they're different if you guys didn't know

redsteckledonionmuung  asked:

Maybe you could do our 2 wooper pals hanging out for Valentine's Day? (Also, little side note, woopers actually have gender differences. Males have 2 rows of spikes on each fin, and females have only 1 row on each fin. Thought this would help!)

OMG Thanks for the info! :O I didn’t know that at all! Here’s a “comic” in reply to this valuable information! Happy V-Day again, errybody!


Edit: The “x”’s are from the roses that got stuck on his face during the Valentine’s Day card photoshoot. It…it didn’t bleed, at least…!

rivergum  asked:

like a lot of people who can probably relate, I have some forms of mental illness that leave me feeling Not Great, but your FUCKING BLOg IS LIKE A LITERARY DOsE OF VITAMIN D and EVERY TIME you are online or I see another post I feel so much better. So thanks for being you. Thanks so much. You help, just by doing that.

oh man. listen. LISTEN. you matter to me. all of you matter to me, okay?? whenever things feel really hard, whenever they feel Not Great, please know that you matter to me. i’m not a perfect person, and you are not perfect people, but together we’re all just trying our best.

i believe in all of you. i want you to be happy, but i still believe in and care about you when you’re not. okay? okay? and i’ll do my best to make you laugh even when it’s really, really hard.