they're both striders are they not

consider: Dave and Jake both have the tendency to babble on and on and on about things and other ppl have trouble understanding a lot of the time and after a while they sorta come up with their own language that works entirely off of tone and facial expressions and body language and neither of them really understand the words either of then are saying half the time but the meaning still gets across and theyre gr8 friends

this started out cute and ended up extremely shippy oh no. there should be more wonderful glorious things for this ship bc it’s cute as frick cmon


I’m really proud of the background on this one

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That person in post 99715516291 literally has DiD though. like they're not "appropriating" a mental illness they legitimately have. i get what you're doing but please stop harassing people who actually have these mental illnesses it detracts from your message.

You’re telling me someone who has a “system” consisting of: Phantom {a 17 yr old Demiboy Gray-Asexual Panromantic Polyromantic Eclectic Neo-Pagan Ratkin/Ghostkin, with Dogkin and Manateekin whom is Vaguely otherworldly, with strong connections to both Earth and the spiritual plane}, Fluttershy {An age “fluctuating” homoromantic trans girl with the ability to talk to nature} Equius Zahhak {a 19 year old “in human years” pansexual homosexual demiboy} Dirk Strider {19 year old panromantic homosexual atheist magiboy} and Nergal Jr. {13 year old masculine presenting agender asexual panromantic half-demon} isn’t playing pretend?

You’re telling me this is legit?

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You know those are fucking cartoon characters and made up buzzwords right? You know people with DID are UNAWARE OF THEIR OTHER IDENTITIES, right? But somehow this person can sit around with theirs and blog on Tumblr “fronting for fun”, give me a fucking break.

I reblogged 1 fucking post. I hardly think that constitutes as “harassment”. In fact, that post and the ask I just published are the only interactions I have had with this blogger. Can you cut the dramatics as well? 

Don’t try and guilt trip me over using Tumblr correctly ffs.