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kanej + religion


“He’s not my student!” Yep, no similarities at all. Totally not related.

I’m just saying but y'all have turned nina zenick into the character that you criticize other media for having. The number of posts that I have seen that are centered around nina’s love of waffles and her beauty is ridiculous (basically every post about her), which is basically what every other form of media reduces fat girls down to and what they value them for. Y'all are putting her into the same box that society puts fat girls in when her character is handled so beautifully in the books. You’re taking the representation that I have never seen before and twisting it into something else. Nina is strong and courageous and fierce and powerful but she’s also kind and loving and caring. Why are the only traits you choose to represent in your posts are her affinity for waffles and her beauty?

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You should do more things like the Kanej + if the other one died post, but with the other SoC ships

Well, you asked for it. 

Wesper + if the other one died 


  • would probably stop inventing all together
  • because Jesper always interrupted his working processes by stealing kisses from him, effectively distracting Wylan from his work 
  • so whenever he tries to bury his grief by working, Jesper pops up in his mind despite his best efforts 
  • he breaks the flute Jesper gave him for his birthday in half and tosses the pieces in the Ketterdam harbor 
  • Marya Hendriks has to hug him daily as he cries into her shoulder 
  • he grows distant from the rest of the Dregs, shuts himself up the Van Eck mansion to become a hermit 
  • he lugs a sledgehammer into the huge library and starts breaking down the bookshelves, scattering the bound books everywhere
  • because no one’s going to read to him every night now, no one’s going to curl his hair while slipping the words off their tongue like silk
  • he loses his sense of curiosity and wonder, one of the many things Jesper admired about him
  • and when Kaz greets Wylan, he notes how similar the two of them are now, down to the mannerisms, values, and closed off emotions
  • Wylan throws himself into the brutal and gritty work of a Barrel gang, abandoning his usual role of pyrotechnician
  • and when Kaz leaves Ketterdam to start a new life with Inej, Wylan becomes the new leader of the Dregs, and the Barrel gangs whisper how he’s sometimes more ruthless than Kaz ever was


  • he leaves Kerch for good and drifts to Novyi Zem 
  • because he can no longer wander Ketterdam’s streets without thinking about the golden haired prince who used to wait for him at the Van Eck mansion
  • he takes Marya with him because he can’t bear to leave her alone to grieve in the huge estate
  • because no matter how much he hurts, he can’t imagine how agonizing Wylan’s death must feel for his mother, who’s lost him twice now
  • he buries his guns on top of a hill near his father’s farm, but vows that he’ll use his powers for good
  • Jesper’s heart shrivels when he realizes that Wylan never got to see him using his Grisha powers to help others
  • never say Colm Fahey isn’t a good father; he tries to help Jesper get through his heartbreak, because he knows all too well how it feels to lose someone you love dearly 
  • Jesper scours Novyi Zem for more Grisha and constantly contacts Nina and Kuwei if he thinks said Grisha needs training in Ravka 
  • Jesper himself goes to Ravka one day to see what exactly he could do if he pushed his powers 
  • Jesper trains vigorously with Kuwei, intent on developing his magic to its maximum potential
  • and when he sees the occasional flash of golden hair in the hallways of the Little Palace
  • his breath catches and he reaches out a disbelieving hand
  • “Wy-” 
  • before the truth hits him a second later and his chest aches like someone’s put a clean shot through his heart

there’s a whole bunch of crows that just chill in my back yard and scream all day. i love them so much and sometimes i feed them. if you want to befriend crows the best thing to feed them for health, money, an convenience reasons is probably unsalted, in shell peanuts. its cheap you can buy like a pound of them, and its better for them than most things people feed them. plus they love deshelling them. if you want a bunch of weird friends who scream at you and give you shiny things, buy unsalted in shell peanuts.

gal pals™

  • in another life, inej and nina would be roommates in the university district
  • there’s this elusive air about them, secretive glances in each other’s direction, wordless conversations across opposite ends of the classrooms
  • and on campus, they’re always seen huddling close to each other, whispering even when no one is close enough to hear them
  • they’re the type of girls you’d inevitably spend too much time trying to figure out. and when you spot them at the cafe you can’t help stare because you want to see if they’d run out of things to say or jokes to laugh at and if it’s just the lighting or are they really glowing as they look at each other
  • it’s also a mystery how they work when they couldn’t be more different
  • inej walks around with her hood drawn up, passing through campus like a shadow, unknowable and unapproachable
  • meanwhile nina smiles at everyone in passing and would even strike up a full conversation with an inanimate object. she’s also the loudest person at any party, parties inej has never shown interest in attending
  • but the girls don’t care if no one gets them because in the safe confines of their own room no one exists but the two of them
  • they often pull all nighters reminiscing about ravka
  • and when nina is stressed out, inej always has the right proverb to encourage her
  • and somehow nina always has the right song, even if she performs it terribly
  • inej animatedly tells nina about the books she finishes when nina had been out and nina looks forward to these times more than anything
  • inej will never forget the time when she read about slave trading in ketterdam and instead of waiting up for nina she retired to bed with the blankets pulled over her head, hoping her cries were silent enough
  • in the morning she woke to tea and nina insisting they take a mental health day from classes. this memory is forever ingrained in both of them—the sound of the rain against the window, the way nina’s arms folded around inej and inej rested her head against nina’s chest for the first time. inej’s tears seeping into her shirt as she told nina she had to make a difference somehow and nina cupping her face in her hands as she promised to help her however she could
  • nina notices inej’s smiles have been shyer since. and she catches the way her face would flush when they bump into each other as they try to maneuver around the furniture in their cramped room
  • and as they’re counting out their coins to see if they have enough for their next waffle splurge, their hands brush and nina doesn’t know why she giggles but she does and inej thinks it’s the sweetest sound
  • sometimes nina trades in a night of partying for quiet walks with inej. one time they snuck into the library after hours because inej had to show nina lines from a novel that reminded her of them
  • nina couldn’t help herself after. she stole the book. they laughed the whole way back to their place and nina read the entirety of it aloud that same night with inej dozing on her shoulder
  • but these girls…they’re also those figures ambling in the the foggy haze at 2 am when the rest of the district is silent. that hint of fabric, crimson in the moonlight, is in fact the too loud girl from class that answers every question with confidence even when she’s wrong, and the small hooded figure moving as one with the billows of smoke beside her is the quiet girl from the back of the room
  • no one can wrap their heads around why they’d willingly go into the barrel. and they’re too intimidated to ask. someone once said nina had a gang tattoo, but everyone had laughed it off as a joke…

Hoopa: Ha! That’s a good one!

Celebi: Great, now they’re going to use that joke on everyone



Nina wished Colm Fahey could march over to Jan Van Eck’s office and tell him to give Inej back or get a mouth full of knuckles. She wished someone in this city would help them, that they weren’t so alone. She wished Jesper’s father could take them all with him. She’s never been to Novyi Zem, but the longing for those golden fields felt just like homesickness.