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The Zodiac Signs as People
  • Aries: White boys with straight teeth and blue eyes that can only see what they want to see. Blond hair that seems to do what it wants and somehow they look like artwork without even trying.
  • Taurus: Asian men in nice suits with golden watches and the latest technology, a wedding ring that looks like it's been polished. Chestnut colored eyes with short, black hair.
  • Gemini: Japanese women who have cute smiles that make their eyes close, that have an almost blind innocence about both the beauty in the world and the scorn.
  • Cancer: Tall boys with light dark skin and giant dorky smiles and dorky glasses that you just can't help but love, with flannels that are slightly too big for them cause they're so lanky, and the only big thing about them are their soft brown eyes.
  • Leo: Beautiful dark skinned women with tight curls that bounce around their faces, with beautiful amber eyes and full lips that grab your focus as they speak.
  • Virgo: Loving islamic women who wear their headscarves as not only a religious pieces but a fashionable beauty. With piercing eyes that delve into the deepest part of your soul as the simplicity to their appearance and the hidden aspects make it so much more elegant.
  • Libra: Bi-racial women who smile like the sun comes from directly inside them and the moon is their best friend. They have gorgeous curly hair and smaller brown eyes with thick lips and full figures that only they can pull of perfectly. Beautiful styles of blue hues and greens and looking like they've popped right out of the most professional photo one could possibly imagine.
  • Scorpio: Little Latina women who's eyes cut like knives and who's eyeliner wings look like they'll pick her up and fly away. Beautiful and sexy their voices can both soothe the soul and cause chaos in the heart.
  • Sagittarius: Indian boys with their caramel skin and big eyes that reflect the beauty of mountains, and black, scruffy hair on their faces.
  • Capricorn: Protective dark skinned men with heavy accents and large arms that are secretly giant softies at heart, with beautiful kind souls. (I always personally imagine them in a nice suit with a gold or mustard colored tie).
  • Aquarius: Tall pale-skinned women who smile like the Earth was the most beautiful plant and the wonder in their gray eyes makes you think they're hoping there's a next.
  • Pisces: Short lighter-skinned black girls with looser curls with bright eyes and wide smiles.
The Sanders Sides Ships as Kinds of Pining
  • Analogical: They'd never let each other know. It's all happy giggling when the other leaves the room and hidden smiles.
  • Moxiety: There's so much physical contact. They hold hands 'platonically' and will sit together when watching movies. Always blushing, and they think they're being secretive.
  • Prinxiety: It's hidden in the playful fighting and banter, but they'll occasionally say something less-than-platonic.
  • Logince: Roman will openly declare his love every day, Logan just thinks he's being Roman. Then he leaves to go write a love poem.
  • Logicality: They both know that the other has feelings for them, but neither thinks that the other knows about THEIR feelings. It's a bit of a mess.
  • Royality: Roman goes to Virgil to rant about Patton's beauty and how cute he is. Patton goes to Logan to squeal about how amazing and confident Roman is. Virgil and Logan are the true shippers, even though they exchange exasperated looks 6 times a day.
  • LAMP: They all think that they're the one making it weird with their feelings (Virgil more so) and try to ignore it. One day one of them says something, and after a long talk with only some yelling, they're found cuddling on the couch.

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Camren is so cute,I can't get over it! Like, they're both from the same place, both are cuban,they went to the same 1d concert, never met each other and was brought together by music,and it's just so fucking beautiful u know?!and u can see how much they clicked and just uuugh my Camren heart

S O U L M A T E S.

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UT! Charisk with US! Charisk (Part 2)

Here is it! The continuation of the fiction where US! Charisk meets UT! Charisk. Hope you like and to avoid confusion here are speaking patterns for each character:

Normal: All the Undertale Characters

Italics: All Underswap Characters (except Frisk)

Bold: Underswap Frisk

Also congratulations on your 7000 followers! (in fact, this is my gift for you).


Author: CrystalgemSmashMario


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HC Where's tzuyu's being a tsundere for a all-too-clever-but-feigns-oblivious nayeon. I may the only one on this ship but I speak its existence and will watch it harvest!

