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So on your tumblr, theres a protective license against plagiarism. I'm just wondering, does this protect you in a legal way in that you can legally claim or sue anyone who plagiarizes your work? In lieu of all the plagiarism thats been coming up, can't you file a claim against those people? Because obviously, they're not stopping nor coming out with the truth. And if you can, maybe more tumblr authors can start protecting their works with a similar license!

I believe so. And technically, anything that you post on the internet, as long as it is your own original content that you created, is copyrighted. There was a huge post floating around Tumblr this time last year in regards to it, where essentially whatever you post online is immediately copyrighted to you if it is something that you originally created. For example, fan fiction.

The license that I have on my blog is a Creative Commons Attribution / NonCommercial / NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. It basically states that another user is allowed to share my work, as long as they follow the license terms, which balls down to the point that they can only share via reblogging. Here are the details of the license: 

Attribution | You must give appropriate credit (the name of the creator and attribution parties, a copyright notice, a license notice, a disclaimer notice, and a link to the material) provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made (indicate if you modified the material and retain an indication of previous modifications). You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use (if you are planning to do it, you must ask the original creator for permission first).

NonCommercial | You may not use the material for commercial purposes (A commercial use is one primarily intended for commercial advantage or monetary compensation).

NoDerivatives | If you remix, transform, or build upon the material (alternating the plot, adapting names in the story, creating your own version of the same story, continuing the story e.g. somebody going forth and writing the final parts to Sillage) you may not distribute the modified material (you cannot post it anywhere at all). It does not support remix culture.

So pretty much, it covers everything. It is a handy license to have on your blog to allow people to know what you allow with your content, and to be frank, I am not afraid to take legal action against anyone that plagiarises my work, which I can do without the license as it is, due to the fact that any of the original content I post online is immediately copyrighted at the moment of posting.

Here is where you can get the license.

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Hey. First, I love your writings. They're amazing. Second, I wanna ask what's your thoughts on fanfictions?

I have MANY thoughts on fanfiction! They all go something like this:

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I love them! I think fanfiction on its own is wonderful! I love when people have so much enthusiasm for something and I especially love any show/book/movie/etc that inspires people to write! I love fandom and I love love, my dude. And fanfiction is love 100 percent!

From a writing angle, fanfiction is great! Authors learn how to write a hundred different characters  in depth! They write and rewrite their favorite characters until they sound just the way they wanted to, they explore tone and pacing to mimic the shows! Or to make them better!

And nothing, nothing beats a fanfiction reader when it comes to compliments! For the most part, everyone is so joyful and happy and it’s really such a nurturing environment. People want to like what you spent hours on, people want to let you know (again, for the most part lol).

So I love fanfiction! I read a lot of it, and I’ve commented on a lot of it, and I’ve written A LOT of it! 

  • Do you ever just think about how lucky you are to be in love with a band that's not like any other? I mean, they haven't done anything wrong in the media, they're humble and down to earth, they care about their fans so much. Not to mention, they're all so different and unique in their own ways and they all manage to help us one way or another. Our fandom is as lucky as it gets being able to have five wonderful people as our idols. I've never felt so lucky.

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All this stuff about Bi is somewhat confusing me since Bi seems to be becoming what Pan already is [aka the "open to all genders" sort of thing] So that leaves me wondering if Bi is a more.. stronger preference version of pan, like someone Bi might be more attracted to so and so genders compared to the others. But if it's basically the same as Pan where they're attracted/open towards all genders evenly.. then why change Bi to be that way when Pan already is that in the first place?

you basically just answered your own question

bisexuality is a preference for two genders, typically that of the same gender + one of a differing gender. bisexuals can feel attraction towards other genders but their attractions are stronger to two specific ones, rather than just all genders. pansexuals develop strong attraction that’s equally strong to any gender and have no particular preference of one (or two) gender(s) over another.

there’s nothing wrong with identifying as bi, and there’s nothing wrong with identifying as pan.

limiting bisexuality to strictly (cis) men and (cis) women, and then turning around and using that to shame bisexuals for “not being inclusive” is straight up horseshit and needs to stop