they're both hot~

Honestly, I’m 100% here for Lena already knowing that Kara is Supergirl (let’s be real, she does) ever since Kara slipped saying that she “flew” to Lcorp, (or because she simply stares way to much at Kara’s face), but I’m also here for oblivious Lena who is just super confused as too why she has such a strong crush on both Kara and Supergirl.

GOT7 Reaction Masterlist

GOT7 Reaction To…

Another Guy Flirting With You

Their Girlfriend Randomly Kissing Them

Their Girlfriend Being Straight Edge

Their Girlfriend Wanting To Share A Shower

Wanting Their Girlfriend’s Attention

Doing Something Stupid In Front Of Their Crush

Finding Out You Kicked A Hole In The Wall

Their GF Being On A Sugar Rush

You Being Scared To Be Alone In The Dark

Their GF Coming Out As Bisexual

Their GF Debuting As The Leader Of A Girl Group

Their GF Accidentally Hitting Their Crotch While Play Fighting

Their GF Wanting To Watch Disney Movies All Day

You Rejecting Them

You Telling Them You Are An Androgynous Female

Modeling Naked For Their Crush’s Figure Drawing Class

Liking A Girl With A 3 Year Old Child

Their Girlfriend Having OCD and Anxiety

Coming Back From Tour To Their S/O Sleeping In Their Shirt And Holding Their Pillow

Them Cheating On You And You Getting In A Car Accident

Their GF Being Really Affectionate/Clingy

Doing A Couple Interview With Their GF And Getting Asked About Their Sex Life

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