they're gonna fall over oh no

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I had a dirty thought: jack sitting in fe's lap facing him n they're kissing n jack starts to lose pacience so he gets handsy and fe's like "scuse me im in control" so he wraps his arms around jack n pins his arms to his sides n starts leaving hickies all over jack's neck n collarbone and biting in just the right spots all the while jack is whining n trying to grind his hips against fe

oh god i love this too much 

-also jack letting his head fall back eventually bc he knows felix won’t let him go if he keep struggling, and the only way he’s gonna get his way is if he lets felix have his way

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I love how fucking EXTRA Ren and Hux are about their relationship in IADM. Like such a short amount of time has passed and yet they're super possessive and emotionally volatile over each other, it's like watching two 16 yo fall in love.

oh gosh thank you I’m glad you’re enjoying how they are just going All Out and Weird for each other!

and now I’m gonna take the excuse to meta a bit on how they’ve gone from “hi” to “I will kill anyone who touches you” in less than a week because I’ve been wanting to talk about this anyway, even though it’s gonna come up in the story a little later, albeit less directly. it’s actually really important to the story that they fall for each other so fast and so deeply

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What would've happened
  • --S4 John walks in with Mike Stamford to see S1 Sherlock--
  • Sherlock: *knocks over a beaker* oh fuc-- *trips over own feet*
  • Sherlock: *hand grasps counter, knocking over a test tube with grass samples* FUCK MY ACTUal aSS GODDAMMIT
  • S4 John: Are you...okay?
  • Sherlock: *scrambles up off the floor with his hand physically over his chest, large blush on his face, and nearly falling backwards* hI THERE!! I'm,uh, William--BUT OF COURSE YOU CAN CALL ME SHERLOCK!!! Uh, I guy, right? I like army guys they're pretty hooAAAAA so umm, do you like the violin? If we're gonna be flat mates that might annoy you and uh, oh jeez the flat I'm looking at is a mess but it can be cleaned so don't worry about it. It's in central London and cheaply priced and I love the landlady. Anyway Um it's 221B baker's street meet me there?
  • S4 John: Good god he's perfect.
  • Mike: what