they're close enough tho


I’ll see your “Callie is dead” theory and raise you my “Callie leaves Inkopolis out of shame, wanders into Octo Valley somehow and due to the power vacuum caused by Octavio’s absence eventually becomes a maniacal bloodthirsty dictator” AU

(I kinda wanna continue this as a full comic now…)


#poor Uthvir #they are now Thenvunin’s perch #Thenvunin did you even eat anything before you started drinking? #the tavern is built on uneven ground it’s hardly his fault he can’t keep steady #he says #leaning more fully onto them #and Uthvir would be alarmed but Thenvunin seems content to just sort of hum and alternate between staring at them #and telling them their hair is so sooooft and their eyes are so very pretty #and Uthvir is torn between amusement and concern bc if this is how Thenvunin is when he’s drunk #(all flushed and warm and a pleasant presence at their side; his lips look like ripe cherries and Uthvir is -hungry-) #what exactly would happen if they WEREN’T there? #which is a sobering and worrisome thought that Fear Does Not Like #bc Fear can supply a number of things that could happen to drunk Thenvunins #each one more unpleasant than the last and Uthvir decides it’s a matter of conscience obviously #that they can’t just leave him be if he’s going to drink in public #…not that he seems to mind #in fact he’s managed to snake an arm around their waist- loosely #(why are you so…good? he asks a tad incoherently as he threads the fingers of his other hand through theirs) #Uthvir has a rather inappropriate comeback but they can’t seem to get it out #caught for a minute by how softly Thenvunin says this #and the way he’s looking at them and where their hands are joined #fond and (dare they say) affectionate and that is… #obviously a sign he’s had enough to drink. yes. he’s cut off no more for Thenvunin just water #…but Uthvir doesn’t mind if they stay like this a bit longer