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The Signs
  • Just some things about the signs that are purely based off the people in my life.
  • Aries: You truly are such a caring person but your inability to think before you act causes people to constantly leave you. And your pride. You want to have a good time and enjoy things with others but your actions constantly get in the way of that. You have a deep loyalty and love for the ones you love.
  • Taurus: I know so many Taurus and all of them are so fucking chill and hilarious. Very talented people that have such a natural beauty to them. They have this ethereal aroma that makes their simplicity so inviting. Most def the animal lovers of the Zodiac. Yes, they're stubborn but their loyalty always assures me that they'll have my back no matter what. Every girl Taurus i know are absolutely gorgeous and extremely adamant about nutrition and fitness. Every male Taurus i know are amazing cooks and have the best sense of humor. I know a lot of Taurus that are stoners tbh.
  • Gemini: Every Gemini i know, i've met through partying. They are a hella good time and always just want to dance. I sometimes have an urge to punch you because of some of the things you say, but you quickly make me forget about it by showing me what good fun you are. You're extremely easy to talk to and never run out of conversation topics. Your also probably some of the best multi-taskers i know.
  • Cancer: You're so loving and compassionate. Every time i come over to your house all you want to do is make me a drink or food and take care of me. You have a nurturers soul which i think is beautiful. Although, one little thing a person does can flip you over and you often become blind to rational thought. You love and care for your family and all you consider your family so deeply. You just want to give unconditional love and be loved unconditionally.
  • Leo: You have a such a creative hand and are multitalented. I love it when you paint because it's one of the few moments where you're completely at peace and have a patience that only comes out through your art brushes. You're such a beautiful person that often lets their pride get in the way of many things. You truly care deeply about all your loved ones, you often get very protective over them. You're often extremely protective over me. You have a very large and dominate personality that i love to be around because you carry this energy that can make anything fun and exciting.
  • Virgo: You never give yourself enough credit for everything you do. You come off as an arrogant asshole to people that don't know you very well or people you don't care to get to know, but you're one of the most caring people i know. You can't help but live in your head, but I know you'd do anything to sooth the wars in mine. You're such a dork and one of the smartest people i know, i fear getting in debates with you because i KNOW you'll out word me. Pretty sure you read the dictionary as a baby. You're an exquisite soul that's fallen on hard times and i still think the world of you.
  • Libra: You're often too passive and that leads you to randomly snap at people and it hurts you. You try to avoid hurting the people you love so the thought of still doing so, breaks you. You have such a black sense of humor that people are often unaware that you're insulting them. You truly are a sweetheart inside and out but also posses a mischievous aggression that slips out here and there. You have such an alluring charm that has the people around you falling in love with you. You're aware of everything you do, but like to play oblivious.
  • Scorpio: The intensity of a Scorpio is like no other. Your one of the sweetest people i know, but if anything goes sour you can turn into the Devil in less than a minute. I've never had a friend care about me as much as you do, at times it's almost suffocating but i wouldn't want you any other way. You have a way of making me feel like an incredibly special person and for some reason your approval means the most to me. By saying or doing one thing you can anyone feel like they're ready to take on the world.
  • Sagittarius: Your honesty is appreciated but not always wanted. You're fucking hilarious and always know how to turn any situation into a party. Our one-on-one conversations are my favorite because you posses such great perspective that i love learning from and although you can't ALWAYS remain optimistic, you try your damn hardest to. I do wish you had more patience with people and could empathize more. But i'll tell you what... our adventures are some of the craziest stories and without you(the Sags in my life), i would't have experienced so many intoxicating walks of life.
  • Capricorn: Your determination is something i've always been envious of. Your will to succeed is something i've only dreamt of. You have such a bright and light personality with a cold sense of humor that i enjoy. There's this familiarity between us that picks up right where we left off every time we hang out and i think thats significant. You're weird af and i love it, i love that we've always been able to be weird and act like little kids around each other. At times, i do wish you could open your mind a more understand where another is coming from.
  • Aquarius: I love talking to you. Our conversations have incredible depth and you always intellectually stimulate me. You're far more sensitive than people think you are. You do so much for everyone all the time, your the one person i always call when i'm in trouble and you ALWAYS come and rescue me. You can't rest for longer than an hour, you have to always have to be doing something. I love it when you start inventing and making gadgets because you get so excited to show everyone your new creation. You're probably the craftiest person i know and you have the best sense of humor. You also have a lot of fucking friends.
  • Pisces: Your emotions are so deep and intense that sometimes it's hard for you to function. You care so much about your loved ones that you often carry their pain onto you. You're the cutest little button bunny and i just want to hug you all the time. You listen to me endlessly, i'll follow you around rambling nonsense and you don't even care. You're so dazed and oblivious, often in your own world coming up with new ideas for your writings or thinking about all the romance novels you read. You'd do absolutely anything to see me smile. I never want you to cry and i swear when i'm graduated from college and become rich and famous, i'm going to buy you a gigantic palace for you and dad to live in.

