they're freaking everywhere

GLITTEROTICA is the ONLY Elvhen Pantheon. I’m talking Blood Magic, Blighted Insanity Velvet Goldmine Jareth Ancient Deities. Nikki-tikki in particular penned the most amazing canon vision for blighted Falon’Din, so I fanarted her fanart. Cause blighted eye Falon’Din? It touches me, in places I didn’t even know I had.

So here you go guys. Playboy glitterotica Falon’Din. Ready to corrupt the void out of you and back. And that’s not vallaslin on his face. It’s blood. From the slave he just killed for funzies. 

Listen to THIS SONG because it sounds like the glitter he’d seduce then kill you with.

every single time man

So like.
I’ll go to Borders (but not anymore. I think it’s gone forever here.) and find books on The Crusades and Templars.
I’m like.
“I want this book.”
And so one day my dad took me and my sister over to the public library to find books.
I just go straight to the history section.
All of sudden
Crusades and Renaissance and Italian art everywhere.
So I went to the fiction section. And all of a sudden.
Books on the Borgia family and even a book that has a character named “Molly Templar”.
So I checked out Amadeus and The Illustrated History of the Knights Templar.
Amadeus mentions the Masons.

Suddenly I feel like AC is being shoved into my face from almost everywhere.

And I love it.