laughs. They'll make your heart clench with just one giggle. Always someone to turn to if you're having a bad day. So down to earth. Can get moody at times.
  • Sagittarius: Flirty. You'll never know if they're flirting with you or just being nice. Incredibly attractive. Blend in with people very well. They pick up phrases from others very easily. Have new interests every single week. Moves at a fast pace. Always ready for what's to come. One step ahead of everyone. (This could be terrifying at times)
  • Capricorn: Intelligent people. They're also hilarious. Very witty and cheeky. Curious about the world. Wide-eyed. Comes off as cold but is actually a marshmallow below the harshness. Have many skills. Get addicted to things easily. They memorize things so quickly. Great at giving advice, horrible at taking it. Hate criticism(no matter what the say).
  • Aquarius: Always looking for adventure. They don't stick too one person for too long, always in motion. Bad sleepers. They overthink way too much. Smart, in every way. They know how to manipulate a situation in their favor. Usually get what they want. They're in their own little world.
  • Pisces: Little tiny angels the world has gifted us with. They know how to keep you grounded. Amazing friends. Very loyal and trustworthy. Have super cool talents. They learn small things about people that mean the most. Great at remembering things. Super sentimental. Will always put others first.

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You know what I wonder sometimes? Why they've sidelined Elise so much this time around, like SB promoted everything/one BUT Elise for the streamy's, on twitter they keep mentioning everyone BUT Elise and now Sp*ncer posted that picture of Nat Annie and Sharon saying they're such hard workers etc yet no Elise (i know he prob didnt mean anything by it but c'mon tell me he couldnt have waited until all 4 of them were in the frame) so yeah i just find it sad everyone keeps excluding Elise

Yeah I’ve had a few people mention this. I feel like she’s been overlooked a fair bit as well. I like Natasha and I’m happy she’s got work as the face of the channel but Elise is the heart of the show. I hope all the voting we did for the Streamys pays off though. She deserves it so much.