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is it ok to be fat and not have a big ass????? like. idk i just see all these fat girls and they have nice asses no matter the cellulite and stretch marks, and they're always praised on like, they're big assets like breasts and stuff. but im as flat as a pancake tbh and it makes me feel kinda!!! idk unattractive? i know it's silly, but it's nice to have reassurance, and no one has ever reassured me. i just feel kinda: i already feel bad enough for being fat, but i dont even have anything "nice"

Babe absolutely! It is certainly ok to have a flat butt and be fat, you are still totally cute!!! I’m here to reassure you that you are in fact lovely and attractive. Everything about you is nice. No worries!! You are a treasure. 💛💛💛💛

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New Year's Eve. Nnoitra was standing behind Grimmjow, who he had pulled close so that his boyfriend was resting his back against his chest. Those big windows in their apartment were great for watching the city's fireworks. He had the feeling that this year was going to be a good one. He wanted to make sure to start it out right. "Happy New Year." He hummed, pressing a kiss to Grimmjow's crown. He should tell him that he loved him too, even if Grimmjow already knew that. [MODERN.]

          – Grimmjow honestly couldn’t ask for a better moment than this. Sound pretty lame? Whatever. Here, right now, they both were standing in their apartment, next to the large, open windows ; while the New Year’s celebrations took place in the streets below. Usually, Grimmjow would have been stuck in his bar on New Year’s Eve, staying open until sunrise as he’d shove drunks out into the streets all night. That shit got old quickly after the second year of doing it. But, this year, it was different. EVERYTHING pertaining to his life was so different compared to the previous years. And, surprisingly, it was all for the better.

          Bright eyes fell closed, only briefly, at the kiss pressed to the top of his head. A small, content hum couldn’t be helped in return. Hell, Grimmjow just let his head fall back against his boyfriend, who was directly behind him. Nnoitra was doing a great job with keeping him warm, especially with the embrace he was held in. The smaller’s back was pulled against the taller’s chest with arms secured around his middle. Grimmjow’s own hand was resting nonchalantly on top of the other’s — perhaps with his fingers wedged in there to secure that hold as well. Anything to get closer to his boyfriend, honestly. He ALWAYS wanted to be close to him — not just for the purpose of feeling warm, either. But, because he loved him. As simple as that. He loved Nnoitra so fucking much. And now, here they were, living together and ACTUALLY starting off a new year together? It couldn’t get any better than that.

           Happy New Year, Nnoitra.  It took a small pause, but Grimmjow ended up saying it back. Because, well, he meant it of course. He WANTED Nnoitra to have a good year this year. He wanted them BOTH to have a fucking amazing year together, and surely that went without saying.  I love ya’.  He really did. Said words were becoming a real habit of his when it came to speaking them. It felt natural to tell his boyfriend that he loved him — because he DID. He could tell him a thousand times over that he loved him, and lame enough, the words wouldn’t lose their meaning.

          Sky colored eyes cracked open once again, while a kiss of his own was pressed to the back of Nnoitra’s knuckles. Grimmjow had managed a hold on the other’s hand, even if it was just with his fingers. So, bringing said hand up to his mouth felt… natural. If that made any damn sense, he didn’t know. Regardless, it still felt nice, especially given their position. Just continuing to stand by the windows, and watch while fireworks lit up the sky as Grimmjow pressed a kiss to Nnoitra’s bruised knuckles. What a welcome to the new year — the first time in a long time where he was no longer alone. Grimmjow’d absolutely turn around and lean up on his tip-toes for a REAL kiss, but that could probably wait until the fireworks died down. Yeah? Besides, they had PLENTY of time to spend with each other now. A wider smile graced his features.  I love ya’ so fuckin’ much.  And a mumble against his boyfriend’s hand, once more with closed eyes. There was nothing to worry about anymore. This year was going to be the best he could make it — for the both of them. Because now, he wasn’t alone anymore.

