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Kookie ^^ if you and jimin had to be in a couple costume what would you two dress up as? Aside from bunny and cabbage since u already did that ^^

JK: Well, we asked our hyungs for some ideas … and all I can say is that I blame Jin hyung and his puns…   

both aaron and robert need some serious communication and actual therapy otherwise they will always end up destroying each other until there’s nothing left of either of them


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Yo, the motherfucking LAPD sent a letter to ICE telling them to stop representing themselves as police when they're in Los Angeles because they're damaging the reputation of the LAPD. When the Daryl Gates, Rodney King beating, Rampart Division, Brendon Glenn murdering, Mark Fuhrman-ass LAPD tell you you're giving cops a bad name - damn.

I said this on my personal twitter the other day, but you know shit is bad for decent people when we maybe have to include the LAPD on our side.

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Hi Steph, I was rewatching tfp (It's still cringy) and I noticed yet another weird thing about the episode. In the drone scene they wait for Mrs Hudson to finish vacuuming and move to the back of the flat, because they're worried that the damage from the bomb would catch her. Yet. The bomb doesn't even singe the carpet. Like they were worried the bomb would kill Mrs Hudson but it didn't even fuck with the furniture. They could've ducked behind their chairs instead of breaking their windows.

Listen Lovely, if you try to put any sort of sense to TFP you’ll go mad, LOL.

It’s fucking ridiculous. A bomb like that should have literally destroyed the entire building. But BOOP THEY’RE FINE.

Here’s the thing: the problem with Twilight was not the fact that Bella was female and Edward was male. The problem with Twilight was it romantiscised controlling and abusive relationships. Switching the genders doesn’t fix this problem, and neither would making all of the characters female or male as I’ve seen some tumblr posts suggest. In every situation it’s still fucking gross and abusive. Abuse isn’t limited to the controlling male and controlled female dynamic. (Also the problematic werewolves wtf, but I’m not qualified to speak on that). 


How to maximize ability stacking in Splatoon:

Tired of just having three main slots and nine subs? I have the sure-proof strategy of having as many ability slots you want! All you got to do is wear as many articles of clothing as you can! It doesn’t matter if it’ll slow you down, just stack more swim/run speed up! You can potentially have at least ten main slots and thirty sub slots! Amazing!

Haha, in all seriousness, I’ve always wondered if it’s possible for inklings to wear more than one headgear/clothing and if the abilities would stack. Of course, this probably goes against turf war/ranked rules, but imagine how broken it could be if, for example, you could wear the contacts with any other head gear. This would be an easy way for squiddos to cheat because no one would be able to tell. 

I managed to get each shirt-exclusive ability on over-confident inkling boy over here. Next I have to figure out how to wear all the footwear abilities at the same time… 

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Yes :) because at this point it's pretty even although toby may have the upper hand if you take into consideration his past, being blackmailed, raped, lost his mum, bullied, arrested for murder, went to juvie etc

okay. so here’s the thing:


  • faced his mother’s mental illness
  • lost her to suicide
  • has an absentee father
  • was bullied for most of his childhood/adolescent life
  • was raped by his stepsister
  • was blackmailed by alison
  • went to juvie for a crime he didn’t commit
  • was seen as an outcast in a very snobby town
  • has a generally sucky home life
  • was accused of being “a”
  • was arrested for a murder he didn’t commit
  • was villianized unfairly
  • was lied to by spencer (to keep him safe but still)
  • lost his first ever job because of his unfairly tainted reputation
  • lost spencer and had no idea why
  • broke his arm because of “a” (mona)
  • joined the a team 
  • faced the one person he loved hating him for her own protection
  • was forced to fake his own death
  • was injured at the lodge
  • faced scrutiny from the liars after moving “a”’s rv
  • broke his leg in a random car accident
  • had to watch helplessly as spencer got arrested (twice)
  • faced the possibility his mother may have been murdered
  • was coerced into letting his suit against radley go
  • had his childhood home go up in flames
  • became a cop
  • had to choose between his career and his friends/spencer
  • thought he lost spencer when she was kidnapped and trapped in the dollhouse
  • has to watch spencer, who matters more to him than anyone, fall apart in front of him


  • faces a high-pressure home life
  • never feels good enough for her family
  • has a strained relationship with her sister
  • was/is stalked by “a”
  • was/is blackmailed by “a”
  • was/is threatened by “a”
  • was/is seen as a walking scandal around town
  • faced her parents’ divorce
  • suffers with trying to solve all of her friends’ problems
  • was suspected of murdering her best friend
  • was taken advantage of by multiple older males
  • was used by ezra for his book
  • was forced to let toby go for his protection
  • is forced to lie to the people she loves
  • was rejected from upenn
  • was almost killed by ian
  • found out her sister is a murderer
  • has a generally sucky home life
  • faced an addiction
  • was institutionalized
  • found her boyfriend’s “body”
  • joined the a team
  • was arrested for a murder she didn’t commit
  • thought she hit alison that night
  • has severe anxiety issues
  • was kidnapped
  • was psychologically/physically tortured
  • was almost killed on the halloween train
  • was almost killed in ravenswood
  • found out her father has an illegitimate child
  • thought toby chose his job over her
  • isn’t sure if she’s going to college
  • faces familial disappointment as a result
  • had alex walk out on her because of something “a” did
  • is not trusted by her parents
  • is not allowed to show any kind of weakness

basically, it’s a toss-up. they both suffer. but they both endure. they’re both incredibly strong individuals, but they find additional strength in each other.

