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dgraymanweek  || Day 2: Lonely Boy

↳ Option A: Favorite Character: Allen Walker 

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a bunch of you who follow me have probably noticed that i’ve rediscovered drarry fic in the past month or so and it’s resulted in a lot of flailing and screaming and pure joy and happiness on my part. anyway! i’ve had a few people interested in a fic rec so here we go :)

azoth - eighth year, portrait!snape, amazing plot. 88k

right hand red - eighth year, muggle games, secret relationship. 73k

the light more beautiful - 6th year & post hogwarts, pining. warning: dub con in first chapter, potions mishap. 81k

helix - eighth year, tent, SOFT, SNAILS, SOLOMON. read it read it read it. 92k

the boy who only lived twice - unspeakable!harry, secret identity, rabbit. 54k

foundations!verse - healer!harry, hard to describe, just SO GOOD. reparations 87k, foundations 230k, plus drabbles. 

a convenient impracticality - fake relationship, pining, aaaahhhhhhh! 38k 

“Interviewer: How eager or not eager is [John Silver] to take on this mantle at this point?

Luke Arnold: It’s a little bit of both. He’s now very invested in this world. He always used to say he didn’t believe in Flint…He’s now part of it. It’s really the two of them ready to take this war to the world. And I think as well, Madi is really integral to giving him the confidence to take that up. I think everyone around him…he has relationships with Billy, Madi, Flint, all the Walrus Crew. And I think as a guy who never wanted to be a part of anything before, who was not a joiner, because of these relationships he’s starting to feel a part of this war, a part of this group of brothers, and I think is feeling the potential that he could take up that mantle and be the Long John Silver who starts this revolution.

Inteviewer: The relationship between Flint and Silver is very complicated, lots of back and forth…They are allies right now but is there always like, I don’t know if it was a threat or not, but [Silver] said maybe I could be here to succeed you, so is there a strange dynamic still between them?

Luke Arnold: I think there is but I think that, in this world, they’re about as close as two friends can be, and that was the acknowledgment in that scene. I think it was less a threat but the acknowledgment that they’re really close. And also when he finds out about Flint’s backstory, he knows how self-destructive Flint is, but also how destructive as a force he is to those around him. But he’s also aware of the power Silver has now. [Silver]’s managed to very quickly rise up to a high position of power in this world. So…I think it’s less a threat but more just acknowledging where they’re both sitting in the moment. And being such good friends, as honest as they are with each other in that moment, I think it’s kind of a surprise to both of them that they ended up there.”

(Video Interview Source)


Yep, she basically proposed too ^^

Best of SRKajol 2014

We’ve grown as actors and as people. Our friendship doesn’t depend on us calling each other every day and knowing what’s going on in each other’s lives. But, when we meet, there’s warmth and no need to put on a mask. It’s the comfort level with a person you’ve known for 20 years. - Kajol on SRK

(dedicated to Anesya )

                                    and Happy New Year!!! 

Memories of You

 くしても す キミを I will never leave you

Pencil + Koi Brush+ Watercolors + 0.05, 0.1 Copic Multiliner Pen + Gold/White Gel Pens

Total Time: 4 hours