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GREETINGS! I was thinking about the ask below, about the whole Alec lying to Magnus. You mentioned that maybe the argument may carry into 218, which makes sense. Because aren't Magnus and Luke at the Seelie court again? It def could be damage control. Who knows, but I do concur that this could carry over. And they're grown men, in a serious relationship. And no relationship is perfect. Arguments happen and resolving them can bring them even closer I think. I CANT WAIT THOUGH. \_(ツ)_/¯

They are indeed at the Seelie Court again and also I feel like the stills with Magnus and Alec feel…tense? Serious? This whole thing with the soul sword goes beyond their relationship; it could shatter the already fragile alliance that’s holding the Shadow World together, so I hope we see this played out in full. The synopsis for 2x19 says that the Downworlders will come together to make a surprising decision, so I wonder if by the end of 2x18, the Downworld may choose to forsake the Shadowhunters – including Magnus – but that something will happen in 2x19 that changes their minds. (I think I know what that something is but I won’t get into it bc I’m not sure haha but it does have to do with City of Glass and the Alliance rune.)

Anyway, I agree that we’ll see Magnus and Alec even closer by the end of it. I love watching them navigate their relationship while being on opposing ends of the political spectrum, like it’s just really important to have an lgbt+ relationship where the tension isn’t from drama that reduces our relationships to being all about our sexual orientation (i.e. one partner being unhappy about the other being in the closet) but because of this war they’re both caught up in and because they’re both leaders responsible for making tough calls while trying to maintain a healthy, respectful relationship. Having Alec run the Institute while they’re still in the learning stages of their relationship is easily one of the best calls the show has made.

dee wearing a shirt of charlie’s while she’s brushing her teeth and getting ready for work in the morning and Charlie just laying on his side in bed with his head propped up on his hand just admiring how pretty she is even when she’s doing everyday normal tasks….

Charlie also finally getting out of bed and getting handsy with her when he’s supposed to be getting ready too, and taking his own shirt off of her and tossing it aside for a morning pre-work makeout session that makes them both late…

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can I request a scenario of how oikawa, hinata and iwa would react to learning that their s/o has a toxic friend? being around them clearly weighs down the s/o, making them feel drained and even bad abt themselves, but their s/o is the type to like to see the best in people and to practice being kind, so they're having a difficult time seeing that friend's harmful qualities. how would the 3 take this ahh? im not sure if this is ok so u dont have to but thank you for your time!

we meet so many of these people tbh -sen


“This is ridiculous (Name).”

You flopped forward onto the couch, too tired to answer Iwaizumi. The ensuing silence made it clear he was waiting for a response. You sighed, “What am I supposed to do then? She’s still my friend, Hajime.”

“Like hell she is,” he muttered, and you felt the cushions dip. “How can you call her that when she makes you feel like shit?”

You groaned, remembering the events that’d transpired earlier. A close friend from high school had invited you to a group outing- like she did every month. Each time was a new setting with new faces- save for hers. But even if the people and place changed, you were always the center of their judgment. Topics would range from your life style to the way you carried yourself.

Every time Iwaizumi had to watch you come home drained, knowing you hadn’t defended yourself because if you had, it would’ve been met with harsher criticisms. It wasn’t like your friend ever tried to help either- she’d started changing after graduation, developing a shift in attitude as she met new people. Now, she liked to dole out her own share of criticisms. When you tried to talk to her about it, she accused you of being oversensitive and unable to take a joke.

“People change,” you mumbled, trying to convince yourself more. “A good friend should be able to accept and adapt.”

A calloused, warm hand rested on your shoulder, the pressure firm yet reassuring. You peaked up at your boyfriend, seeing his brow furrowed as he gave a small squeeze. “They’re not friends if they bring you down. It’s ok to move on.”

You closed your eyes before coming to a resolve. “You’re right,” you conceded, giving his hand your own squeeze. “I’ll give her a call tonight.”


“I’m not saying I don’t care! I’m just saying-“

But the line had already gone dead, cutting you off before you could finish. You sighed in frustration, lowering the phone from your ear. This happened so often now- if only your friend would just listen for once.

“Was it him again?”

You looked up at the voice, seeing your boyfriend in the doorway with worry etched on his features. Unanswering, you stretched out your arms, giving Oikawa the confirmation he needed as he walked into them. He was warm, and his tall stature made it all the more comforting when he pulled you close.

“What was it this time?” he asked. “Something about his work,” you murmured. “His new boss is an ass apparently.”

Truthfully, you knew more about your friend than anyone should. He always came to you when he needed to vent. By now, you knew his girlfriend ‘never listens enough’, how he was fired from his last job, that his roommate was ‘hounding’ him to pay his part of the rent, and so much more.

You’d never minded listening- being the shoulder of sympathy.  But a lot of his troubles could’ve been easily remedied if he just tried. On several occasions, you tried to offer up solutions or help him see reason. It always came back to him brushing it off or accusing you of siding against him.

