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Some Roadrat themes I like seeing in fan art:

- Junkrat climbs Roadhog like a tree
- Roadhog has a Pachimari collection
- Junkrat is Fucking Gross
- Junkrat is obnoxiously affectionate
- Big Hands
- Junkrat’s hair burns brighter when he’s flustered
- Roadhog is a glorified babysitter

Feel free to add to the list

Lance Week- Friends/Comfort

I’m combining yesterday’s and today’s prompts because I totally didn’t forget. Not at all. *smiles nervously*

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Lance didn’t see the door of Blue’s hangar slide open.

He didn’t hear the footsteps as they approached, soft as they were.

And he barely felt the light nudging of his shoulder that ultimately ending up waking him; eyes blinking groggily as he lifted his head.


His mind was slow to register the voice, much less identify who it belonged to, but as Lance rubbed the sleep from his eyes, neck stiff from the position it had been in, he realized who it was that was standing before him.


And then it all came flooding back in.

“Keith, sorry,” he said hastily, ashamed he had been caught sleeping in such dire times. The last thing he wanted was for the red paladin to think he didn’t care about finding Shiro. He hadn’t meant to doze off at all in the first place, but after coming to the realization that both his families were broken, his hollowness had manifested into tears; draining him of any and all remaining energy, until he had passed out curled up on Blue’s paw.

He made to get down, but Keith stopped him by placing a hand gently on his lower calf, keeping him in place.

“No, it’s alright.” He sounds so defeated… “I was just-we were just,” he corrected, “wondering where you went.”

How long was I out for?

“Oh,” he said instead, noticing Keith had yet to move his hand. “Yeah, I just needed some time to think.”

Keith sighed heavily, staring down at the ground.

“Don’t we all.”

Lance could feel the pain in his words; knew that, of all of them, Keith knew Shiro the best, undoubtedly liked Shiro the best, and to lose him twice now was just a cruel joke.

But he’s not lost, just temporarily misplaced. We’ll find him.

But Lance couldn’t bring himself to say those words, and he doubted Keith would want to hear them anyways, having already been subjected to a multitude of reiterations of that very phrase.

Like he had said before, Keith was a man of action.

And then a thought occurred to him.

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anonymous asked:

i am very happy to see you telling other peoples to be kind to eahc other it so nice. i am exo-l fighting exo and bts - sorry bad english- (´つヮ⊂)

Your english is just fine hun! 😊

Of course we should be kind to eachother! It doesn’t matter if it’s BTS, EXO or any other group for that matter. They all work really hard and deserve to win. 


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So my friend has this really gross straight guy trying to date her and it's making her feel super uncomfortable because she's very closed off and really freaked her out when he said that he took psychology for one year and so has her all worked out and he's just generally really fucking annoying and she can't block him because they're in a play together so he'll confront her about it, I'll send you some of the stuff in a minute, it's gross

If she wants I could just come over and kick his ass with a gang of angry lesbians 

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Isnt bro their always tho?

It was late at night when roommates Bokuto and Kuroo were at their apartment. Kuroo was busy reading all the different research papers he was assigned while Bokuto was busy eating. They sat across each other at the same table, as they normally would.

Kuroo sighed, slamming his pen down. “Hey, Babe, would you mind getting me some of that, too?”

“Mm,” Bokuto hummed, cheeks full of rice.

Bokuto got up from his chair, but stopped halfway, finally processing what Kuroo had just called him.


“W-Wait, did you just call me babe!?” he exclaimed, giving Kuroo an incredulous look.

“Hm? Oh, I guess I did, huh? Sorry, I guess I’m really tired,” Kuroo chuckled. “S’got a nice ring to it, don’tcha think?”

“It does,” Bokuto agreed. He got up to fetch his roommate some food, using it as an excuse to hide his grin.

And that’s how ‘broooooooo!!’ became ‘babe’ because no!!!!! bro is not their always!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i hope this didn’t come off as rude!!! of course they’ll always be friends and whatnot, but if there are feelings there, yknow it’s like they’re not gonna call each other bro?

like ‘bro-zoning’ yknow

i hate this word

The Houses as Bookworms
  • Gryffindor: absolutely adores books but still wishes they read more, takes really aesthetic book photos, doesn’t waste their time on a book they know they won’t like, pretty critical about book to movie adaptations, considers other people’s reviews before picking up a book, reads their books in class even when they probably shouldn’t, loves borrowing books from others
  • Hufflepuff: will plow through book after book and then not read for an entire month, attempts to organize books alphabetically or by colour but in the end just tries to squeeze them in anywhere, probably re-reads more old books than they read new books, only presents they want are books, may not finish books super quickly but loves them nonetheless
  • Ravenclaw: reads books at an alarming rate, can and will read on any form of transportation, wears glasses, instead of listening to music they’re actually listening to audio books, starts reading a good book but then gets distracted by another and completely forgets about the old one, usually critical of the protagonist.
  • Slytherin: attempts to read over 20 books at the same time, ships everything, loves it when they’re friends read a book that they recommend,they have to finish the whole series no matter what, gets defensive when someone doesn’t recognize them as a reader, wants to read all the books their friends have read so they can contribute their own opinions to discussions

We did a small gift exchange on on discord to cheer each other up and I got @chocoluckchipz ! <3


(I guess it’s a win win situation ‘3′)