we all think that life is gonna take us till we’re 85 with a husband/wife and grandkids galore. but life holds no mercy. situations come without any warning. we can be 22, slammed by a rare form of cancer that has no survival rate. you never know. hold the ones you love extra tight, everyday. live like today is your last day because we really don’t have tomorrow promised.

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Darksaber was such a wonderful episode! Poor Kanan still struggles with understanding family bonds and how easily they're damaged and how hard to recover. His family was the entire Jedi order, if you feel out with one, there were other "brothers and sisters" to support you and Masters to help guide you back. That loss, though, he's never really dealt with. I'm not sure he'll ever be able to.

You have a point, anon.

He lost all his family so suddenly…

His ‘mother’ died in the hands of his ‘brothers’. His ‘cousins’, ‘uncles/aunts’, his whole extended family… all got wiped out within days, and he was forced to suppress his identity so much…

He was never afforded the chance of grieving properly. Internalizing everything.

Now, he finally found himself a new ‘family’… understandably, he was reluctant of losing them again.



But he is learning to let go of his past, though.

This series is as much a story of Ezra & Sabine as a story of Kanan.

Despite him rarely taking a front and center role, his character development keeps going in subtle ways.


“Are you still hungry? What’re we eating?”
“I could go for pizza.”

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it's pretty obvious bringing laurel back here is 100% damage control. they're backpedalling so hard and it's still going to end up screwing laurel, katie, and fans of both. i'm not falling for arrow's garbage bcuz they've never shown an ounce of respect, and even stephen changing his tune about what BC means to GA is suspicious.

I agree to a certain extent. It’s fucking hilarious that they’re essentially retconning all of season 4, but you have to take into account that they wouldn’t just DO something like that if it wasn’t necessary.

They thought they could get away with what they were doing, they thought that the olicity fanbase was larger than it was, they underestimated the legacy and iconic nature of Black Canary, they made a lot of fatal missteps that all centered around their habit for throwing the comics under the bus.

Adaptations can be progressive and fresh and interesting, with plot twists that surprise new and old fans alike, but there are certain things you just DO NOT TOUCH.

What if Harry Potter’s best friends in the movies weren’t Ron and Hermione, but were instead Cedric’s great aunt twice removed and the conductor from the train to Hogwarts? No one would question why fans were rioting over that. So why is it that comic fans are made out to be unreasonable when Black Canary and Arsenal and Speedy are cast aside to make way for some woman named after Firestorm’s stepmother and the new bodyguard guy?

Imagine if a movie invented Clark Kent’s brother David or some shit and gave him more respect and a better relationship with Lois than Clark had?

Arrows main problem is that it never gave a fuck about the work and the history spanning generations that made their show possible. If it wasn’t for the legacy of the Green Arrow mythos, the show would not have happened.

I think they got cocky, they wanted to do things how they wanted because they wanted to, and they overestimated the amount of people who were non-comic fans.

Marc said his favourite fans were those who didn’t read comics, but the only reason he would have for making that distinction is because comic fans call him out on his bullshit in a way that other fans can’t because they’re oblivious to the problem.

But I guess my point is, they’re not changing their tunes, they’ve just stopped trying to pedal their bullshit. I can argue that right is left until I’m blue in the face, but it doesn’t make me right.

They tried it their way, they tried going the wrong way about it. They tried denying the legacy by saying they ‘didnt understand’ why they couldn’t kill black Canary.

But the fact is they DID understand, and they ALWAYS knew how important the comics were, they just denied it all out of a misplaced sense of pride and entitlement. And now it’s blown up in their face to the point where they HAVE to clean up their mess because what they were selling, not enough people were buying, and they JUST COULDN’T GET BY ON IT ANY LONGER

Stephen doesnt just suddenly think Black Canary is important. He’s just stopped trying to pretend she’s not. And he’s doing that because they’ve been confronted with the plain fact that their disrespect garnered more haters than fans, and they can nurse and coddle the oliciters all they fucking please, but THERE’S JUST NOT ENOUGH OF THEM TO KEEP THE SHOW AFLOAT.

So now they’re doing everything to try and appeal to a larger audience, and they HAVE to go through a process of telling people the truth (and incidently what people want to hear) because admitting their mistakes is the first step in fixing them.