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Tom is your Tom problem.


A few hours late, but happy 4/13!!

every time I think I’m over homestuck, these guys prove me wrong,, ; _ ; i love them forever
second pic is transparent!!


I go back drawing dorks. 

p.s. not in a great condition to draw long posts sorry.



Kibum’s really cute, glad to see that Jonghyun thinks so too. 

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i’m gonna make this clear. nu'est has been giving us so much. from the cfs to vlives, the boys have been doing so much n i’ve never seen them so happy. they’re dropping 2017 versions of songs now (lil promo: they dropped ‘hello 2017 ver.); pls check it out!! it’s amazing n will make u cry. also they’re gonna drop a 2017 ver. of ‘look (a starlight night)’ at 11pm kst so make sure to check that out also. as always also check out their old music 👼). it truly makes me believe that going onto produce 101, despite all the tears n struggles, was a opportunity that turned into an amazing reality for them. when they make their comeback, i want the world to be in awe. i want them to be getting more opportunities. i don’t want them to be stressed out anymore n worrying, about what’s going to happen tomorrow n the next day n so on. i want them to finally be recognized for their hard work that they’ve been putting out for the past 5/6 years. i remember mingi said in his vlive that him n the members are always thinking about us n they truly are. also the fact that they changed their name just to wait for minhyun n finally be all together, makes me tear up. they’ve been through so much n they really do deserve the world..they really do.

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The only thing im honestly mad about is that scanlan goes and does this right after grog is really realizing that relying on your friends and your family gives you your true strength. Like how much did this absolutely fuck up grog specifically. Especially when scanlan yelled at them. Grog really didn't say much. He said he was sorry he didn't know his mothers name. I mean. What the actual fuck scanlan shorthalt.

scanlan doesn’t know that, though

here’s the thing; Sam is wildly good at avoiding metagaming, he plays the long game, and he sticks to his decisions. I’m fairly sure there was no malicious intent behind this choice––this is legitimately something his character needs. and, like @eponymous-rose just said, Scanlan’s current downspiral doesn’t click in with the story they’re telling. Sam’s really good at this; he knows that

which, y’know, sucks. there’s a reason we’re all shouting about it. it really fucking sucks to see a character walk away because things weren’t working out (it’s also painfully real, without the veneer of fantasy okay-ness, but that’s what Critical Role has always been, from the minute they began to delve into the RP; they’ve never made a show of pulling their punches and it’s why this show works the way it does)

and at the end of the day, isn’t this akin to what Grog just learned? his strength comes from his friends, and he’s going to lend that strength to his friends and leave the world better than he found it. if the best way he can lend his strength is to let Scanlan go––to step back, to acknowledge that it hurts like a motherfucker but it’s what Scanlan needs right now––well, isn’t staying strong in the face of that what he just swore to do?


According to another variation, the wolf-like beast will hunt down and kill Catholics who do not follow the rules of Lent. This coincides with the French Catholic loup-garou stories, according to which the method for turning into a werewolf is to break Lent seven years in a row. [x]” 

my feelings about actual Catholicism are weird and tangled up in family history and unpleasant school experiences, but catholic-adjacent mythology is fucking hysterical, every time.


The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents