they're both so sassy


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ok so i just watched Rogue One ok and i couldnt help but see an AU!! Like Amy as Jyn, mark as Cassian, Google as K-2 (cos they are both so sassy) Host as Chirrut (cos... well they're both blind) and wilford as Baze (they just love shootin and protecting their blind pals) and maybe Bim as Bodhi (they are both so precious) well Supreme Edge Lord could be SPACE supreme edgelord!! omg i can barely watch films anymore without thinking of your amazing egos what have you done to me

This is a really great idea, so I wanted to post this. But I could never write it because I cried my eyes out watching Rogue One so the idea of putting my children through that scenario would definitely make me curl up into a ball and sob.

K-2 was my favorite…

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fury and tony are two old men who care about each other so much ;____; they're both sassy little shits and would complain about the same stuff/reminisce over the same lame dad stuff. they're insufferable together and i love it


Poor over worked, under appreciated dads.

I bet theyd kiss in front of newbie SHIELD agents just unexpectedly… like after some business talk and/or complaining at each other theyre like ‘Alright, love you. Bye‘ Smooch.

And the SHIELD agents dunno what to do. Should they be looking, should they pretend like they didnt see that? Theyre stuck with Fury for the rest of their lives maybe… how should they react!?

And Hills at Furys side gettin a kick out of it cuz she enjoys tormenting the newbies. (and seein her dads be cute)

To Her Majesty Paragon Tirzah, Queen of Ferelden:

It has come to my attention that the Commander of Ferelden’s Grey Wardens has demonstrated some behaviour that does not befit someone of his station.  Although he has proven himself capable, Warden Commander Cousland seems to make a game out of treating me with as little respect as possible.

Please deal with the situation as you see fit.


King Bhelen Aeducan


To His Majesty King Bhelen:

I will indeed deal with the Warden Commander as I see fit.  I understand your frustration with his actions, as I also know someone who has also demonstrated behavior that does not befit someone of his station.

As of now, I have reprimanded Warden Commander Cousland for his actions.  I assure you that from now on, he will give you all the respect you deserve.

An unrelated word of advice: when plotting someone’s murder, one might wish to take into account whether or not one’s target is practically married to a former Antivan Crow.  Such a relationship might lead one to alter one’s methods or cease altogether.  Either way, I am sure that you will be pleased to know that I plan to do everything in my power to insure that Warden Commander Cousland remains safe and alive.

All my love,

Queen Tirzah Theirin, wife of King Alistair Theirin of Ferelden