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May I ask why you ship Jonerys? I don't know, I guess I /can/ see the allure, but the fact that they're aunt-nephew as well as how much their personalities clash really kind of turn me off :(

This wasn’t meant to be hate or judgy btw! I’m just genuinely curious as to what you like about Jonerys!! <3

Haha, don’t worry, anon, you can be judgy all you want on this matter tbh. What i don’t like is people coming to other’s inboxes and harassing them tbh. But I don’t expect anyone to think I’m “right” in shipping incest really. Because I know it’s wrong and i said it over and over and i’ll say it again if I have to xD

Wow, why I ship Jonerys… this will actually be a very long answer? I hope you forgive me, it’s just that… it isn’t simple at all. Because the reason I ship jonerys is basically related to the reason i ship anything ever + my “ship sense”.

So let’s go by items, cause I know i’ll talk a lot.

  • Let me start with this: When I first started shipping them (back in 1x01), I didn’t know they could be related.

This is not a “reason” why I ship them, but the reason why I saw this possibility and i just leapt into the ship wagon without any fears (LOL)

And yes I’m aware many people already knew about the R + L = J theory back then (in 2010 if i’m not mistaken) but I was a casual fan, and I didn’t. And, tbh, many many didn’t. So if you go back and watch the show right from the beginning, you’d never suspect those two characters could be related.

I only found out about 3 years ago (I THINK) when i restarted my GOT watch ( i stopped watching GOT i 2010 - i think- i still don’t remember why. Doesn’t mean i stopped watching Jon/Dany, cause I always loved the idea of then - i’ll explain later.

 and I began watching again right after season 5. I don’t remember HOW but I think a friend of mine explained the R + L = J theory to me then)

Now to the reasons: 

  • Their story always had potential

So okay, Game of Thrones is probably one of the only things I watch where THE PLOT is one of the things that drawn me the most. And, in general, i ship a lot of things because i like the potential of the story of said couple happening : 

I have always been drawn to the idea of jon and dany becasue their characters are….so different and so similar at the same freaking time??? 

They were both… orphans, pushed around by the obligations implied in their families- without truly deserving any of the “rewards” their families could offer (jon was a bastard, dany was just being used as a wife for her brother’s plans), both characters started the show being…innocent and gentle? (yeah? noticed that?) and for that… they also suffered, just the fact that everyone expected so little of them, treated them so bad was enough for me to want them to be heroes and rise above everyone and be together and rule the whole thing (season 7 hello, ily)

Also, I LOVED how ever since the beginning, there was this ice versus fire symbology about them. Jon being, Jon Snow, a Stark (winter is coming and all), living on the north, going to the wall etc; Dany being a Targaryen, mother of dragons, from the south, literally surviving fire.

Ice and Fire indeed. (now canon, oh season 7)

Now, even though i knew so little of the books, i DID know that they were called a song of ice and fire. And i caught that idea in my mind right away. When I first started watching the show… i was like, okay he’s ice and she’s fire and there’s gonna be a ginormous journey ahead of them but they’ll meet in the end and they’ll be the key to all of these lands problems (again, season 7, hello and I love you)

I knew (or “felt”) THEY were the key, or one of the keys, again because their characters were the ones who were pushed around, belittled by others, but they still remained being honorable (let’s not enter discussions about whether they TRULY were of the writers just think they were and portrayed them like that but people disagree cause that’s another conversation entirely). So, i just… why wouldn’t i ship them? Let’s get these two opposing but similar forces together, those two characters who suffered so much and were humbled and then rose –and they’ll rule this thing together

And, for real, when you watch the show you can see all of their symbologies in their journeys (i can’t even describe everything but i can try to find a vid to help), even the way they’d cut the scene would somehow show Dane struggling with something, then cut to Jon (or vice versa). The fact is, for me, Jon and Daenerys meeting and ruling is one of the most plot satisfying things that could happen on this show.

Not to mention that : 1- for people familiar with the book, we all know there’s a whole prophecy of Azor Ahai, the prince that was promised and all…. (hey season 7). We also know that Jon and Dany have traits that would make them both  fit description to some extent. Again…. badass.

I’m not even sure if i need them to be involved or if i just want them to rule everyone together or what. I can barely explain it. All i know is that I find their journeys interesting and so intertwined, i love the idea that everyone in westeros was fighting and killing each other while those two big forces were rising and being awesome while everyone was doubting them. And i like the idea of them joining their forces. 

PS; i disagree that their personalities clash that much actually? I think they aren’t that similar and they aren’t that different, if it makes any sense.

In ways, Dany wants to be a queen no matter what and Jon doesn’t care about that, however they BOTH care about the people they are ruling - unless most of the other leaders on the show. THAT and the parallels I explained above… and more

  • And Finally: My Ship Sixth Sense!

