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I did a Dan and Phil/Klance crossover….. because i have no self control and too much time XD

Please dont repost without my permission thaaankkss!! <3

  • me: their friendship is so beautiful, why would anyone want to change that when they're so perfectly platonic and their dynamic is spectacular and there's no awkwardness between them, they are obviously BFFs for life no question
  • me: but imagINE THEM KISSING
  • Person B: Let's just get this clear. Don't touch me! Don't look at me! And most important, I don't care..
  • Person A: What they actually mean is "I love attention and I do want hugs. I do care. A lot." *whispers to Person C* They're very sensitive and like to act tough.
  • Person C: Go figure...

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Hi! I just finished the Hawkeye comic and I 'm going to start reading Cap America: White next. Being a big stucky fan, do you have a list of comics you could rec to me? Anything would be appreciated, thanks!

Oh, did you enjoy Hawkeye???

Also, fair warning: Cap: White and I have a love/hate relationship. It gets a little queerbait-y and creepy at times (since from the way Bucky is drawn, you can’t really tell that Steve is only 4 years older than him), but oh god the story is so full of feels!

And yes, I absolutely have recs for you!!! Get ready for a long post!!!

The short answer would be basically “Anything in which Bucky is even mentioned” because Steve has no chill when it comes to Bucky. A longer answer would be, in no particular order:

  • Captain America & Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes #620-624
    • A summary of Bucky’s life and his relationship with Steve, and a truly delightful stand-alone comic.
  • Captain America vol 5 #606-610
    • An arc in which Zemo tries to ruin Bucky’s life and Steve, Nat and Sam are not happy about it. Feat a lot of “Steve telling the world the fuck off because Bucky is his priority” moments, which are always gems.
  • Captain America #447-448 
    • Steve is trapped in an alternative reality while Bucky tries to save him.
  •  Captain America: Who Will Wield the Shield?
    • After Steve’s death in Civil War, Bucky becomes Captain America. Comics being comics, Steve comes back to life. And the two of them angst over who should be Captain America.
  • Captain America: Red, White & Blue: American Dream
    • Steve thinks about Bucky as he lies frozen before the Avengers find him. It’s 8 pages (or so) of FEELS.
  • What If #5… Captain America hadn’t vanished during World War Two
    • A Nobody Dies AU, with Bucky calling Steve an old man while Steve is literally like “BUCKY LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY ARMS DO I LOOK LIKE AN OLD MAN TO YOU???” What’s not to love about it?
  • Paradise X #0
    • A really obscure AU tbh, and precious only because of a few panels, as far as Steve and Bucky are concerned. Long story short, Steve is an angel (literally) and Bucky throws a tantrum. There’s a hug involved.
  • Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12
    • A really cute stand-alone story about how Bucky influences Steve, since most comics tend to show how Steve influences Bucky.
  • Captain America Comics
    • The original vintage comics written during the actual WW2. It’s a little bizarre as far as plots go more often than not, and Bucky looks anything from “a little younger than Steve” to “6 years old” and that’s disturbing. But if you want Steve and Bucky being fluffy (and funny) without angst attached to it, these are your go-to comics.
  • Avengers #4-16
    • The first arc Steve has in the comics after he’s found by the Avengers as a Capsicle. It has a lot to say about how much Steve grieves for Bucky, even to the point of making you wish he’d see a therapist ASAP. Bucky is dead, of course, so you don’t get to see him, but you get to see what I consider one of Steve’s lowest points - looking at a kid, going “You look like Bucky!!” and essentially trying to convince said kid to be Bucky, while yelling at him whenever he tries to be Bucky because nobody will ever be like Bucky. It’s… worrying.
  • The entire Brubaker run. You can get the reading order/list here.
    • Some of it overlaps with some previous recs. Most of it is told in Bucky’s POV, and you truly get just how much Steve matters to him just by seeing how he can’t seem to go more than a couple of issues without thinking about Steve. It’s also a comic classic, so.

Hopefully this will keep you busy with feels for a while!!!

Let me know your thoughts on the comics as you read them <3

Have fun!

Edit: the awesome @buckbuckbuck reminded me for some weird reason I forgot to rec Planet Hulk, which is an angsty gladiator AU basically and Very Relevant when it comes to Steve and Bucky!