“I told him if he hated his boss that much than he should try to look for a new job,” you continued. “Or he could be glad he at least had one- to make up for the rent he owed.

Oikawa hummed, “Based on what I heard, he didn’t take it well.”

You nodded, “This is so tiring Tooru. I don’t want to know about every little thing he doesn’t want to fix.

“Then stop listening to him.”

“What?” you looked up. “Then it’d be like I really didn’t are.”

But Oikawa was serious, “You do care- you always have been, (Name). That’s how he’s been able to vent on you for so long.” His arms tightened slightly around your waist and his gazed turned tender, “That doesn’t mean you’re obligated to suffer through it. If he won’t take your advice then it’d be better to let him learn on his own.”

You bit your lip, finding that he had a point It wouldn’t be easy, but you had to try and end this before it got worse.


“Shou, you won’t believe what happened,” you spoke into the phone, barely able to contain your excitement. “I got the internship!”

“Holy crap, that’s amazing, (Name)! When do you start?” you heard Hinata’s growing excitement.

“Next week,” you smiled. “I just got the email- I was worried they wouldn’t want me.”

“They’d be idiots then,” the scoff was evident in his tone before the glee returned. “We gotta celebrate later!”

“Definitely, I’ll see you in a bit,” you laughed.

“Yep. Love you!”

“Love you, too.”

With that, you ended the call- a smile permanently on your face. After finishing grad school, you immediately knew you wanted to head into the career field of our major. You’d applied to intern at several places and gotten replies from most of them some rejecting and other accepting. All but one though, a big well-known company you wanted to join the most still hadn’t replied. Just when you’d given up hope, you got an email of acceptance from them. Interning there would give you the valuable experience and open up so many doors.

Your phone gaze a sudden buzz- an incoming call, you realized looking at the caller ID. It was from your friend, whom you met taking the same major. But unlike you, she’d started interning earlier and quickly got a job at the same company. She’d know about your acceptance by now.

You hesitated to accept the call, though. You were friends and you didn’t dislike her, but she had a tendency to be… less than enthusiastic when it came to your achievements. Your other friends hadn’t liked her very much, and Hinata said she was never supportive of you. But you’d convinced yourself that she was only showing her support in her own way. You pressed the button.

“Finally… how can you intern here if you can’t answer phone calls quickly enough?” you heard her click her tongue.

“Ah, sorry,” you laughed awkwardly.

She sighed, “Well congrats on your acceptance- many would kill for this opportunity.”

“Thanks!” you brightened immediately, thinking she’d be different this time. “We’re celebrating later, maybe you’d like to-”

Really?” she cut you off, the disbelief clear. 

“Yes…?” you replied, “Is that wrong?”

“Aren’t you getting ahead of yourself here? This is a big company, (Name). You think it’s going to be easy being an intern here- an unpaid one? Maybe you should focus on not getting fired.“ 

You were speechless, not knowing how to respond. Was this really what she thought? Of course you knew interning wouldn’t be the easiest thing in the world- but you knew it wasn’t something you couldn’t handle either. 

Your friend took your silence as a sign to continue, “Look, I’m not saying you can’t do this. I’m just saying it’s too early to be sure things won’t go south. I have some work to finish, so I’ll talk to you later. Celebrate if you want, I suppose." 

She hung up, leaving you and your thoughts to the silence of your home- now heavier than ever.

A muffled jingle of keys could be heard as the front door swung open. ”(Name), I’m home!!“ Hinata called, his footsteps growing louder. "Ready to go- What are you doing?” his tone turned to confusion when he entered the kitchen.

You looked up from the table, laptop open in front of you. As much as it brought you down, you’d decided to research as much as you could about anything relating to internships and the company. Wouldn’t want to waste your time celebrating a job you could easily lose, right?

“Umm, about celebrating..” you began, finding it hard to meet his eye. “I was thinking we could maybe hold off on that?”

“Sure if that’s what you want,” he crossed his arms, “is there a reason?”

“Well, it’s an unpaid internship at a big company. I should be focused on not messing it up." 

His mouth dropped, "That’s not how you sounded when you called me. Did she tell you all that?”

“She’s being realistic,” you were quick to try and defend your friend. 

“If that’s what it is then she should know that you’re definitely capable enough for this job. You went to school together- she should know how hardworking and smart you are,” he declared. 

Heat crawled up your neck before he continued more gently, “They hire interns every year, they’re not gonna expect the world from you on your first day. If anything, you’ll knock the socks off them.”

You gave a small smile, “Thanks Shou, but what if it-”

“If it doesn’t work out, then it doesn’t work out,” it was like he read your mind. “It’s not the end of your career- there were other places that accepted you, remember?”

You stayed silent, mulling over his words until he took your hand in his. "You’re amazing, (Name). Give yourself more credit,” he smiled with a slight squeeze.

“… okay okay let’s go out,” you gave in, shoulders releasing tension from earlier. Even if your friend had the best intentions in mind, you couldn’t let them dictate you forever.