they're following the words i love it

Things the signs say a lot:
  • Aries: *in a empathetic voice,
  • "You tried"
  • Taurus: *like the seagulls off finding nemo,
  • "MINE"
  • Gemini: *chillin like a villain voice,
  • "Casual casual"
  • Cancer: *walking off or wiping away tears,
  • Leo: *looking for the deits,
  • "sooo... any gossip?"
  • Virgo: "you uncultured (insert uninsulting word here)"
  • Libra: "bruh" or "y'all"
  • Scorpio: *in a panicky/angry voice,
  • Sagittarius: *in a 'are u serious' kinda voice
  • "Guys"
  • Capricorn: *in strange/strained voice
  • "oh nooooo"
  • Aquarius: *in a 'I'm better than you voice',
  • "I know"
  • Pisces: *in a voice that makes you think they're lying, "i don't mind"

the only thing you need to know about me

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Omg i remember the bubblegum series!!!! It was how I first started following ya! Then I stuck around for all the cool art! Like. Seriously. Your art is so A E S T H E T I C and I love it. The ml aus are also very cool. Man i just love your blog a lot. You're also v pretty. Just. Love💗

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Hi! I love your art, you're really supportive to everyone who follows your blog. Could you please draw SoniaXChiaki? They're super cute together!

Thank you so much, lovely! Yes, I can! (I drew them on the presumption that they’ve just watched the Love Live! movie together!)

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Me again for the prompt thing, back for more batjokes. They just need so much love! Part1The Joker has been in arkham for too long. He hasn't escaped or even tried to for all Bats knows. So, Bats is gonna go check on him only to find him sobbing in his cell, telling imaginary voices to shut up and leave him alone. After some snooping, he finds out they're giving him the wrong meds on purpose. So Bats goes to get him and Joker is just defeatedly crying for Bats to save him even though he doesn't-

- know that Bats is right outside his cell. And Bruce is like… I have to take him home where I can fix him myself… and scoops him up. Sorry it’s so long, I get carried away. I’m just excited cause you did so amazing on the last one! Hope you feel better. Just breathe in the angst and breathe out the fluff!! :D

(you’re so fucking sweet <3)


“Help me”

“Batsy, please, get me out of here!”

“They’re killing me! They’re killing me!”

“S-stop.. please”

“Not real. Not real. Not real”


The same broken sentences the Joker had been wailing inside of his cell, now were being sobbed against the Batman’s Kevlar-padded chest and they made Bruce’s heart shrink with a poisonous mix of shame and sadness: he had been part of the reason why the Joker had been reduced to a piteously crying creature, even if rather indirectly.

As he gently buckled the Joker inside of the Batmobile, Bruce promised himself that he’d finally start the investigation on how Arkham was governed; he wasn’t naïve enough to think that the doctors had fucked up only the Joker’s medication because they were understandably afraid of him - the kind of light-heartedness with which they had switched the Joker’s pills, it had belied a long ingrained and twisted system.

“Make them shut up”

“Shut up!”


Bruce put the car into gear and drove towards the mansion, all the while trying to ignore the way the man next to him shook like a leaf and tugged at his faded green hair while silvery teardrops stained his gaunt face, gathering in shallow pools at the edges of his ruined smile.

As always, he was a man on a mission - that mission being trying to recuperate the Joker on his own without anyone messing with his therapy and meds.

Alfred had been already warned of the situation but still, he was dutifully waiting for them with his usual impassible mask on his face. The only emotion his bright eyes betrayed was pity as they both helped the Joker to climb down the car “He needs to be monitored for the whole night - God knows how much time it will get to his organism to expel the drugs”

Bruce nodded his agreement and, so easily that it was scaring, he hoisted the Joker up and carried him all the way to one of the beds in the Cave medical bay.

“Don’t send me back”

“I’ll be good!! I’ll be good.. I promise”

“Batsy, please…”

As Bruce worked on shushing the scared man and trying to calm him as much as possible, Alfred hooked him up to various monitoring machines and a bag of fluids which, considering the Joker’s weight, was desperately needed “I suppose you’ll stay here the whole night” Alfred commented, nodding towards the gauntleted hand that was being squeezed by the Joker.

