they're everywhere i swear

Man when will tumblrs constant attack of Everything ever Cease

atimelyfish  asked:

INFP here, what should I do about all the other lesser INFPs contaminating the internet they're everywhere I swear, I don't feel like a special snowflake anymore ;^;

1. go out into the wide beyond i know it’s scary but you can do it. play a sport. shop at forever 21. perhaps take a hardcore physics class. the infps will be scarce

2. literally draw snowflake patterns on your face every morning. you ARE special!

3. kill all lesser infps. i’d start with like 90% of tumblr. 

4. infp hunger games, judged by an intj

5. become an infp hivemind. one super big SUPER special snowflake

*bad mbti life advice*


TFW you’re trying to explain to a white person why you’re frustrated that roles and stories originally meant for POC are whitewashed and they try to relate to you by saying they don’t like how movies/media originally cast with white ppl are now being rebooted with POC.

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This is true love.

Just a little reminder first :

“I think you know immediately. As soon as your eyes… Then everything that happens from then on just proves that you have been right in that first moment. When you suddenly realize that you were incomplete and now you are whole…”

Now, let’s begin..

too much? ok ok..

“Just come back safe.”

Because since the first second they met, Lauren has ALWAYS been at Bo’s side. Everything she has done was to help her, protect her. Nobody’s perfect. But Lauren has always cared for Bo.

“Just come back. I love you.”

Because Lauren has seen the true Bo, her human soul, her strength, her heart. Lauren knows Bo, she knows how brave she is. And Bo can see that in her eyes. She sees her soul reflected in Lauren’s eyes. And thanks to Kenzi and Lauren, Bo has always been “protected” from the darkness within herself. And Lauren’s love for her has always brought her back from this darkness.

Love is what keeps her safe from the appeal of power. Love of her friends, her family.. Love of Lauren.
And the darkness inside of Bo knows that, when it tries to take control, it knows that Lauren is in the way of its freedom. And I don’t talk about the succubus. I talk about the Pirrypus who tries to use Bo, to infuse anger, crave of strength, of power to her.

“You’re not a monster.- I know you.”

Bo is always afraid to be a monster. Afraid to not be able to take control. She ran from her past, she doesn’t want to kill anymore because of her powers. She’d prefer to die instead of taking a life. But Lauren has shown her another way. She gave her hope, she has teached her how to be herself without being afraid of who she was. Because Bo is not a monster. Since the first time they met, Lauren has told to Bo that she wasn’t a monster, that she was perfect.


When she loses hope, Bo finds strength and support and love from Lauren.
Lauren is always here for Bo. And she knows that. She feels safe. Lauren is her harbor. (Eleanor, nope, go away)

“See you soon.”

Because Bo knows that she has something to fight for, someone to come back for. And it’s Lauren.

“You have to come back.” - “You’re gone. There’s nothing to come back for.”

And Lauren was and will always be here, waiting for Bo. Lauren knows that Bo has a great destiny to fulfill, she understood that, because she knows Bo, maybe better than herself. She sees the leader that Bo is and is becoming. She sees the “Queen”. And she’s here to support her, to give her confidence and tools to achieve her missions. She truly believes in Bo. With all her heart. Since the beginning.

Lauren tells Bo she has always believed in her, since the first time they met. ALWAYS.
And Bo tells Lauren she has always knew that she has extraordinary, amazing. She has ALWAYS knew that Lauren was so much more than she lets see.
It’s a declaration of love, of trust, of respect.
Since the first time they met! It’s just a confirmation at the end.
And at this moment, we all thought “we have ALWAYS knew this, since the first time you met!”

And yet, Bo is so afraid to lose Lauren. Because she means a lot. She means.. You know what Lauren means to Bo, c'mon. Don’t make me write it. I can’t.

It’s just.. I can’t .. this post.. too much feels


She didn’t want to leave Lauren behind. And Lauren reminded her about her mission, told her to go save Trick and kick the Garuda burning ass.

you can see the tears in Bo’s eyes, like if her heart was crying. Stop that. I don’t have enough coffee in my blood.

Well, if you can’t see the love. The evidence of this. Of them. I don’t know what to do.. to say. Of course, you have the freedom to remain blind u_u" xD

But… Let’s be honest :

I own nothing except the words in this post, and the crazy thoughts.