they're best friends

I can't believe..
  • That we actually have to have this discussion.. But apparently we do.
  • Some of the the Jonnor fandom is starting to get to Gavin as i've read in various Instagram post and from others here on tumblr.
  • Seriously? Like you wanna upset them to the point where they stop? Sure yeah go ahead and ship Gavin and Hayden together but keep it more to yourself and between others who ship them together. If you guys end up ruining this for the rest of us.. We will not be happy. Gavin and Hayden are totally cool with us Shipping Jonnor. As those of us Jonnor trash af do! They even ship Jonnor.
  • So calm the FUCK DOWN! And let Gavin and Hayden be. Let them be themselves with their girlfriends in real life! Lets not have them feel weird around each other or hate the fandom with this shit.
  • For the billionth and probably not the last time.
  • Leave Our boys alone. Ship Jonnor. They like Jonnor.
  • We Like Jonnor.
  • We love Gavin & Hayden
  • But there is a fine line between Jude & Connor and Gavin and Hayden. Lets do this thing where we dont over step said line.
  • We will continue to Defend them and Support them! Anyone else like to add anything? Please do!

I think it’s time we took a second to really address how illogical this ship is. Now before you go all “HOMOPHOBE!” on me, just take a second and read what I have to say. And try to stay open minded.


Okay, sorry, but are we all talking about the same character here? I think the Stucky shippers have missed one of the main points of his personality. Bucky is a ladies’ man. He set up dates for himself and Steve with girls. Let’s admit it, he was a bit of a flirt.

“You know, I don’t see what the problem is. You’re about to be the last eligible man in New York. You know, there’s 3.5 million women here.”

“Well I’d settle for just one.”

“Good thing I took care of that.”

People might say he was trying to hide his attraction to Steve, but guys, hold up. It’s the 1930s. It’s never been proven, and I doubt it ever will be, that people are born homosexual. Tests and experiments have been done with identical twins and whatnot where due to solely environmental factors, one turned out straight and one didn’t. The people of the 1930s, especially Bucky, wouldn’t even think of being homosexual as acceptable or even plausible. Now, whether that was good or bad is a discussion for a different time. But that’s the world they lived in. The environment, his personality, the way he treats Steve as a little brother, everything leads to Bucky being a straight man. He was even disappointed when Steve romanced Peggy and he couldn’t. Not because Peggy was taking Steve away, but because he couldn’t take Peggy. He even had a relationship with Natasha in the comics. When he is revealed as the Winter Soldier and after he recovers, there’s absolutely nothing that even hints at him being attracted to Steve. He still acts like the “I’m so done” older brother that has to follow his little brother around to keep him out of trouble, even though that’s partially Steve’s job with him now too.


Here we have the awkward, scrawny kid who was super uncomfortable around girls but at the same time a perfect gentleman. And just to reinforce my Bucky argument, where did he learn his manners? Bucky. Steve’s dad died when he was just a kid. His mom, of course, could tell him about chivalry, and he probably had some already built-in to his brain, but who did he want to copy in everything? Buck. Bucky was his father figure; the older brother that he never had. Steve learned from Bucky’s example how to be a gentleman and how to treat girls. The reason why he ended up being so great at it is ‘cause Bucky taught him first. And even on his own, who did he fall in love with? A woman named Peggy. And who was his motivation and strength throughout the years? Peggy. Even when he was with Bucky, who formed him and taught him more than half the stuff he knew, it was still Peggy, not Bucky, who was his compass. And you notice how Peggy is happy with Steve and Bucky’s friendship. She compliments them, and she’s Steve’s comfort when Bucky dies. She doesn’t detract from their friendship, she adds to it and supports it. Even when Bucky was a little shaken since he wasn’t the only ladies’ man anymore, you better believe he full-out supported Steve who finally found himself a date. And after Steve “died,” and when Peggy was old, did Steve disregard her? No. He still owed her a dance. And why did he stay at SHIELD? Because Peggy helped found it. Guys, Steve Rogers isn’t even close to being gay He asked his neighbor, another woman, Sharon Carter, to go out with him. When Nat kissed him, he wasn’t awkward because he wasn’t attracted to her, he was awkward ‘cause it wasn’t part of his old-fashioned etiquette to make out with a woman in public. And c’mon now. We all know Steve is a stubborn punk. He’s not going to change his old morals system anytime soon. Or ever, really.

Bucky and Steve share a brotherhood, not a romance. Their relationship is completely straight and always has been. And neither of them are going to change that. If you want anymore proof, read the comics and take a look at the men who created them. Steve is anything but gay with all the girls chasing him, and Bucky doesn’t do too bad himself.

Thanks for reading. :)


Last week, one of my students left her favorite stuffed animal in class. I brought him home so he’d be safe, and have been sending her family pictures of Woofers and my favorite stuffed animal, Roary, so Sophia knows he’s having a nice vacation.

I love my job.