He did spend the whole night watching upon his impromptu patient, sighing in relief when finally the Joker fell into a fitful and light sleep. To his shame, Bruce followed suit, pillowing his head on the other’s soft stomach.

“You’re real”

“Thank you. Please, don’t send me back”

“Batsy, I love you”

Those words, sobbed out in the artificial dawn of the Cave, made Bruce’s heart swell “Sleep - I’ll be here later, I promise”

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Hey, can you explain why Neda is so hated? I thought everyone liked her on her original season (don't really follow BBCan but I love big brother)

coming into this season, she said that she was going to be ruthless and be a bitch. which i mean i was all for because that meant she would be strong and unafraid to make moves. but this season, with the immunity and the hype that she got from season 2, it got to her head A LOT. yeah she did say she was going to “be a bitch” but it got extremely excessive and she lacked the empathy and respect for others. people argue that ika and cass call themselves bitchy too, but they’re not passive agressive and personal about it. it usually comes off in a sense of humor, but with neda, it was personal and her actions/body language/faces were just straight up mean and not in a kindhearted nature.

i do feel for her though. as a human she doesn’t deserve to be booed or hated /that/ much, she was just so rude to other people in the game and in the house which did make me lose respect for her. i like her as a bb live tweeter, not a player.

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Hello Loika! It feels incredibly surreal to be able to finally read about Ashir and Aucis. I love your artwork, especially the pieces featuring the Keeper and the spellmaker. They're always very inspiring and calming to look at. I was wondering, did anything in particular inspire you to create them and their relationship as it is? Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful day :)

Hello! Thank you for your message and your kind words. :)

The following has spoilers for The Weight After Water and is a bit long, so I’ve put it under a read more.

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Hello everyone! So to celebrate 1 year (and a belated 4k follower goal) on this blog, I wanted to do a follow forever. Thank you so much to everyone I’ve had the honor of speaking with and befriending, and to the content creators who bless our eyes with their  beautiful work. I’ve come to know and love so many of you, and I’m very thankful to have met you ♡

I tried to keep this list as condensed as I possibly could, my muscles are still tense from restraining on making this miles long. 

Special Mentions:

Members of @pastel17net & @jihanetwork I’ve spoken with in their respective chats. I adore talking to you all and I really love how much of (cringes) family we’ve become through our conversations. I really don’t know how bored and bitter I would be if it weren’t for you guys. I truly do appreciate and love all of you, and I’m so glad to have met you all.

@joshsua @saltyjeonghan @cutiecoups & @oo-ji / @woozai -

I REALLY don’t know what I’d do without any of you. The amount of love and comfort I have with you guys is sickening. Thank you so much for all the advice, tolerance and joy you guys bring me. I feel like each of you anchor me and I can’t even find words to convey how appreciative I am for you all. I’m so glad a 13 member meme group helped us meet. 

♡ = people I adore! (most likely people I’ve had a few conversations with)


@95linenet  ♡ @jeonghanetwork​  ♡  @jihanetwork  ♡ @joshuasnet  ♡  @junhuinetwork@pastel17net  ♡   @pastelsvtnet   ♡  @seventeenet  

# - J

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hey how about this- art major nico, film major nozomi and english major eli meet in a bar all depressed for being ridiculed because they're following what they love and whine together- then suddenly they get hit by the idea to make the most passionate movie project ever! of course nozomi and eli fall inlove in the process- thennnn they need music score and nico stumbles upon freshman music major maki!

omg i really love this AU??? I started writing but I gave up rip anyway

I like the idea that all three of them are ridiculed for what they want to do in life omg. esp nico whAT if she has a hard time expressing her emotions through words?? So instead she does it through art oh my goodness she’s super passionate about it!! but passion ≠ talent u feel :’^) no matter how hard she tries she’ll never really make it in the art world rip and if she fails she has nothing to fall back on 

(at this point i got overly excited so its under a readmore)