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i know you like momoxiida-- but what's your opinion on iidaxuraraka? they were my first otp in the show cuz they support eachother so much. and they're also opposites with their mannerisms so it makes me laugh aknfkasfa

Yeah! I definitely can get behind those two if the manga develops their relationship even just a little. 

Right now they’re my BROTP. They’re probably my favorite pure BROTP in the series. 

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hey I know you probably don't wanna talk about it...but I really only watched tvd for steroline-they're my fav brotp going otp, and yet... I read your post the other day in which you said something about Stefan suffering from PTSD and thus kinda suicidal. It makes me think of couples who struggle with mental illness, and then I rmb Virginia Woolf and her suicide note to her husband. Seeing how both Caroline and Woolf's husband must have brought so much happiness to their partners, it's so sad.

Hey there! I’ve never read Virginia Woolf, but I can imagine that Caroline was  devastated to learn that Stefan chose to die on their wedding day.  Especially knowing that Stefan struggled with his dark side. Stefan always had a low sense of self-worth, and he had a death wish since ssn 1. I’m sure that Stefan thought that he was doing everyone a a favor when he died - saving the day - making their lives better - unburdening them with his drama. But Stefan never understood that he was respected and loved because his presence brought light to other people’s lives. 

Stefan: Why do you have a thing for me?

Caroline: I don’t.

Stefan: Ok. Um. Why did you have a thing for me?

Caroline: We said that we would never talk about this again, so just -

Stefan: Look Caroline, please just talk to me. Tell me how, tell me why. Please just make me understand how it is that I missed it. 

Caroline: What kind of question is that? Why did I have a thing for you? I don’t know, Stefan. Maybe it’s because I thought you were worth having a thing for. Because when I woke up as a vampire you told me that I would get through it and I did. Because when I watched Elena move on with your brother I couldn’t imagine why she would let anyone like you go. Because you were practically my best friend. Because I trusted you. 

And of course that moment before they kiss: “Because when you told me you hated me, that was pretty much the worst thing I had heard in a long time.”

Stefan never got it. 

And Poor Caroline. She was widowed on her wedding day. 

Okay but Olivarry is the real OTP and no one can tell me otherwise.

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Brotp: Crichton and Chiana Pip

I’m sorry. I’m not used to trusting anybody.

I suggest you start.


Make Me Choose
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“I didn’t want you of all people to see me in such a state. But this time… I will protect you!”


oth meme: [1/10] friendships → Quinn James and Alex Dupre

“You know you don’t have to try so hard with Chase or with any guy, look at you you’re beautiful and you are fun and any guy would be so lucky to be with you.”

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#Error1stwin #VIXX4thwin OMGGGG

But actually, can we talk about how the best part of this video (other than the fact that, yknow, VIXX WON) is all the cute little BtoVIXX going on?

Eunkwang and Changsub keep putting confetti on N and Hyuk during N’s thank you speech.

N and Minhyuk hugged and it was adorable because they are adorable BFFs and it’s so precious.

Changsub and Eunkwang played around with VIXX a little as they were singing Error (but then got off the stage to give them their moment).

Changsub and Ken putting their arms around each other and jumping omg. It’s hilarious mainly because compared to VIXX all the BtoB members are tiny and comical.

But overall it’s just really exciting to see my two favorite groups interact and be friends, and it’s really sweet to see that BtoB is happy for VIXX and supports them even though VIXX is at their 4th win and BtoB still hasn’t gotten their first, which must be frustrating. But they look genuinely happy for VIXX and that just gives me all the BtoVIXX fangirl warm and fuzzies.

Kid Names
  • Gray: Hey Erza
  • Erza: What
  • Gray: Do you want kids?
  • Erza: *looks at Gray strangely*
  • Gray: *blushes* N-NOT WITH ME!
  • Erza: Sure
  • Gray: What would you name him?
  • Erza: ...Ichigo
  • Gray: *chuckles* Because he'd probably have red hair like a strawberry?
  • Erza: You think my hair smells like strawberry?
  • Gray: I DIDN'T SAY THAT!
  • Erza: You've been smelling my hair?
  • Gray: NO!
  • Erza: Because I have been changing my shampoo lately
  • Erza: *ignores* I think strawberries are delicious
  • Gray: ...
  • Erza: They're the perfect fruit and flavor on a cake
  • Gray: ...
  • Erza: Everything about my future child will be delicious
  • Gray: ...
  • Gray: ...are you gonna eat your kid?