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You know, I originally thought that if in my wildest of dreams, Alter actually made Sorey and Mikleo figures, I’d want them in kickass fighting poses, like what they did for Fate T. Harlaown or Black Heart. I thought that would be the best use of their amazing ability to capture the motion in a scene in still vinyl.

But no. They had a better idea instead and came out with this really simple scene of the two of them sitting on the ruined stones of some ancient civilization, Sorey with the Celestial Record in hand, wind gently blowing through their capes, while they give each other the fondest and most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen on one of their figures.

And I am completely blown away by it, because just like how I thought Zestiria would be the game that could never exist, these two figures with that expression of pure love on their faces is something I thought I’d never get. Just the way they captured the motion of the wind with their capes and the feathers on Sorey’s cloak and earrings, the way the capes are just flowing … like shit, that’s the kind of motion I try to capture with words in my fics and pray I succeed with. And seeing them side by side basically looking at each other like that, excuse me while I jump off a cliff and into a massive ocean of feels because damn I can feel the love coming right off of both of them.

Saying this now, when the pictures of the painted prototypes come out, I’m pretty sure my reaction tags will be nothing but wheezing and incoherent screaming because I can’t remember the last time I was this excited over the release of a set of figures.

Something I quickly whipped up due to sudden inspiration while talking to @fallen-in-thetrashcan about an AU

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These industry "receipts" that cris and aaron go on about larry sound like just plain old office gossip. Just because you work in the industry doesn't mean you are privy to the intimate lives of celebrities. Harry's sister who has denied larry more than once is a more credible source than someone working in the industry who claims larry is real. But larries are so desperate for receipts and validation they'll believe anything.

FUNNY YOU SHOULD MENTION THAT!!!! srslycris has been doing a fucking lot lately and she just reblogged this post:

I tried to actually see if this was in response to anything and the OP doesn’t even know? But I’m guessing someone is pretending to have insider info about gryles or something. Or is being so obviously fake that it’s making Larries nervous about how it makes the rest of their “~inside sources~” look, and they’re trying to trick their followers into thinking they’re not like that.

Because normally, they have no fucking problem talking about fucking sources, srslycris in particular.

remember this?? from like 3 fucking days ago??

And she went on to explain how she was SPECIFICALLY talking about behind the scenes?

remember when she endorsed lapelosa and her sources?

If “we’re all in the dark together” then who was feeding Cris information about the “modest audit”? As with lapelosa, they’re all happy to accept any sources or insider info as long as it tells them what they want to hear, until they can’t ignore how wrong they were. They have absolutely no judgment, and then they go on to say things like “someone I really trust told me.” Well, you trusted lapelosa. You trusted whoever said Modest was being audited. You trusted god knows who else.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY. This sudden rejection of “insider sources” is a total fucking contradiction of every time big larries have tried to make themselves sound important and authoritative and manipulate their followers by referring vaguely to “information” and “what they’ve seen” and “the stuff they know.” If big larries had been consistent in not referring to sketchy insiders from the fucking start, we would NEVER have gotten to this point, because the suggestion of unquestionable knowledge is what allows them to say shit like this and make their doubting followers feel reassured:

They affirm that they have no insider sources, no one who knows anything for sure, nothing reliable and solid. And yet srslycris is fine saying this. When the son they said doesn’t exist is over a year old.

Without insider sources, how many “louis licked harry’s nose” moments, how many confirmation bias posts insisting that something is photoshopped because you don’t understand how black clothes work (?????????), how many masterposts insisting that louis has never had a boner for a woman ever in his life, how much of that do you think is appropriate before you’re confident enough to insist that the statement a widow makes about his late wife’s life was lying about her grandson? With only rumors and hearsay and anonymous stories, when does it become appropriate to disregard a birth certificate so you have an excuse to harass young women?

They don’t know anything!! None of them know anything! They just try to create the impression that they do, so they can hold onto their audience when reality starts to set in. So people who would otherwise at least have enough doubts to stop insisting a baby doesn’t exist, can tell themselves “oh well that big larrie seems to have heard things that make them absolutely certain, and of course they can’t share them because it’s private but they say they know stuff and never doubt so I’m going to keep holding onto this fantasy.”

And here they are, admitting that they have no fucking clue what’s going on, as they try to tell their followers that their the only ones with explanations.

Aight so my mom works/ used to work with a person who is on the board of directors for the major opera house in my area??? So if I wanted to I could get an audition?!?!?!?!?!?????????? And fun fact Mr Pianist and most of the other music professors at my former college (the one I still do ensembles with) and some other musicians I’ve worked with/still work with used to perform there so I could literally name drop my way through the audition. I mean not that I would do that but holy fucking shit

So uh… anyone know how to audition for opera????