- tzuyu’s only problem is that she doesn’t express herself well
- she loves the girl
- she really does
- but somehow she can’t seem to easily show her affection towards nayeon as easily as the other members
- but really, tzuyu loves them all the same
- or does she?
- ((maybe the reason why she’s like that is because she doesn’t want her love for nayeon to be exposed))
- ((and also because tzuyu gets nervous and her heart beats so fast that it makes her panic whenever nayeon comes close))
- so at first tzuyu would answer nayeon’s usual attempts at affection with looks before she would escape before nayeon gets particularly near her
- nayeon didn’t particularly mind – she’d just go to someone else after pouting dramatically at tzuyu
- tzuyu would watch as nayeon displays her affection to someone else (sana is always very accepting of everyone’s affection)
- and tzuyu could feel nayeon staring as sana drapes herself over tzuyu
- or whenever tzuyu would reach out to pull chaeyoung closer (she can’t help it, the girl is small and needs to be protected)
- somehow tzuyu also seems inclined to insult nayeon every time the girl says something
- and whenever nayeon would yell out “i love you tzuyu!!!” and (attempt to) hug tzuyu
- tzuyu would most likely have responded with “i don’t.” if it were before (and also ran away)
- but slowly she began to say “okay” instead
- she felt like straight up rejecting it would be bad
- nayeon would whine each time
- but tzuyu wouldn’t pay attention
- she could just hope that nayeon knows of her love
- eventually tzuyu feels bad at the sad look nayeon gives her each time
- and she just lets nayeon wrap her arms around her waist
- the first time tzuyu lets nayeon do it is when nayeon is exceptionally sleepy
- and nayeon just walked up to her back and hugged her
- tzuyu honestly didn’t expect it
- but she feels nayeon’s nose digging into the nape of her neck and she hears nayeon murmuring “i’m sleepy”
- and tzuyu hums “go to sleep then, unnie”
- but that seems to shock nayeon awake because tzuyu feels her jolt (surprisingly her grip didn’t falter)
- “wait, tzuyu?”
- and tzuyu just blinks, “uh, yeah?”
- “you let me hug you!”
- tzuyu trying to shift in nayeon’s grip “i— it’s just because i took pity on you because you were so sleepy!”
- nayeon grinning and hugging tzuyu tighter
- and tzuyu groaning as she just stands in place (lowkey she loves it)
- despite the increasing attempts from nayeon because of that once that tzuyu had let nayeon hug tzuyu
- tzuyu still tries to keep her cold image intact
- nayeon has a solo v live one night
- “what do you mean tzuyu isn’t watching” nayeon asks, eyes glancing up from her phone to her camera
- the next text tells her that tzuyu’s sleeping instead, and that everyone else is watching nayeon’s broadcast in the living room
- somehow nayeon’s heart breaks a little
- she tells the viewers and somehow passes it off as a joke
- and it’s not tzuyu’s fault, really
- the girl likes to sleep early and she needs all the sleep she can get
- but under her blankets
- tzuyu’s snickering fondly at nayeon’s usual antics
- tzuyu falls asleep before nayeon gets home
- nayeon’s affection slowly evolves from hugs to climbing onto tzuyu for a piggyback and also other simpler stuff like linking arms or just leaning onto tzuyu’s shoulders
- and also attempting to kiss tzuyu’s cheeks
- which tzuyu outrightly avoids
- she feels like her heart’s going to burst if she lets it happen
- her slandering still continues
- but nayeon merely laughs now, head rested upon tzuyu’s shoulder
- and tzuyu lets it happen
- “hey tzuyu, do you love me?”
- “no.”
- and nayeon just smiles, nuzzling her head into tzuyu’s neck, “i love you too.”
- “i said i didn’t”
- “yeah, you’re lying. i’m not dumb, tzuyu”
- “are you sure about that?”
- “just because i’m beautiful doesn’t mean i can’t be smart”
- “who says you’re either?”
- “you love me.”
- “no i don’t”
- “you so do”
- “i liked it better when you were asleep”
- “i love you too~”
- they love each other
- and they both know that
- no matter what tzuyu says







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Can- can we please talk about the depressing lack of normal life!au's for weecest/wincest there are? Like, John and Mary are still alive, no hunting and living in a constant house, dean's the perfect boy and sammy is the cute nerd that everyone just absolutely adores. Both men can have pretty much anyone they want, and yet they're dating each other. I mean, it's beautiful. And just the sneaking around and everything... UH i seriously need to finish my one au so i can write this shit. Talk ab it.

