they're both so serious but they actually flirt and joke with each other

Hate You (Wonho)

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Chapter 1

Pairing: Wonho x Reader
Genre: Romance, Fluff?, Angst

“Did they really have to invite all of Monsta X?” I sighed as I scanned the crowd. I had watched them all walk in, looking too cool as always. 

“Why don’t you like Wonho? Please remind me.” Soo Jung, leader of the group, asked curiously as if she didn’t know.

“You know exactly why.” I huffed back at her. I really hate that jerk.

I watched her eyes follow his every move. “No, I  don’t. He is a gorgeous man. It’s a mystery why you don’t like him. Everyone likes him.” she swooned. I seem to have forgotten that everyone is blinded by him other than me.

“He's rude Soo Jung. I can’t stand him. He purposely tries to ruin my life. Every time he smirks I want to punch him right in the-” but sadly my rant was cut short, courtesy of the devil himself.

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What could RT be thinking putting BMBLB there while they just put two songs earlier for Blake and monkey-boy? Also, making Blake blush at monkey-boy's antics and having him as a date in the school dance and all that winking-flirting shiz. And now they're trying to push through with BB? Are they doing it for the views and for milking out from fans? That's just not cool. Building up BS and teasing BB now...unless you could prove me wrong here...?

okay, this got long

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ship of your choice. chopped au. they're in the dessert round, and one of them will be chopped. (alternatively any of the other rounds if it's an ot3/4 haha)

(CHOPPED AU. JAYSON. I DON’T EVEN. oh man… this is serious. I actually died while writing this and then came back to life to post this ridiculousness. You can tell that I have a lot of feelings about Chopped.)

“I was an orphan,” Cassian tells the camera in the tone of a person who no longer seems to understand the severity of what he’s saying. “I lived in an orphanage. I raised myself, got a job in a restaurant when I was thirteen, put myself through school. I mean, it wasn’t legal, but it got my foot in the door. If I can handle all of that, I can win the desert round.”


Back in the Chopped kitchen, Cassian looked completely at ease standing at his table in front of his closed basket of mystery ingredients. The competition so far had been fierce and he’d had both ups and downs, much to his irritation, but this was what he was made for. He’d been in the restaurant business for years. It might not have been what he’d originally thought he would do, but after growing up in the service industry, it was all he knew.

If he couldn’t win a damn cooking competition on TV, then did he even have any business calling himself a chef?

Glancing to his left, he sized up the last of his competitors. Jyn Erso was not technically what one would call a chef. While neither one of them had gone to culinary school, she hadn’t even worked in a restaurant of years. Instead, she’d been operating out of a food truck, roaming around the country, known for rarely sticking to one city for long. Somehow, she’d managed to gain a cult following this way.

While he toiled away in a hot as hell kitchen for fourteen hours a day, sweating and bleeding for his job, she would park her truck near a beach or outside of a nightclub and have at it. When she’d walked into the room, his first instinct had been to roll his eyes, but he didn’t unlike Chef Krennic who had found out the hard way that Jyn did not play even remotely nice. He knew better than to underestimate her. After all, her late father was Michellen three star chef. She might have ignored the call to cooking until later on in her life, but she was absolutely brutal in the kitchen, especially one as competitive on Chopped.

It almost made Cassian smile just thinking about the way she’d forced Krennic to come up with a completely different strategy last minute for a mystery ingredient on the appetizer round by not giving him a chance to use the one fryer.

As if sensing him looking at her, Jyn turned her face towards him and grinned faintly. It was small, but cutting, as sharp as any chef’s knife.


“Cassian Andor,” Jyn drawls melodramatically, leaning back in her seat as the camera trains on her face. She shakes her head. “James Beard award nominee this year, Southwest’s top new chef winner? No, I’m not afraid of him. The man was voted to be in People magazine’s sexiest people alive. I’m not about to lose to a pretty boy.” She pauses, a little frown on her face. “Okay, he is talented – and he’s okay-looking, I guess. But I’m not going to let that distract me!”


Jyn’s smile stayed razor sharp as she nodded her head towards him. “Best of luck, chef. I hope you don’t want to use the ice cream machine.”

“I wouldn’t dream of doing something so typical,” Cassian responded coolly. 

It actually made her laugh. To the side, she heard one of the judges, probably that Conant bastard, snicker and whisper, “Are they flirting?” and ignored them. Maybe she should try to flirt with him. It could possibly distract him. But she could barely get a read on him despite going through two rounds of cooking hell with him at her side. She wasn’t so certain that he had a passion other than food. Besides, if she was going to beat him, it would be at his own game.

No doubt he was already planning something magical and connected to his roots. He’d been spectacular with his seasoning and flavors in the first two rounds, blowing everyone out of the water. It had been frustrating. She was able to get the perfect cook on some absurd meat and then there was his burst of flavor, like he was Guy Fieri taking them to Flavortown or some bullshit.

