they're beautiful and i just want to hug him


cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

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I just started tearing up because I remembered how beautiful phil is he is so sweet and kind and he's got arms with tiny freckles on them and he gives the warmest hugs and his eyes are blue fffffffff they're so blue and they're shiny and I bet his skin is so soft and and he smells like flowers HE IS A FLOWET I'm just really sad he's so beautiful I want him to know that does he know that carly he's too beautiful I'm

imagine (when harry added  feminine touches on his outfit)
  • Harry: Lou?
  • Louis: Yes, Haz?
  • Harry: Uhm, I- Can I ask for your advice?
  • Louis: Sure, love. What is it?
  • Harry: So uhm, I hope you don't get weirded out bc of this. If it's bad- like you can say no and yeah uhm-
  • Louis: Hazza, calm down. *chuckles* You haven't even started out. It's okay love, calm down.
  • Harry: Shit sorry. Uh yeah so I've been thinking about wearing boots? Like this one *holds the brown boots up* Uhm- I know they're kind of for women only but- *whispers* I want them, Lou.
  • Louis: Oh Harry, you know you can wear anything you like right? I won't judge you baby. *hugs him*
  • Harry: But what about the fans, and the other people? What if they won't like it? What if it's too girly for them? What if this ruins ou-
  • Louis: Don't even think about it, Harry. Listen to me. You are beautiful and you are who you are. You shouldn't hold yourself back from something you like just bc people doesn't want the same for you. Do what you want, I'll always support you. I love you. *kisses his forehead*
  • Harry: Thanks Lou. I knew it. You're always the best.</b>
  • *then fucking harry styles ruined my life with his fashion sense, legit sobbing*
  • Lovelots,
  • Lou xx
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I want you and your beautiful soul
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