Yes. Yes I’m aware this is crazy. But here’s the thing, and I was just talking about it with friends of mine yesterday, I’m an INFP anf there are a lot of shows/books/movies where i’ll just look at a ship one moment and a light bulb will turn on in my heart and i’ll go OKAY IDK HOW BUT THIS WILL HAPPEN

Jon/Dany are …. the best example of this happening to me. Even before i even watched the show I had this feeling, when I saw their respective first scenes, that feeling was SCREAMING at me. I’m not psychic (LOL),  thing is… i kinda tend to pick up cinematography, music, editing hints without realizing it (not just me BTW, infps are wonderful at “”predicting”” ships). So THAT + the things I explained up there probably resulted in this “intuition/feeling” i had about Jon/Daenerys since the beginning.

And that feeling was SO STRONG right from their first scene that…. to be honest… i wanted it to be true? As some sort of pride/fun thing, maybe a bet i made with myself (LOL), i wanted to see myself and my crazy ship sixth sense being right. 

So even after I found out they might be related (cause it was only kinda confirmed last year), the feeling never stopped - all the clues I saw, the story unraveling, nothing changed….and there was a moment i was just,,,, the heck with it, i know it’s wrong but i also know it’s a tv show, not any tv show - game of thrones where the morals are messed up anyway- so i just wanna see this happen cause the story is demanding it and my ship sense is demanding it and it would be interesting as heck to watch.

  • EPILOGUE (LOOOOL) : Now, a few vids, because this show has so much info is hard to list and i DOUBT i made much sense on the story part: (specially towards the end you can see the parallels and contrasts all at the same time)  –: i don’t think the song they picked match the show but this vid shows so so many parallels (the most recent one)

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alright alright alright .. you're bored? we cant have that!! how about we expand on what we talked about a few days ago? magnus taking alec out for a date/dancing at pandemonium? how would the first time they're there go? and all the times after that? what would they wear (it doesn't matter tbh b/c they'd be better looking than anyone else lbr) how would the people react seeing them there together? how would magnus get alec to dance? please just give me all the malec at pandemonium headcanons :D

you will be the death of me I swear to god! ;)

- it’s their 4th date and Magnus has convinced Alec to go to pandemonium with him. “It’ll be fun Alexander, I promise”

- so Alec decides to go to Izzy to get help with what to wear. He ends up in black skin tight jeans, a tight button up shirt rolled up to the elbow and a leather jacket. Izzy even managed to put a bit of eyeliner on Alec before he had the chance to protest.

- Magnus is already at the club, sitting in the vip section when he sees Alec. and let’s just say Magnus could not take his eyes off him and the jealousy rose up in him when he saw all the other downworlders checking his boyfriend out.

- Magnus storms right up to Alec, arms immediately snaking around his waist, and pulls him into a fierce kiss. he can’t have these other club goers thinking they had a chance with his shadowhunter.

- after a few cocktails (let’s be honest, Alec is a lightweight) Alec finally decides to dance with Magnus and it certainly turns a few heads because damn,they’re hot! Magnus with his leather pants and open shirt that shows off his chest every time he moves and Alec with his broad shoulders that his shirt is straining across and messy hair. they’re the hottest people in the club.

- Alec finds that he actually enjoys going to pandemonium with Magnus! It’s different than when he goes with his siblings, he isn’t constantly watching out for them or waiting for one of them to start a fight. With Magnus, he can just have fun there and enjoy himself. None of the other downworlders bother him either because he’s with the high warlock of Brooklyn and none of them are stupid enough to cross Magnus and one of the best shadowhunters of his age.

- they totally tease each other sometimes. They play little games, trying to see who would crack first. Magnus would try to seduce Alec by dancing smirking when Alec gets up to join him, knowing Alec doesn’t like that seelie who’s getting a bit to close to Magnus. Alec tries to get Magnus to crack by peppering hot kisses along his boyfriends neck, wrapping his arms around Magnus from behind, maybe a little grinding.

- it doesn’t take long for either of them to pull the other one into a kiss, not being able to take the teasing any longer, desperately grabbing at each other wherever they can in an attempt to get closer. they don’t even stop when Magnus opens up a portal and pulls them through it, arriving in magnus’ loft where things get a little more heated…

- other nights they simply like to just sit down next to each other, watching other people. they’d be in the vip section, Magnus has a leg thrown across Alec’s, Alec has his arm thrown casually along the back of Magnus’ chair. Just enjoying each other’s company.