When it was time to open their mystery baskets, both Jyn and Cassian focused ahead of them, blocking each other out, and looked inside. Naturally, it was a total shit show of ingredients. Whoever came up with them deserved to be shot. While she grumbled under her breath with each addition, Cassian was silent as ever, like it didn’t bother him one bit that their desert basket included raspberries, stale oreos, pumpkin pie, and jalapeno cheddar bratwurst. What the fuck was she supposed to do with that combination?

God, was she really considering making a raspberry sorbet? She had been joking about using that stupid ice cream machine.


Cassian takes a deep breath and sighs into the camera. “Honestly, I don’t care about the bratwurst, but I freaking hate pumpkin pie. What kind of consistency is that stuff? It’s like gloop. And the spices are somehow both overpowering and bland.”


While Jyn was wearing the same aggravated look she gave every mystery basket – despite pulling out something stunning-looking in the end – Cassian kept his hands folded behind his back and looked upfront calmly. As long as he remained cool and detached, he’d be able to keep his head in the game. He was silently grateful that there had been no chocolate in any basket. He wasn’t about to make a freaking mole with Aaron Sanchez as one of the judges, especially since he’d grown up on the stuff and it was something sacred, although he knew that it was almost expected of him.

“You have thirty minutes on the clock!”

Just before the clock started, Cassian connected eyes with Jyn again. She rolled her eyes, not at him though, and for a brief second, he felt an odd camaraderie were her and smiled. Strange because she was absolutely nothing like him and they had two very distinct styles and were competing against one another. And yet, in a way, it was kind of nice to not be in this alone.

Because desert was hell and no one wanted to bake a cake in thirty minutes with only themselves as company.


“Oh, piss on it, he’s handsome,” Jyn groans, burying her face so that she can hide it from the camera, “and I’m going to make a bloody sorbet.”

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So prompt ironfalcon - Tony designed the original wings okay and did the maintenance before Afghanistan and knew Sam /very/ well, and Steve goes to introduce them and they're like we know each other *flirting while steve watches in confusion*


MCU timelines are a thing of incomprehension. According to the MCU wiki, the Jericho missile was created in 2010, and the EXO-7 thing was “sometime before 2014″ which I’m assuming means that Winter Soldier takes place in 2014. *eyes MCU timeline* Sure. We’ll just… go with that.

Whatever, let’s just consider timelines to be wibbly wobbly.


Tony Stark had a reputation. He was charming, an asshole, egotistical (and had a reason for it, with his genius and successful company), and damn good with weapons.

Sam wasn’t expecting anything more, and the first time he met Tony Stark, he didn’t get it.

Charming smile, quick words and handshakes, eyes that never settled on anyone for long. Except Rhodes. The smile was a bit looser, the words a bit warmer, when directed at Rhodes. But then, they’d supposedly known each other since their college days, and Rhodes was starting a liaison position with SI and the military.

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Scarlet Inertia: We’re Not ALL Bad

A ‘reverse bluepulse’/Scarlet Scarab x Inertia fanfic

This drabble/fic/thing came about from RPing with my friend @dizsasqua and the two of us going on a Scarlet Scarab/Inertia binge and musing over how good a pairing/triad they make (kind of like Jaime, Khaji Da, and Bart that way). Cue my thinking about these two/three supervillains having an actually healthy relationship and musing about their first kiss this morning, and BOOM– this ficlet is the result. I hope you enjoy. (Also, since Scarlet Scarab comes from a mirror world his name is different from Jaime’s– Jacobo– and the scarab’s name is Khaji Ad rather than Khaji Da. That is all. Plus there’s a large amount of swearing.)

EDIT: For those who would find reading this on Ao3 easier on the eyes, the link is here: Scarlet Inertia: We’re Not ALL Bad (Ao3 version)

Red looked at Thad. He was so close, it wouldn’t be hard to reach out to him with his perfect hair, those perfect eyes, and— fuck— that wicked smirk that was making it feel like his heart had just dropped into his stomach. Nope, nope, nope. He wasn’t going to admit that, wasn’t going to admit it as he saw Thad’s smirk slowly widen into a grin. Fuck it all, keeping the armor up is supposed to keep shit like this from happening. But no, nope, leave it to Thad— goddamned fucking gorgeous as hell Thad— to be able to tell when the hell Red was blushing even if the armor kept it hidden. Fuck.

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer,” Thad snarked, his tone playful.

Goddamn it. This is not fucking fair. Red had never been so freaking smitten in his life. And the idea of admitting it to this jerk? Definitely not fair. “What can I say? You’ve got a face that can cause car-wrecks.” And oh god damn it! That was not supposed to be a come on!

Thad laughed and leaned in closer to the armored latino man. “Now Red, some might think that sounds dangerously close to you saying you think I’m hot.”

