they're both romantics


A very important compilation.

I’m a bit late but Happy Valentine’s Day, @hrhase. Since your prompts included canonverse, I got thinking and wondered how the eruris would celebrate something like Valentine’s Day in canon. I hope you like this and that you had a wonderful day.

Also, thank you to the mods of the eruri secret Valentine’s exchange event!



  • Antis: "Otayuri is gross and abusive and predatory and pedophilic!"
  • Me: "...bitch, WHERE?!"

i s2g if i read more of the ouran manga and kaoru doesn’t get a cute bf i’ll riot 


All of them, they all think that you’re a monster. But I know that you’re not, you’re not.
You sure about that?

anonymous asked:

Hello :) This is a question everyone may have a different answer to but I came across your blog and read soem Ziam/Larry analysis and liked your thinking so I thought Id ask you a question of my own :) Over the years with the obvious pairings of Larry and Ziaim (no matter if they're both romantic or not) but do you think Niall may have felt left out often? Random question I know but im curious to hear you opinion if that's ok :)

Have I considered this?

I wrote an entire post about this months ago… Has Anyone Considered That Niall May Have been 5th Wheeling It This Entire Time?

I mean, the kid has seen a lot…

And though this picture would suggest that he probably feels a bit left out at times:

I think it’s probably more like this:

When he sees them all loved up I bet he’s all

‘Yeah! Get some!’

@he-got-the-dagger-tho has done some amazing Captain Niall of the SS Stylinson and Palik ship artwork. 

These are my favourites though:

(Captain Niall and his ships post here)

I literally bought like five stickers of this one. I snuck one onto a birthday card I made for my best friend who complains that I keep telling him about 1D when he doesn’t care. (He does…Well, he SHOULD.)

Anyhow, sorry it took me so long to reply, I wanted to put a lot of effort into it…

Thanks for your message! xx

kylux is such a weird ship because like the two of them are polar opposites and are both hellbent on their respective goals so like they don’t really have time to interact but like at the same time? i kind of get it

I think it’s really sweet how Padme always said to Anakin “maybe Obi-Wan can help us” because she completely trusted him to help her and Anakin because she knew he cared for Anakin and was on their side and even though Anakin said no she still knew she could rely on Obi-Wan and then he proved her right by flying her away from Mustafar and being there when she gave birth and holding her children while she named them and she said her last words to him and aw