- there’s been a few times where both of them have got so drunk that they can’t even get themselves home. they’re the worst drunk-texters. Clary receives a bunch of texts from Alec “y r u so short?” “i wud sell u for 1 corn chip” “I wudnt really sell u clairy”. Magnus would send Jace a photo of him sucking on Alec’s neck which gets a reply “please don’t send me pictures of what you and Alec get up to in the bedroom”.

- izzy receives a video of them walking home “I really love you Izzy, you’re the best sister in the universe! Isn’t she the best universe..wait no I mean isn’t she the best sister, Magnus?” “She’s the BEST, and I’ve met a lot of sisters…wait Alec where are you going?” “look at the puppy magnus! look at it. Magnus why are you crying? omg what did I do, Izzy what did I do” “it’s just *sniffles* so cute, look at its fluffyness. i can’t *starts crying again*”.

- Magnus and Alec do not find the video as funny in the morning when Izzy comes over at 6am, shouting at them to wake up so she can show them the video which she finds hilarious until she finally takes pity on them and just gives them both a hug and whispers “I love you both too”

- they both swear they are not going back to pandemonium anytime soon. that lasts about a week seeing as the following Friday they’re both grinding on the dance floor as everyone watches in awe but they’re too lost in each other to notice

Written for @jokerxharleyweek.

January 9th, Day 1: Pride.


It happened like this:

Doctor Harleen Quinzel was young, successful and beautiful. But the Joker had abandoned her on the side of the road.

Harley Quinn was feral, fearless and just a touch suicidal. She had gotten what she wanted in the end.

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At this point in time isn't it sad that literally nothing they say (even if they apologize) can fix the damage thats been done -_- sometimes when shows do shitty things there's always that chance that maybe it can be fixed (it happened with POI and it may happen with O.B too) but with the 100 its literally the end (i mean even if they bring Alycia back it wont matter, because we'd know they're doing it out of obligation not because its how they actually wanted the story to go :/ )

it’s honestly really upsetting tbh, but less because of them not necessarily being able to fix it, and more because of just what a fucking waste it all was. the 100 was shaping up to be one of the most iconic shows on television, if you ask me, and clexa was the main reason behind that. all the critics praised it. an actual queer, main ship that was praised by the tv critic community. consistently. this isn’t even just about what clexa could have done for the lgbt community either. i mean, yes, if clexa had been endgame it would have, if you ask me, changed the landscape of television in a huge way. it was being accepted and loved in a way i never thought possible and it was getting so much attention and just… ugh. it would have been fucking legendary. 

but more than that, they wasted SUCH A GOOD FUCKING STORY. like, clexa was shaping up to be one of the most beautiful, heartwrenching, organic love stories i’ve ever seen on television–and that’s including straight couples. i’ve never seen a love story play out that tenderly and beautifully before. ever. and of course eliza and alycia are a huge part to thank for that but also, the way the story builds–these two unbelievably powerful women with huge burdens on their shoulders that learn from each other, and they work together, and they bounce off of each other and compromise and they have such respect for each other and just… ugh. clexa had such a fucking dynamic. and they were soulmates. earth and sky. they were fucking meant to be together. 

and jason threw all that away in 2 minutes of the worst written episode on television. just… fuck. what a waste

  • me prior to ova leaks: i dont have high hopes for this ova tbh. no on screen interaction? so what. i've gone this long without it, what do i even need it for. soumako is the winner in my heart, that's all that matters. nothing will change after this ova. everyone should chill
  • me right now: HO L Y SHIT .. . did u . ddid u fukcing see. they 're . not just in the same frame HTEHYRE LOOKING RIHT ATTT each otheER and makot o is smling at him. EYE contact. they're proabably exchanging real WORDS with each oher. all this time i been so thirsty. have u ever seen a pairing SO CANON I N yoUR LIFE? ?? ? im goignt o tattoo these screen shots onto m y ass to sshow all the haters. I AHVE LITEALLY NO CHILL I WILL NEVER CHILLL I DONT GIVE AFUKC

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the reason the kpop band is winning is bc 5sos fans are determined to not compete w/ 1D so they're making sure 1D doesn't make to the final no matter what happens

wtf that’s such a dick move.
but it’s kind of funny that they’re that intimidated by 1d lmao

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Tbh it doesn't really even bother me that much that Dan and Phil do these things to get money, I still genuinely enjoy watching their videos and they make me happy and to me it seems like they're also happy doing what they're doing and that's all that matters to me. It's not like they're forcing anyone to give them money. As long as I don't have to pay to watch their videos (=join vessel which they have said they don't want to do) I really don't mind.

exactly my opinion on the matter