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(god bless u jaz, ten thousand flowers for you)

similar to this post i made but i shall add more

one. bex came out of the closet first to abby and it definitely happened inadvertently like she thought everyone knew but apparently not so bex just kind of rolls with it like HECK YES and abby’s probably like “i totally understand, girls man girls” bc they both went to an all-girls school they’re going to swap stories they mUST and abby’s just the best person in the world about it and makes bex feel awesome (which she already felt but reminders are cool) and she probably helps her deal with her feelings for liz bc that is canon it is real oh god. liz x bex, more like the air that i breathe. anyway, then she mentions it to cammie one time and cammie didn’t know and bex is like OMG COME ON and it’s wonderful and hilarious and nobody actually cares that much and omg. it would be beautiful. bc the gallagher academy is the most accepting place ever and nobody fucking cares and yes.

two. grant’s relationship with bex is 99% platonic in that they are best friends who do awesome shit together but grant just respects the hell out of bex and sometimes they make out for missions but whatever they’re just really great equals who adore each other in a way that is unexplainable. but it’s like this platonic love that is amazing and wonderful but they also do couple-y things but bex is also in love with liz and everything is dandy. grant x bex as a crime fighting duo that gets mistaken for a couple every damn time so they just use it to their advantage and just look hella fine all the time (probably wearing sunglasses everywhere they go bc they are toooo rad for the public). their shenanigans would be legendary

+ grant is the president of bex’s fanclub ok (and tbqh cammie is probably the founder)

three. townsend made the first move between himself and abby and he didn’t even know he was making one or realized he was flirting and then suddenly they’re on their second date-like outing and he’s like “holy shit, i’m dating abigail cameron” (but in a british way) and then he starts getting super into it, treating it like a mission and abby ridicules him every other second but really appreciates it in her own way. and then abby almost gets hurt (again) on a mission and they both realize how serious their relationship and how important they are to each other and then it stops being a joke and becomes something honest (and sometimes frustrating and toxic and annoying af) but real and true and perfect in its own way oh god

four. tina walters (who was totally behind every rumour at GA) was also really good at keeping secrets for people who wanted to deal with stuff in their own way. like if tina found out someone was lgbtqia+ but not ready to come out yet, or had a parent/relative dealing with addiction/a terminal illness, or anything like that, she would not only not spread the story but she also would stop it in its tracks. like if tina walters didn’t think the information was worth talking about (or chose not to harass people about things that should remain private) then the information wouldn’t get very far or have any merit. she used her weight as a gossip for gooooood ok even outside of gallagher and into her profession, she would use it to unmask assholes not demean innocent people. (i just love tina so much and will defend her with my dying breath and i believe she is destined for great things). headcanon within a headcanon: tina defies the CIA once they ask her to do this exact thing and now she works for interpol, being fly as heck and stopping crime all across the world yeye

five. so preston and liz become besties ok (shh don’t fight me on this). so macey goes off to be flawless in a very underground intelligence agency (she’s too well known to work for like the CIA or something don’t even try here), and preston ADORES her but he worries about her all the time right? anyway, so they get into a bunch of fights about whether or not they can even be together when she’s off saving the world or whatever, but fuck it preston loves this girl so much he’s fighting to hell and back for her (not literally bc preston but you know what i mean). anyway, so after much persuasion and the understanding that he can’t get involved in that section of her life (despite his own involvement already bc really the poor boy’s life is in shambles like don’t touch preston ever noooo), they decide to make it work (for now). so after a few months of radio silence and no clue where this girl is, preston finds himself getting little clues in the mail and shit about where his girlfriend is and that she’s okay and he thinks its macey. but then she comes back from a mission and is like “naw bro that would be compromising shit don’t be stupid”. so OF COURSE preston doesn’t automatically think this is super shady, but it does worry him so the next time it happens he follows the info to its source and finds liz. (let it be known that he finds liz bc she wants him to, lbr liz could go off the grid for eternity and no one would find her)(except maybe bex but that’s a whole other headcanon). and so he finds out all the info was from liz, who obviously works for the NSA and has tabs on all her old besties and makes sure they’re safe (or at least reasonably so). once preston realizes this he knows he can’t tell macey or any of the girls bc ~trust issues~ so it becomes this thing that him and liz share and they form a bound around the fact that they both have hUGE HEARTS AND WONDERFULNESS POURING OUT OF THEM LIKE WATERFALLS and preston gets to rest easier knowing macey is not in danger. (plus, if she’s ever in a situation where she IS in danger, liz just has to press a button to radio in someone to go and help her)(mysteriously, that someone is usually bex or cammie)(bex, cammie, and macey pretend this is coincidence but eventually catch on and yeah basically they’re bonded for life don’t take these four friends away from me ever!!!)

i could write gg headcanons for dayyyyyyyyyyyyz