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when it comes down to it, I feel like the difference between Lup and Taako is essentially the difference between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral

This Is Heaven in Hiding (Chapter 2)

Clarke is the only one in the courtroom when she arrives with her steaming latte from Starbucks, ready and prepped for the bench trial scheduled for the next three days.

It should be easy. She has a sympathetic client, there’s no compelling evidence against him, and the ADA assigned to the case is new.

Very, very new.

It should be a cakewalk.

She sets up her files and notes on the table and checks her email for any last minute changes or notes before the courtroom starts filling up. The new ADA bustles in, already looking disheveled and frazzled. She stops and eyes Clarke like a deer in the headlights as she crosses the barrier and sets her files down.

“Griffin,” she nods, her voice shaky.

And Clarke offers a saccharine smile, that good kind of anxiety building up in her veins. “Stone.”

Clarke’s phone buzzes in her hand and she stands to gather her client, the clerk already seated and taking notes before the evidence will begin. She leaves the courtroom and notices how the baby lawyer in the seat across from her takes a few deep, steadying breaths and tries to organize her notes.

She smirks. Yep, it’s going to be a cakewalk.


GOT7 Reaction Masterlist

GOT7 Reaction To…

Another Guy Flirting With His Girlfriend

Their Girlfriend Randomly Kissing Them

Their Girlfriend Being Straight Edge

Their Girlfriend Wanting To Share A Shower

Wanting Their Girlfriend’s Attention

Doing Something Stupid In Front Of Their Crush

Finding Out You Kicked A Hole In The Wall

You Being On A Sugar Rush

You Being Scared To Be Alone In The Dark

Their GF Coming Out As Bisexual

Their GF Debuting As The Leader Of A Girl Group

You Accidentally Hitting Their Crotch While Play Fighting

Their GF Wanting To Watch Disney Movies All Day

You Rejecting Them

You Telling Them You Are An Androgynous Female

Modeling Naked For Their Crush’s Figure Drawing Class

Liking A Girl With A 3 Year Old Child

Their Girlfriend Having OCD and Anxiety

Coming Back From Tour To Their S/O Sleeping In Their Shirt And Holding Their Pillow

Them Cheating On You And You Getting In A Car Accident

Their GF Being Really Affectionate/Clingy

Doing A Couple Interview With Their GF And Getting Asked About Their Sex Life

Catching Their GF Criticizing Herself

Meeting Their Youtuber Crush

Finding Out Their Friend Has A Crush On Jackson

Their GF Having A Cute Sneeze

Their GF Being Very Spiritual

Their GF’s Old Sad Poetry

Their S/O Confessing That They Are Asexual And Realizing They Don’t Have To Be Jealous

Making Their SO Flinch 

Their SO Losing Too Much Weight

Waking Up Terrified After A Nightmare

Finding Out Their Friend Has A Crush On JB

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anonymous asked:

First of all, congrats for your new blog! May I request some hcs for Whirl and Ten? These babies deserve more love! Thank you :)

*screaming in the distance* I … *getting closer* LOVE * suddenly right in your ear* TEN AND WHIRL! Thank you so much for requesting them, you’re right they do deserve lots of love! Whirl is a little hard to write for so shout out to @peachcanwrite for the tips on whirlybird! :) 

Anyway I went a little overboard and wrote more than I was expecting to … hehe so hopefully you don’t mind! 


  • He is a sweet, soft boy and he will do his best to treat his s/o right. Maybe because of not being able to talk, he’s quite observant and pays attention to the little details. He’s easily able to pick up when there’s anything wrong with his s/o, whether they’re upset or feeling sick. He will be right by their side, trying to comfort and help them through it.


  • He doesn’t mind if his s/o talks a lot, in fact he enjoys it because well he loves listening to them. As long as they don’t expect him to engage much it’ll be fine, because they can easily tell he’s absorbing every word from the way his optics light up when he looks at them.


  • But if they’re more on the quiet side or just have some quiet moments, that’s okay too. He’ll gladly do whatever his s/o is in the mood for and just be a rock for them. Never pushes his s/o to socialize more (or be quiet on the other hand) and will gently help get them out of situations where they feel uncomfortable.


  • He’s obviously highly artistic and creative so he’ll be excited if his s/o takes an interest in what he does. Even if they don’t have any skill themselves, that’s okay! The two of them could color in those adult coloring books together and he’d be so damn happy. He will create little trinkets for his s/o all the time, because he really enjoys seeing how much they love what he makes them. Will also proudly show off anything they make him.


