they're friends

this one client is trying to boast about a certain number of individual hits on their website over the last six years but im p sure this blog gets exactly that same number of individual hits in like a month

like. pal. pls don’t advertise that number.

it’s not an impressive number, even for me, an individual person, screaming into the internet on social media

I noticed dogs were requested? This is my Karelian Bear Dog girl Kaarne with my sis’ German Shepherd boy Hunter. Kaarne loves attention and will drown you on kisses if you pet her. She will also poke you with her nose and push her head under your arm if you don’t pet her. So no matter if you pet her or not you are now under dog love attack.  

“I know - my friends - who are a couple - and they go to karaoke together.  Just those two and they go and sing songs to each other.”

Nick Grimshaw - talking about popstars singing their own music at karaoke.