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Movie date?
  • <p> <b></b> *Marinette and Adrien watching the movie Paris has made in honour of Ladybug and Chat Noir*<p/><b>Marinette:</b> this is so unrealistic!<p/><b>Adrien:</b> yeah. They didn't just 'get' their powers!<p/><b>Marinette:</b> and Chat's puns are bad but they're better than that!<p/><b>Adrien:</b> so are Ladybugs. Believe me... She tries.<p/><b>Marinette:</b> the casting is all wrong. Chat has tousled blonde hair and green eyes!<p/><b>Adrien:</b> yeah, and Ladybug is at least a head shorter than Chat!<p/><b>Marinette:</b> and why is there so much tension between them? They only kissed once! They aren't a couple!<p/><b>Adrien:</b> yeah - wait, what?<p/></p>

man if dreamworks really fucks up Lance’s story arc im gonna be so pissed i swear im going to write myself a story all about Lance and his development.

In two days I, an italian living in Italy, have learned that:
1- Verona doesn’t exist (what the hell?? Are you serious?)
2- Italians are poc because we had something like a thousand years ago an Arab invasion (so we are also french, and vikings, and so on I guess)

Conclusions: the american education system is really fucked up.

when the gf discovers how ticklish you are..


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For Daddies of little boys
  • 1. Remind your little how special he is to you everyday! This is important because sometimes us daddies get caught up in caring for our littles in other ways we forget to verbalize how much they mean to us!
  • 2. Don't forget it's not all about discipline. Your little is just that , little. NOT A CHILD. They are human too and if they say "no" or you can tell something is making them uncomfortable ask your little prince what's wrong and how you can make it better rather than telling them that they're naughty, bad, ect.. because they didn't don't what you wanted.
  • 3. Tell your little man how proud you are to BE his daddy and how you'll always be there to take care of him. It might seem obvious, but it's always good to hear it.
  • 4. ALL PUNISHMENTS SHOULD BE CONSENSUAL. I cannot stress this enough! Too often I see mommies, daddies, and caregivers take away things from their littles (like phones) that your little might need. The phone may be their only connection to a friend that can help them down from an anxiety attack. And too often do I see anon messages on all sorts of blogs asking about how to tell your daddy/mommy/caregiver that something makes them upset or uncomfortable! It breaks my heart every.single.time. That is what this dynamic is all about. Respect, consent, understanding....all of those things are so important!
  • 5. Find out about everything your little likes and dislikes while in AND out of little space. The better we know our little angels the more we'll be able to tell when something is wrong! : ) :)
  • 6. Don't be afraid to join in building those block castles, pillow forts, or play dough monsters! It can be so much fun for both of you and it's a great way to bond with your little.
  • So Some notes to take away?
  • Love, play, RESPECT, care for, and watch your little. He's looking up to you. Now get out there and be a great Daddy!

remember when SH told us from the minute raphael and mundane simon were alone that raphael needed simon :’) and then again in rise up when clary reminded him simon needs him too and then we see how they fall apart without the other in s2 :’) 

‘you don’t need me’ 

‘on the contrary, I do’

Hogwarts Houses as Wild Animals
  • Gryffindor: wolves- familial, excitable, and stronger together. They fight together, run together, and act as one big family.
  • Slytherin: sharks- independent, sleek, impressive. They're better than the label they received after the actions of a few bad examples.
  • Ravenclaw: octopi- curious, clever, interesting. They're often the subject of study, and yet continue to surprise us.
  • Hufflepuff: monkeys- industrious, empathetic, social. Everything they have, they made for themselves.

I could honestly write an entire novel on the hospital break-out scene in Pledge of Indigo

and how Chidori reacts to Jin vs how she reacts to Takaya - how she tries to plead with him, lowering her voice as though to keep what she says between them, before Takaya interrupts her and she goes silent

how you can see her shut down and resign herself to going back with them

…how I’m not entirely convinced that “kinda shouty” was really the right delivery for Takaya’s lines.

someone: why would you use utau? vocaloid is SO much better, utau always sucks

me: no,


hey guys!! in honour of season three coming out i’m posting some character sketches of the main seven from voltron! greatly appreciated if you reblog, since i’m just starting to post my art. i hope you like them!

Dom I love you and I support you, but please don’t go to the trash known as Orlando City