  • Going off of that, he will doodle on everything. EVERYTHING. Sometimes when they’re both really bored, his s/o will let him draw cool designs onto their skin. Since the markers tend to take a while to fade, it’s kind of like having temporary tattoos. Not to mention, Ten is good so his s/o feels bad ass, markers or not.


  • He’s super shy so it takes him a while to be able to initiate physical affection with his s/o, they’ll have to take the reins at first. But slowly he becomes more comfortable and at random times will pick them up and nuzzle the top of their head. A lot of slow nights are spent just resting together, his s/o’s touch comforting to him.


  • He’s extremely intelligent despite what everyone thinks and he will adore his s/o if they recognize this and treat him with respect. That’s probably what got him to like them at first. That and their kindness, he will still be astounded at how nice his s/o is to him, even after they’ve been dating a while.


  • If his s/o ever needs help with something, anything at all, he will immediately help them. If he’s working and it’s not serious, he’ll be sad that he has to wait but will let them stay on his shoulder and talk about it to make up for it. Otherwise, he’s right there, doesn’t matter if he has no clue how to help, he’ll try his best or find someone who does.


  • One time they were helping Ten paint a rather large mural by reaching the smaller places so he didn’t have to bend over as much. As they were trying to fill in a detail, they reached too far and slipped off the ladder. Ten caught them with a worried “Ten!” within seconds of them falling and they weren’t hurt too bad. After that, they spent the next 30 minutes cuddled close to his chasis, trying to convince their giant robot bf that they’re fine.

  • “I’m okay Ten really, it was my fault for not paying attention to what I was doing. Don’t be sad, alright? I love you.” *happy rumbles from Ten*


  • He tries to give his s/o compliments because he does think highly of them but he’s always awkward about it and they end up sounding more like insults. One time when he visited his s/o’s room in the morning, they had bed head. He told them that their hair would make a nice nest for a bird and was very confused when they didn’t exactly appreciate that. What? Babe it’s a compliment! I thought you LIKED birds??

  • But on the other hand, he does like making people laugh. Especially enjoys when his s/o laughs because he thinks it’s a good look for them, with their face all scrunched up and their eyes sparkling. So he tries to make them laugh as much as possible and it’s his go-to way to cheer them up.


  • Has a tendency to hog his s/o’s attention but only when he’s in the mood to be around people. He doesn’t like it when others spend too much with his s/o, he wants them to focus on him because their attention means more than anyone else’s. He will work on this but only if his s/o brings it up to him.


  • He gets embarrassed easily, usually when his s/o is being sweet or affectionate with him. His s/o has learned not to do it in front of other bots because if they even look at Whirl wrong, he will take that embarrassment, turn it into rage and start a bar fight.


  • “What are you smirking at? You got something to say about my fleshie giving me a kiss?!” *punches mech through wall*

  • So yeah, he’s also flustered at affection in private but he’s able to show that he enjoys it a little more. He’ll never come out and admit it but he really likes your cuddling sessions. Those moments calm him down and help remind him he has something good to hold on to.


  • He will totally let his s/o ride on his titty guns and prefers them there because there’s less chance of them falling off. But even if they’ve been dating a while, he will hold it over his s/o’s head and tease them whenever he gets the chance. You got a special place on the Titty Gun™ s/o, you OWE HIM EXTRA CUDDLES DAMN IT, PUT DOWN THE PAPER WORK ALREADY!

  • He WILL bring his s/o on crazy adventures and often tries to sneak them out when they go to planets. Sometimes forgets that his s/o is human and there’s a lot of things that while not dangerous for him, are very dangerous for them. So they get scrapped up sometimes but Whirl would never let anything too serious happen to them. He’d actually kill anyone who laid a finger on his s/o.


  • Will also drag his s/o into any pranks or stupid stuff he does on the ship, so they get in trouble a lot. Once again, if there’s stuff Whirl is doing wrong, his s/o has to bring it up because he won’t know otherwise. But they have to be careful how they word it or his s/o won’t see him for a few days.


  • If his s/o can sing, he’ll sit and listen to them quietly. It’s one of the rare times he’s not losing his shit or running around trying to keep his mind busy. If they’re not a great singer, he doesn’t care, both of them will put on heavy metal and head bang & sing wildly to the music together.