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This are (re)designs of Sonic and Tails, from my Futuristic Sonic AU; Sonic Deia
;Sonic and Co discovered a new kind of power sourcethat’s called: deia, which lets them open “small portals” and A lot of different kind of stuff…Oh and The “Eggman Kingdom” is a thing in this Au…

whispers… blue arms……

Finally getting those art raffle winner gift things done :O

Small part of my doodle page for @thelittleredheadedmusician hope it’s ok so far.


No one said anything for a moment. We were all too wet, too sore, and we’d come entirely too far to turn back.
Then Macey stared right into Zach’s eyes. “We’re leaving her with you,” she warned.
“I’ll be fine, Macey,” I said, but it was as if she hadn’t heard a word.
“We’re leaving her with you,” she said again. “And if you make us regret that…”
I won’t,” Zach said, and somehow I believed him.

the new casting calls for the titans are intriguing, though i am a bit upset that the character that is obviously dick is only open for caucasian dudes


kayjag appreciation post!

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I KNOW I’ve been thinking about it for the last HOUR, and I’ve concluded that the best possible way it could work out is if he had a nanny or a teacher from the delta when he was really small, and that was his first exposure to English, so he picked up the dialect. I imagine he wouldn’t be able to keep it for long– that would get corrected pretty quickly, I figure, and he would kind of forget about it, but THEN

Maybe someday there’s a lil old lady from south of the M/D line that came up to Gotham to visit her grandkids, and she just happens to be a witness in a very important case okay they all gotta go talk to her, and all of a sudden it’s all comin’ back to him, and he’s droppin’ his G’s, and all his L’s are draggin’ and oh god what is this he can’t stop yes ma’am of course he can walk you home it’s no bother at all

And the entire family is totally blindsided by this, but they love it and oh no, they are NOT letting it go, believe them. Tim had to go lie down for awhile because he laughed until he couldn’t breathe anymore. Jason’s been monologuing about sweat tea for an hour in an imitation accent, and Damian’s just about ready to rebury him. Todd better watch his back. This isn’t funny. Stop laughing. He means it. Fuck y’all.


Books. They are lined up on shelves or stacked on a table. There they are wrapped up in their jackets, lines of neat print on nicely bound pages. They look like such orderly, static things. Then you, the reader come along. You open the book jacket, and it can be like opening the gates to an unknown city, or opening the lid of a treasure chest. You read the first word and you’re off on a journey of exploration and discovery.”
David Almond

↳ Day 12: Two Three princesses you think are best friends

that time I almost hijacked a Blindspot promo without even thinking about it

So, I saw this lovely promo image post and got completely distracted by asundayinaugust‘s tags, one of which was this:


(The following was entirely tacked onto that post as a reblog before I realized how insane that would be for Blindspot fans to come across when they just wanted to see their pretty stars being too cute for life. Happily, I figured that out before actually reblogging it. Sometimes I literally have the intensity of Leslie Knope and the mental vocal tones of Chris Traeger.)

I do wonder sometimes about the way they promote The Blacklist when James and Megan have just as much chemistry in public as they do onscreen. 

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I like to think it has more to do with James’s side of things, because I adore him and if he’s not comfortable doing as much press, I respect that…but after everything behind the scenes this year I worry that it’s the PTBs honestly thinking that it’s enough or even better to pair Megan with Ryan or Diego because look how young and attractive they are!

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I think Megan and Ryan, and Megan and Diego (as well as Amir and Mozhan) are adorable and do have great chemistry for promos and public appearances…

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(look how cute they are! stop it)…but Megan and James’s characters have been at the center of the show from the beginning, and when the only S3 promotional tape I’m seeing so far is her with Ryan it feels to me like they’ve tried to replace James in the picture of what TBL is about.

Again, nothing against Ryan or any of the other cast members. I’d love to see cute, flirty promos with the whole cast, like what I see floating around for Once Upon A Time and Scandal (seriously this stuff is fabulous, do this). Mix it up! Let them play off each other! I would gif and fangirl over that like no one’s business! But could you also show off your leads a bit more? Cuz they’re perfect and the belief that James Spader can’t be used to promote the show he stars in because they need to bring in viewers with the younger actors is so blatantly false and upsetting.

Please take a look at the internet, where many people under 35 find James Spader as/more attractive than other, younger male leads on TV. Please recognize that your show literally began with James Spader and he’s not just some background actor keeping things going when your other storylines take a break!

Sorry for going on like this, but the possibility that anybody in power has deemed James not an asset and instead even a little bit negligible makes me put on my James-Spader-has-been-wronged face. Even when there’s no foronceiwannabethecarcrash​ at home to tell me I’m making it. ;)  

And yes, here I am all upset after saying that I really only care about what happens on the show…when apparently what I meant was: I don’t care about what people are saying behind the scenes as long as I like what I see on the actual show–but for the love of James Spader and all that is holy could we get some promos of the cast where they actually interact and are personable and cute that include James? He’s a beautiful, sassy cinnamon roll and he clearly does his public appearance duty for other projects so it really shouldn’t be that difficult.

Here endeth the rant which is hopefully a moo point because again, I’m really hoping it’s actually James choosing to keep himself out of the fray but with what we’ve seen thus far I worry.

I wanted to include the Megan and James gif of ultimate cuteness here, I’m sure some of you know the one I mean…but the gif search couldn’t find it for me. :(