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Preference #1: He catches you reading a fairytale
  • Derek: It couldn't be denied, your day was crappy. It had just been one of those days where everything went wrong. So when you got home, to make yourself feel better, you made yourself a cup of hot chocolate and picked up your weathered copy of The Wizard of Oz. You sat in your favorite chair by the fireplace and slipped into a world of witches and munchkins and flying monkeys. When Derek walked into your apartment, you didn't even notice, you were too lost in the story. He knew you well enough to know that it was a bad idea to interrupt you while you were reading, so he just went to the kitchen and started making dinner for the two of you. When you finally finished the part you were at, the food was almost ready. Derek was standing at the stove, stirring something, when you walked in. You went up to him, winding your hands around his waist and leaning your head on his back. "Long day?" he asked. "Mhm" you said into his back. He turned around in your arms, pulling you close and kissing the top of your head. Dinner was ready then, and Derek listened to you complain about your day while you two ate. After dinner, the two of you cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie, where you fell asleep in his arms, the stress of your day long forgotten.
  • Scott: This was the first time you had been in the attic in a while. It had been raining all day, and your boyfriend wasn't responding to your texts, probably out on wolfy business, so you had decided to go look around the attic. You put the light on and started looking through things when you came around a box of books. They were covered in dust, but you pulled one out, revealing your favorite book of fairytales from when you were a kid. Grabbing a blanket, you moved closer to the light and began reading. You were in the middle of Little Red Riding Hood when you saw a head pop through the opening to the attic. Scott saw you curled up, smiling and soaking wet. He must've walked all the way here in the rain. You pulled him up and draped a blanket around him, placing a quick kiss on his lips before going back to the book. The two of you spent the rest of the day cuddled up reading old books.
  • Isaac: You knew it was kind of dumb, but you were bored and you had nothing better to do, but now you were laying one your bed, reading old books from when you were a kid, reliving the memories of your mom reading them to you. You had invited Isaac over, so you shouldn't have been surprised when he walked into the room, but I guess the reading had made you lose track of time. "Whatcha doing (Y/N)?" he asked, looking confused at the many books strewn around you. "Oh" you replied, frantically moving to pick up your surroundings "It's nothing, I was just reading." "Children's books?" he replied, laughing and picking up one of your favorites. "Yeah... My mom used to read them to me as a kid, but I guess they're kinda stupid" you said slowly, looking at the ground, trying to hide the fact the hurt on your face due to his laughter. "Oh no" he said, coming towards you, placing his hand under your chin and forcing you to look at him "I didn't mean it like that, I think it's cute that you're reading your old books, in fact I was wondering if you would read one to me, I didn't really get read to much as a kid." You smiled at him and gently kissed him before picking out a couple of your favorites to read with him.
  • Stiles: Every Wednesday, you went to the local library and read books to kids. You loved kids, and volunteering was fun. You didn't tell Stiles what you did every Wednesday, it was time for you to do your thing and for him to catch up on everything going on with the pack and do research. The two of you never hung out on Wednesdays, so you were surprised when at school he asked you if you wanted to come over. You had decided not to tell Stiles about your volunteering a while ago, it was your thing and the point of being a volunteer was not to get recognition, and knowing Stiles he would make a big deal about how amazing he thought it was that you were doing this. "Sorry Stiles" you said turning to walk with him "I can't do today, but maybe tomorrow" He frowned at you "Why not?" Ugh you knew he was gonna ask, but you didn't know what to tell him "I already have plans" you replied, hoping that would be enough for him. "Alright" he replied, but you knew he wasn't over it. That afternoon when you were driving to the library it felt like someone was following you, but you didn't see anyone, so you kept on going. There were a lot of kids there today, and you had fun seeing their little faces light up when you read to them. One little boy even gave you a heart shaped card. As you were packing up, you heard the door to your reading area open. You looked up and saw Stiles standing there. "What are you doing here Sitles?" you said, kind of irked that he followed you. "I was worried, and I wanted to make sure you were okay, it's great that you do this" He said, looking at you with awe. "Well don't make a big deal of it okay, it's not a big deal." you told him. "Okay, but it looks like one of those kids likes you a little too much, I've got some competition" he said, smiling and gesturing to the heart card you had gotten earlier. "You have no competition." you replied, giving him a quick peck before leaving the library to go get dinner.
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