they're always breaking up but anyway

How faithful are the signs? (Look at both Venus and sun)
  • Aries: romantically faithful, however they're sexually frustrated around other people they find attractive
  • Taurus: a giant FLIRT. You need to keep them grounded smh most of the flirting is accidental tho; they don't even notice that they're flirting.
  • Gemini: loyal as heck but may be very cuddly or emotionally close with their friends and other people they love.
  • Cancer: loyal but they always moody about how they feel about you. They always check out other people too.
  • Leo: doesn't really think too fondly of cheaters. Will do their best to avoid cheating. Doesn't want people to think they're a cheater. (Basically not cheating bc of their own self morals and not bc of you.)
  • Virgo: is loyal until you fuck something up and they just don't give a fuck anymore because they probably no longer love u. They are more likely to cheat on you than actually break up with you.
  • Libra: anyways.......Jk lol they're really faithful actually. The only thing is that they're very empathetic and so they might form a lot of bonds with people (some of which may be romantic) but will never actually act on anything because they'll feel hella guilty
  • Scorpio: incredibly faithful, BUT miss their EXs from time to time. They will randomly start thinking about someone they dated 10 years ago and feel bad it ended even if they're the one who ended it.
  • Sagittarius: never stop talking to people. Hard for them to settle for one person.
  • Capricorn: may seem like they're not, but holy shit they're so faithful. If someone even jokes about them being with someone else they're so protective like "I already have a bf/gf/significant other...(bitch face) I'm not interested."
  • Aquarius: don't know what the heck they want. Will love someone but the next day will be like "I wanna date person b and see how it goes.." Even if they're already happy with person a. They won't cheat, they'll straight up break up with you just so they can try someone else as if they're at an all you can eat buffet.
  • Pisces: faithful and probably already planned ur wedding. Gets mad when they see someone cheating that just puts them in a real shitty mood.

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Prompt: Chloe's been acting really weird around beca lately and beca starts to think they're gonna break up, just before their two year anniversary no less. Cue really paranoid beca angst. Reason behind Chloe's behavior is up to you

Chloe doesn’t listen to music with headphones. Just like her life, she always put her songs on the loudspeakers, because “who doesn’t need a little music in their life, anyway?” 

Except, two weeks ago, she bought a pair of ten dollar earbuds, and when she listened to things, she plugged them in. Instead of dancing, she sat on the edge of the couch, biting her thumbnail and staring at the one place on the carpet where Beca tended to nervously tug at the strings. 

When Beca came home, night after night at exactly the same time as she always did, Chloe was on her way out, bouncing to start her second jog of the day with glances around the corners of their apartment as a way of avoiding the disappointment in Beca’s eyes. 

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Emma and Hook are dealing with an internal problem. It’s not like we’re going to do a love triangle or break them up, we’re actually showing a real relationship. If Hook finds out, it’s going to be dealt with the way that you would if a significant other lied to you. It’s Emma’s need to try and do things on her own which gets her in trouble. Hook is always battling those walls that she puts up.

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October 11th in the Jonas fandom

October 11th, 2011: Joe releases his solo album, Fastlife.

October 11th, 2012: The Jonas Brothers are back. Reunion show at Radio City Music Hall.

October 11th, 2013: PANIC! not at the disco. The Jonas Brothers cancel their upcoming tour two days before it kicks off :) Rumor has it the band decided to break up. ha.

October 11th, 2016: DNCE releases new music video, Body Moves. Also, Joe talks about October 11, 2013 (x)