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Reaction no. 106: When someone says something dumb and you have no words for his stupidity so you just sit there smiling… 

teafortteu  asked:

Okay so I'm just imagining like, stock RPG party comes by and finds you, a literal bird who can speak, and they're like, "what the fuck do we do with this bird" and you're like "WELL I'LL SHOW YOU WHAT I CAN DO" and then you perch on the 'leader's' head and start shouting directions. They learn to follow your words though because you have an innate sort of future-sense and can control the weather. Not exactly a class, but you get the idea


Anna Arrendale,” Jane said. “You are one of the most wanted women in the world.”
“Yeah, I know but—”
“No. You don’t know,” Jane mumbled. “You are so, so very wanted, Anna.
—  Stolen Ice Chapter 44
i came out as bisexual to my pastor today
  • me: i'm bi and i don't feel ashamed of that
  • him: you shouldn't
  • me: i thought you'd be upset
  • him: katie, i don't believe that God would punish anybody for love. i also don't believe that God would punish someone for something they can't help. sexuality falls under both categories.
  • me: but doesn't the bible say that homosexuality is a sin?
  • him: technically, i suppose. but if you'll notice, the bible also says that lying and cheating are sins, and i can assure you that every single person, including myself, has lied and cheated, and they still do every day. but that doesn't mean that God doesn't love them. and you being attracted to women and men doesn't mean that God doesn't love you.
  • me: thank you, so, so much...
  • him: you're welcome, katie. if anyone in this church treats you differently, i want you to come and tell me, and i'll have a word with them. i will not tolerate people like that, especially when they say that they're following God's word. when they go to heaven, if they ever get there, they can talk to Him about that
  • this actually made me cry, and i'm posting it to let it be known that christians, real christians, anyway, aren't homophobic assholes

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but i dont care about money boo it's the music that counts, i still dont get why snstd is so famous when they release shit music like srsly?? party? you think? i dont even wanna talk about catch me if u can, the flop song of 2k15 istg they're just too overrated they dont deserve it. the company is just as problematic as the idols in it smh all they think abt is MONEY if u ever speak with the ceo pls tell him to add the word "rest" in his vocabulary

Okay! I apologize to our followers who had to read that, but we’re using this opportunity to make it clear that we will not tolerate such negativity. We love communicating with our followers, and we do our best to answer every message and @ in a humorous way. That being said, let me also make something clear:

This is a satire blog.

We are not the official tumblr page of SM Ent. We believed this was apparent enough, but here we are. This is a blog dedicated to the groups and idols under SM; we reblog actual news and pretty gifsets and such, and we make original content as well. The other important aspect of our blog to recognize is that we impersonate SM employees, harping on the mostly negative stereotypes or conceptions about the real SM (i.e. SM only cares about making money, SM is suing everyone, SM doesn’t acknowledge the idols who have left the company) because this is a satire blog. We pretend to be SM in all its Shitty Mess glory for the entertainment of our followers.

So, in response to this anon, we are aware that SM is not unproblematic. We are aware that SM idols can be problematic. However, we are unsure as to whether or not you are aware that we are not in contact with the CEO of SM.

In regards to your previous message, please understand that as we are a satire blog that is pretending to be the real SM, it’s only natural that our blog is dedicated to acting like we have the best idols. You also accused us of hating on other groups to make our idols look better, and correct me if I’m wrong, but the worst thing I can think of that we’ve done to other groups is misspell their names. Again, this is because as the “real” SM, we consider our company to be superior to the rest, and the intentional misspelling of our rivals’ names implies that they are not relevant enough to have their name known correctly. This is not the views of our admins and mods; this is from the “real” SM’s standpoint.

You are entitled to your own opinion, and we are fine if you don’t like our blog. However, please be aware that everyone else is also entitled to their own opinion, and it is not nice to translate your preferences of SM groups into very opinion-based hate of a specific group, when our other 2,000+ followers who likely don’t hate that group will see your negativity (because we do answer almost every single anon). This is why I am responding in such length, to let it be known that this is the last of these messages we will post. While the admins and mods may read them and be hurt (because oh yes! we are real people with real feelings and opinions unassociated with this blog–coincidentally, SNSD is comprised of real people too–but I digress), this blog is for the entertainment of our followers, and we intend to keep unnecessary negativity out.

