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Dick Grayson and Alfred Pennyworth's Relationship Meta

This is a compilation of moments between Dick and Alfred that showcases the type of relationship they have, including how they emotionally and physically support one another.

1. Alfred Acts Like Dick’s “Mom”

Nightwing #80

There is no denying that Dick and Alfred have a sort of parental/kid relationship. Don’t believe me? Stick around and see for yourself. I touch on it more specifically towards the end of this meta, but based on the panels you are about to see, I think it will be pretty obvious why Dick makes the, “More like my mom…” comment in the first place. 

Batman and Robin #20

Even though Alfred is driving, he’s helping Dick with his bow tie and making sure he looks proper. Never mind the fact that Dick is a grown man who has worn suits on multiple occasions. You’d think that Dick would’ve learned how to tie his own bow tie by now, but nope. 

Teen Titans: Year One

Alfred is always making sure this kid eats. Also how adorable is it that he wrote a little R crest on the lunch bag? There are no other bat kids living at the manor at this point, and yet, Alfred still makes sure to identify the bag so Dick knows it was made for him. 

Batman: Gotham Knights #1

See, look. Alfred always making sure his boys are fed properly. And of course he’s going to give Dick the stink eye for not using a napkin. 

Justice League #6

I don’t have the full panel here, but in this scene, Bruce tries to call Dick, and Dick doesn’t answer his phone. Alfred states that he was able to get a hold of Dick a few days prior. This scene in particular is super interesting to me because it is a scene that has been played out between my mom, my brother, and my dad. My mom always tries to text/call my brother and he never answers her (she is like Bruce in that she can be overbearing about certain issues). My brother emulates Dick’s “it’s my way or the highway” mindset, causing him and my mom to clash often. However, my brother will answer his phone whenever my dad tries to contact him. It drives my mom absolutely insane. I imagine Bruce is the same way in that he feels slightly hurt and annoyed that Dick will pick up his phone to talk to Alfred, but that Dick will choose to ignore him (unless Dick was genuinely busy and couldn’t answer in that moment).

Putting Bruce’s feelings aside for the moment, let’s reflect on the fact that Dick and Alfred have a good enough of a relationship to update each other on what’s going on in their lives. Alfred states that Dick seemed to be in excellent spirits, which implies that Dick may have been talking to him about his personal life rather than giving him a specific update about a case he was working on. I imagine they would feel pretty comfortable informing each other about the ongoing events of their lives. I mean, think about it. Alfred used to pick Dick up from school every day and would drive him to various activities (like in Robin: Year One for example). It makes sense that Alfred would be the one to constantly ask Dick about his day and vice versa.

“How was school?”
“What do you do all day, Alfie?”
“Did you have a good time with Miss Barbara?”
“Have you finished The Comedy of Errors yet?”
“Any special requests for dinner?”
“Did you go grocery shopping today? What did you get?”
“I was not aware you held such strong opinions about peppermint tea, Master Dick.”
“Aw man, cucumber sandwiches again?”

From early on, they engaged in casual conversation, which led to them knowing more personal details about one another. It became a familiar and expected occurrence between them. 

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