Honestly, the lack of these type of stories makes me sad. Yes, I do enjoy having the angsty wincest/weecest fics set in the Supernatural timeline, but normal life aus are the best.

I can just imagine Sam getting the best score of his class on a test, and coming home really happy. He’s just so excited, but he waits until dinner to announce it.When dinner comes, he pulls out the test from under himself where he hid it, making sure that the 100% is visible for everyone to see. John is beaming with pride because his boy is a genius, Mary, too, is proud of her son.

Dean is right next to Sam, his hand reaching out for his little brother’s, and when he finds it, he gives it a slight squeeze. He has nothing but love and pride in his eyes as he stares at Sam, the younger brother he loved so much. And when dinner is over, and they go up to the rooms they share (sam sleeps better with Dean around), Dean kisses Sam.

Agh, I could literally go on and on about this. I really need to write a one-shot on a modern AU because there just needs to be some happy weecest/wincest.


So many ideas for normal life AUs, and they need to be written.

wincest/weecest will be the end of me tbh

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Hello yes rarepairs!! I really like Sugawara and Oikawa together because one is self-absorbed and attention seeking (Oikawa, in a good way) and the other is good at taking care of others in a motherly way (Suga bby), so I feel like they'd just fit together nicely. I can imagine Tooru searching for attention and compliments, and Suga is just there for him to shower him in the affection and love that he needs. Plus they're both pretty setters, there's a bonus.

wELL YOU GOT me at the pretty setters part  (o´∀`o) 彡☆

A big advantage to the role of Gwen is that she experiences her first true love with Peter Parker. Through her, I could act out this crazy, totally carefree feeling again that I had myself when I was in love for the first time. That had faded. Because Andrew and I got along so well straight away, we had a lot of room to play, to improvise. That way we could build up our characters’ relationship piece by piece–and then the chemistry between Andrew and me developed as well.

How Emma fell in love with Andrew while filming TASM


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All of your posts about cute government boy have got me thinking about a wolfstar au where they're both in college and they're taking the same chemistry class or something and sirius cannot pay attention because there's this beautiful boy with soft brown eyes, an oversized sweater, and a beanie pulled over his wavy hair and sirius is SO WEAK and he blogs about it on Tumblr like "cute chem boy bit his lip today and i swear i died a little" i can't stop thinking about it!!! pining boys!! i'm sad!!

My god, okay I’m writing this rn (also it got really long ok)

