they're blue

This is gonna sound mega lame/cliche, but ladybug and chat playing Mario kart

she can’t believe the silly cat pulled a fast one on her

kyogre-blue  asked:

You don't have to answer if you don't want to start drama, but what misinterpretations of the faves do you see most often/ annoy you the most?

I don’t mind at all (I’ve pretty cool followers methinks).

About Lucy:
Mostly the idea that if Natsu were to say date Lisanna, she would spend days cooped up at home crying, hate on her and then need to fall in love with someone else (or wait for Natsu to realise his undying love for her) to become cheery again. Or than she thinks she is useless - while she is aware of her ability vis-a-vis the rest of the team, it isn’t something that bothers the way people make it out to be, because she is aware of her circumstances and is proud of herself and her spirits.

About Gray:
That he is a tsun. That he is rude and a dick (he can be, but that’s mostly in good humour and usually only around Natsu). That he doesn’t care for other’s feelings. That he isn’t the gentleman he is. That he is unaware of/has difficulty confessing his feelings. That he would need the rest of the guild reminding him to “not mess with Juvia’s feelings” once they do start dating (though, Gajeel giving a warning does make sense). That he secretly enjoys aall of the attention Juvia gives him. That he doesn’t apologise when having done something wrong.