they're doing it for each other's sake

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Please talk to me about gtop. I'm new to the fandom and I hardcore ship that two. Do you ship it too? Are there like 'proofs' that they're real? Please go crazy with me

omg, my favourite kind of ask. so i answered something for another anon a while back xxx 

the most ~concrete~ you’re gonna get in the way of proof is the cyworld messages back in the day (they used to call each other turtle and shell for gods sake and the amount of just BOYFRIEND pictures found on top’s old acc is mad lmao)

but then they also share pyjamas (honestly what straight men do this), jiyong had a habit over the past year of liking/posting gtop fan art and manips like this. then there’s stuff like jiyong maybe - very possibly - keeping a gift bag that seunghyun gave him for YEARS

they met in middle school 😢…danny from 1tym recently took part on a podcast where he talked about them being friends before they joined YG like…people know about them being buddies which i find very cute?

and for some reason this is my favourite gtop moment 

  • <p> <b>DAO companions:</b> we may not like each other but we work together to stop the apocalypse<p/><b>DA2 companions:</b> <p/><b>Da 2 companions:</b> why do we even hang out<p/></p>

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I feel like dnp are being so much more affectionate to each other recently and are dropping lots of hints that they're together. After being together for 7 years and seeing how much of a power couple they are I don't believe they will ever breakup and I think they believe that too. So with that in mind do you think they're keeping their relationship hidden for the sake of their careers rather than privacy reasons?? Interested of hearing your thoughts! Love your blog btw xxx

i think both, and maybe even more. i believe remaining ambiguous is advantageous for them professionally in many ways. coming out always bears the risk of their content or their role as legitimate entertainers being overshadowed by their audience’s investment in their relationship. you could argue that that’s already the case (that there’s a significant portion of their audience that follows them due to an interest in their potential relationship more than their videos) but with the ambiguity that they currently have, they don’t really have people demanding for them to make content that is centered on their relationship alone. and also i’d argue that actually wayyyy more people follow dnp for their content than for their private matters just judging on view counts on certain videos in comparison to others, and the sheer number of people in their comments that are very certain that they are just friends and genuinely shocked/appalled that anyone could view them as more. i also think that coming out might put weight on them to take on a more proactive role as spokespeople for the lgbtq community that they might not want, and that again might overshadow their creative content. it might hinder their chances of being hired as a duo by corporations that wouldn’t want to deal w the attention and news of hiring a homosexual couple to host their events. which is obviously upsetting and a bit gross, but also, just the reality of how the world works right now. in short, i genuinely believe that if they were out it would undermine many people’s perception of the content they make and cause many people to take them a lot less seriously, especially as a duo. 

personally, i also feel it continues to be good for them to remain ambiguous because it dissuades questioning and attention placed on their private affairs. we all know all of the stories of youtube couples whose relationships crumbled under the weight of public scrutiny and the consequences of oversharing. while dnp have dealt w this private-public balance for seven years and therefore would probably be a lot better equipped to handle that pressure than most of these other couples, i do think that their relationship remains the most important thing in their lives and so,, it’s probably just not worth the risk that all of that extra attention might pose. i just can envision a universe in which they were out and instead of comments being like “are they dating” “no” “probably not” “ugh i hate shippers” (which, lbr, are annoying in their own right), we’d have comment sections full of 

  • “guys they’re not comfortable w pda leave them alone” 
  • “ugh i hate these pervy people who just want dnp to do gay stuff for them instead of focusing on the content” 
  • “okay phil, so when are you proposing??? ??”  
  • “guys, do you think bc they arent married, theyre not actually in love??” 
  • “omg dan rolled his eyes in this video while phil was talking do u think they’re fighting?!?! i always thought phil could do better anyway ugh” 
  • “why haven’t they made the boyfriend tag, they might be fighting omg” 

wow a 30-second thought exercise and i already want to die from a cringe attack. you get my point. 

edit: want to add a couple more potential comments bc i didn’t even go down the route of future-y things and the gross heteronormative assumptions about their relationship that might be directed at them, but how about “omg dnp when r u guys getting a baby” “omg dan is SOOOO obviously the GIRL in the relationship ha ha ha”  vom. 

