they're from different angles so .. yeah

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If you compare the two billboards pics (Cait's and Sam's) you'll notice that they're different. Sam is in LA or someone sent the pic to him

Yeah it’s the same billboard, but a different picture. Cait’s is closer and from a different angle so you can’t see the building next to it. I’m going to assume they got the pictures from the same person though. I really don’t think Sam’s in LA. 

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hello! i've always seen gifs of that vkook moment when taehyung kind of grabs jungkook the neck and pulls him closer (to kiss?!) and was wondering if you knew what interview or video it was from! the gif is usually of a close-up angle and it's from boy in luv era, i think, bc taehyung has orange hair and they're all in school uniform. i'm pretty sure it's one of those iconic vkook moments, but i've just never seen the video for myself. any help is appreciated - thank you! <3

Yeah you should definitely watch it as a video too because Taehyung lowers his voice almost like a whisper when he says to Jungkook to ‘come here’ and the whole scene is so.. SO..♥♥ (ಥ﹏ಥ)

..quite different from the way Jungkook said to Tae to ‘come here’ ♥(//▽//)

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These "clubbing" pics are very different from ones we've gotten in the past. They're going to hear live music, not just get trashed, and they're on the way in so no one is drunk or looking rough. And he's with his little sister, not random girls or his lad crew. It's a good change and makes it hard to spin this as a wild night out. I'm curious what angle the tabloids will take.

Yeah I’m curious to see what stories will go with this. Family bonding time with the sister? Support from the sister? Checking out some music for label related purposes? Hopefully some nice things. We’ll see…

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it's funny that they're pushing the solo career angle today because wasn't the difference between wednesdays and fridays, that wednesdays usually got more attention and time spent on that information and fridays were usually not as noticed, though I can see the zerrie breakup coming from the he doesn't spend time with me angle

Yeah, I think so. And this comes after denying that Zayn was working on solo material. All this back and forth–anything to keep the stunt alive. But that would be a more acceptable break-up narrative after all the grossness they’ve put out there before. Maybe they’ve finally concluded one more cheating scandal would make Perrie look like a huge fool and that’s not compatible with her alleged girl power image nor is it conducive to launching her as a solo star. 

So maybe she’ll get the chance to woman up and dump that man. If the second single is that “gotta get that man outta my hair” song, then it all fits. The first single is about her mojo getting Zayn to leave a hugely successful band. The second single is about dumping the guy who claimed he was gonna give up everything for her but didn’t deliver. Well now, isn’t she all that? LOL  

It would also make Zayn look less villainous in an “I tried” kinda way. Irreconcilable differences–happens all the time. If it does play out this way, I wonder if we have the new team to thank for negotiating an end to Zerrie that doesn’t trash Zayn. Interesting…