  • It’s kind of a spur of the moment decision when Sirius enrolls in the Biology 101 course
  • But he’s so fucking glad he did
  • Because in that same class, sitting not even ten feet in front of him, is the boy
  • And Sirius is a mess
  • He knows it’s only too obvious that he’s constantly staring, bottom lip bitten raw and eyes watering when he forgets to blink
  • The boy’s name is Remus, he notices after the first few classes, but Sirius just calls him “Cute Biology Boy”
  • And Sirius is pining over Cute Biology Boy
  • He’s always taking note of what color beanie he’s wearing and if it corresponds to the sweater that always looks like it’s three sizes too big
  • And his hair
  • Sirius wants his own fists in that hair
  • The boy’s nearly always wearing tight pants, but his sweaters are almost always covering his ass, so Sirius can’t really get a good look at it
  • It’s no better when the boy wears sweatpants either
  • But the first time Sirius watches Cute Biology Boy stand up from his seat, sweater having ridden up while he sat, Sirius outright groaned in the middle of class
  • Sirius takes note of his hands, always clasped around either a book or a pencil and many times covered with the sleeves of the sweaters he wears
  • They were big and they looked so soft and Sirius wanted to hold one
  • Sirius often turns to strangers on the internet for advice, typing out long, elaborate character summaries of the boy he doesn’t even know, really
  • But his followers still give him support and advice regardless
  • Some days Sirius scolds himself for how he’s feeling, arguing inside his own head about how he doesn’t need a relationship to have a happy life
  • But god dammit he fucking want one
  • And so he prepares to talk to the boy
  • He casually writes up a post on his blog before class starts, “Should I talk to the cute biology boy today?”
  • The responses he immediately gets almost have him falling out of his seat
  • He spends that entire class period alternating his attention between his phone, the teacher, and Cute Biology Boy
  • And when class ends, he chickens out
  • The next week, he tries again
  • Towards the end of the class, he thinks he has what he wants to say down
  • And so when the class ends, he shuffles up to the boy and is ready to ask about the book he was reading, but then he panicked and paused
  • The boy was looking at him patiently, but he seemed to be bored, or just eager to leave
  • “Did you catch what she said the mitochondria do? IthinkImissedit,” he said quickly, eyes wide
  • The boy’s patient frown turned into a small, questioning smirk
  • “We’re learning about genetics, actually,” he said
  • And Sirius nearly fainted
  • Because not only did the boy just talk to him
  • But his voice was deep, man, and Sirius was such a sucker for deep voices
  • Until he registered what the boy had actually said to him, and he promptly flushed red and rushed out of the room
  • He knows his face must look like he’s having war flashbacks when he enters his next class, and his friend James wastes no time in pointing it out to him
  • Sirius wasn’t quite ready to tell James what happened, so he blogged about it
  • Again, lots of support and advice
  • And by the end of his next class, he was feeling a lot less embarrassed about it
  • Still, the next time he has a class with Cute Biology Boy, he avoids the boy’s gaze at all costs
  • Even though during this class and the following week’s classes, the boy has turned his chair to face the side, so he could glance at both the board and at Sirius
  • Until finally, Sirius has had enough of making awkward eye contact with the boy when he’s trying to stare and pine in peace, thank you very much
  • So without even thinking about it, after class, Sirius is blocking the boy’s path again
  • The boy is looking at him expectantly again, but Sirius doesn’t let that sway him
  • “Okay, so maybe I don’t really pay attention in class that much, but it’s not really my fault since you’re sitting right in bloody front of me. And maybe I haven’t taken any notes in this class since the first day because I always get distracted by your damn beanies and tight pants and your big hands and your golden brown ha–” Sirius pauses, briefly
  • Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to talk to you and it’s just my luck that whatever came out of my mouth sounded incredibly uneducated, which is probably such a turn off for you since I see you reading those books all the time and I bet you take pristine notes in class and by the way if you’d loan those to me before the final, it would probably help me out a lot but the point is that I need some coffee and I want you to come get some with me”
  • And the words just kept tumbling out of his mouth
  • He sucked in a deep breath and then continued, before the boy could utter anything
  • “And I want you to know that it’s okay if you reject me and that I’ll still be getting that coffee, but I’d much rather have some company and maybe a snog in the library and I’m not going to be ashamed of asking even if you do say no.”
  • With that, Sirius didn’t even wait for an answer and strode out of the classroom
  • His mouth was rather dry and as soon as he stepped into the hallway, he thought he might cry
  • But he tried to keep his head held high as he walked toward the parking lot, not really feeling like attending the rest of his classes for the day
  • And he’s almost sighing in relief when he feels a hand gripping his shoulder, not making him turn but rather put there comfortingly while they both walked together
  • “You know, I think I need a cup of coffee too” Cute Biology Boy said
  • Sirius’s grin was small, but very visible
  • The boy continued, “Actually, I rather think we should start with the snog in the library”
  • Sirius gaped at him, but tugged him into the nearest building anyway
  • The library was all the way across campus, but they figured an empty classroom would do