[One final note: I’m going to assume that you don’t know SNSD very well (and if you would like to know more, I can provide more links!), because otherwise you would know very well how they came to be Asia’s Number One Girl Group. About Catch Me if You Can - it was not a comeback; indeed, it could be considered a gift for Japanese fans, yet the Korean Version MV has nearly 40 million views as of when I am typing this. You are entitled to your opinions, of course, but just because you don’t like their recent releases doesn’t mean that the music they make is shit and that their fame is unwarranted. For example: you like EXO, but dislike SNSD. I like SNSD, but dislike EXO. We each have our preferences and biases, see, but the difference is that I don’t spread hate while sitting behind a screen and an anon option.]

I hope you are not entirely too hurt by this response, because even though I was hurt by your messages, I am not trying to perpetuate vengeful bad feelings.

I also hope this is the last of a serious post we need to make because we are a satire blog, and we have fake lawsuits to file and shit to overhear and SMCOUNTDOWNs to run.

In closing, here is a gif of our Dancing Queen.

- admin p

softshouyous  asked:

hi hi i just wanted to say that i found and followed your blog recently and that i really really really love your art a lot! it's so cute and really good and just adorable and ahhvjkfdsv and i think you're super adorable too and your personality is really cute.c: and also the drawing or derek, stiles, and scott, and the one with scott and stiles looking at the moon are so cute and gave me feels and they're just so cute and i'm sorry if this was weird!o: but i hope you have a lovely day/night!<3

Here is more of them :D

Thaaaaaaaaaaaank you for your kind words! And its not weird at all! I like reading that my art is liked (that’s why i read the tags lol) :D

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your top 5 double b pics?

AHAHAHAHAH I just said i’m an Double Idiots shipper how can you do this to meeeee oka let me collect my shit hold on

1.back to the origins when Bobby made Hanbin tranform into a squirrel dfndjfd



4. OH i love watching love stories drama this one below was my favorite it was called ? Double b and the unrevealed love? lol

5. again being clingy and all happy about it i love this boyfriend concept a lot

6. And now let’s be real for a minute because have you seen their lastest photoshoot????????? like it’s not even fully out just this pick is enough to make be dieeeee

Ask me my “TOP 5” anything! 

Sometimes it just hits me how much Harry and Louis do to let us know they’re okay and I’m just floored. Especially this year considering everything and that they’re on hiatus there’s really… No reason for it? They don’t owe us anything and even this year they still made the effort to send us little hints and messages and I’m just?? In awe of them and their dedication. They really did RBB and he really reappeared with smiling blue&green stickers. Harry really went to the AM launch with an unpainted ring finger. Louis really posted a dagger+rose selfie. He really followed Terry O'Neill and talked about Peaky Blinders on twitter. He really kept posting green on Instagram (after the Coachella selfie like? That blows my mind.) Harry kept showing off his location when rumors spread that elsewhere. Despite whatever’s been going on behind the scenes they’ve been consistent and I truly can’t even put into words how amazed I am by their actions and their dedication to one another, and their desire to drop hints when they can.

anonymous asked:

This isn't really isn't a question but I just wanted say your so nice to people on your blog and also I love how you give amazing advice because as I'm reading them, your words are just amazing and they're really good responses :) I only follow like a little bit of blogs but your my best one I followed because I just think your amazing ily

aww you’re so cute thank you beeb

aderptacularderp  asked:

oh my god. I have NO idea what the hell that anon was on but I am so so sorry they were such a shitty ass. You are wonderful and a gem okay. I have been following you on my other blog for quite a while now and I know that they're just talking crap because you are a total treat. They probably had nothing better to do and decided to just be assholes. You go for putting them in their place! Us Senshi sis' gotta stick together yeah?

Oh thank you so much for your words you’re so lovely!

Thanks for your words and YASSS to that Senshi Squad!