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I'd like to imagine that when Kageyama and Hinata start dating, when they visit each other's houses, they go into their rooms and sit all tangled up, fingers lightly intertwined, with each other and talk while having their foreheads touch, occasionally nuzzling each other. Even when they're bickering it would be very calm and just for the sake of it and still try to remain as close to each other as possible. =)

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can i jump on the theories train too? pleeaassseeee? now pop bitch's blind item about zayn quitting because of liam makes more sense too. they can say zayn tried to stay away from liam for sophia and perrie's sakes. but in the end they got busted anyway and realised their feelings for each other were deeper than they were for perrie and sophia. now they're oddly happy the scandal happened because they're free to give it a go with each other. official narrative meets fake narrative for resolution

-con’t-   just as 1DHQ loses a major part of their power structure in Modest. It seems like a plausible way to bring everything together and cover their tracks while they still have the power to do so.


For reference:

Hmmm…good point. I assumed Pop Bitch meant maybe there was something Zayn refused to do because of Liam, like a marriage stunt. But yeah, in hindsight, maybe they were hinting at a future narrative. Like you said, a future narrative blending reality and 1DHQ’s lies to tie everything together before they’re out. Y’all are coming up with a lot of interesting angles. These could all potentially work. Time will tell.

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Imagine the Karasuno members always having tickle fights with each other except Tsukishima, because they're scared he'll kill them or something. But Tsukishima is actually really ticklish and secretly feels left out. So when he is alone with Yamaguchi and feeling down, he starts teasing and tickling Yamaguchi so he will tickle him back. Yamaguchi, of course, has figured out what he's doing but doesn't say anything for the sake of Tsukishima's pride.

  • Regina *heart eyes*: Hi Emma.
  • Emma *heart eyes*: Hi Regina.
  • Henry: How are you two so oblivious?
  • Regina: About what Henry?
  • Henry: Seriously guys, do you not see how you look at each other.
  • Snow: It gives me and Charming a run for our money in terms of sweetness.
  • Emma: What?
  • Ruby: Uh...the total heart eyes guys.
  • Regina: Heart eyes?
  • Snow: You know.
  • Emma: No.
  • Ruby: The look of love you two are totally giving each other.
  • *The others leave*
  • Regina: Heart eyes?
  • Emma: Heart eyes. Look at me again.
  • *They do and give each other the looks again*
  • Regina: Oh....they mean how you're totally checking me out.
  • Emma: Huh you're checking me out too.
  • Regina: Maybe I am.
  • Emma: Well maybe I am too.
  • Regina: So....what do we do now?
  • Henry *quietly*: Oh for gods sake.
  • Emma: What was that?
  • Ruby *shouting*: JUST KISS ALREADY DAMNIT!
  • *Regina and Emma shrug*
  • Regina: Not here though....I feel like they're still watching us.
  • Emma *nodding*: I think they're definitely still watching it.
  • Regina: My place?
  • Emma: Lead the way.
If Critics Actually Got What They Wanted (The Day of the Doctor)
  • Eleven: I have had 400 years to think about this. I change my mind.
  • Ten: No, you can't.
  • War: Why the hell not?
  • Ten: What will happen to the angsting I've done since then?
  • Eleven: Well nothing. You won't even remember this.
  • Ten: Right but still, that's a lot of man pain, I even have an angst face for whenever something bad happens, won't I lose that if we save Gallifrey?
  • War: No! I mean if anything it's quite sad that we'll have saved Gallifrey but we'll still suffer for 400 years thinking we destroyed it.
  • Ten: Well I suppose you're right.
  • Eleven: Good, then let's save Gallifrey.
  • Ten: Wait, wait, wait. Doesn't your plan involve killing a bunch of Daleks?
  • Eleven: Not really, we're just moving the planet, they'll be killing each other.
  • Ten: I think we should offer them a chance first?
  • War: Oh for God's sake!
  • Eleven: No you always do this, you give them a chance even though it's so obvious that they'll turn it down and because of that more innocent people die.
  • Ten: Yeah but at least I come out of it looking good.
  • Eleven: We are not giving the Daleks another chance. They're firing everything they have at our home planet and if we give them a chance they'll know we're planning something and they'll destroy it.
  • Ten: But won't that be genocide?
  • War: Not really, we're not destroying Skaro, the Dalek battleships will destroy themselves.
  • Eleven: Plus even if it was genocide, the alternative to this plan would be double-genocide.
  • Ten: Well I refuse to do it.
  • War: But this is our home planet.
  • Ten: Well, I like Earth and I want to keep my angst soo...
  • *Ten presses the big red button, Gallifrey explodes*