they're all so proud of him


I wouldn’t have it any other way


Episode 69 || Reactions to Vex’s Confession

“Percy, I don’t know if you can hear me… but… that day in Syngorn was one of the best moments of my life. And not because of what you think. It wasn’t because of my father, or the title. It was because of Whitestone. It was because of you. You allowed me to be a part of the thing that you hold dearest, and I’m so proud… but I don’t want to be here if you’re not. Whitestone still needs you, darling. I still need you here.” And I lean down, and I kiss him. And I say: “I should’ve told you: it’s yours.

Grandpa Willard wanted to spend some time with his grandkids today but they’re all busy with school and friends and jobs and social lives and now he’s thinking about how they’re all growing up and getting so big…when did that happen?

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How about Stan and Kyle dressed like a sherif and a detective? I love those two!! And your style~

i swear i read a fanfiction that was like that

my favorite south park guys!! yes my style is good ;3

also it’s been so long since i’ve drawn them, should i draw them more? cause i love them

an everyone lives au where chirrut and baze really Are the team dads. chirrut gives jyn tips on hand-to-hand combat and insists she give him pointers on firing a blaster even though he’s never touched one and probably never will (blasters are baze’s thing). baze complains about it but he mends cassian’s jackets because he’s used to chirrut doing something reckless and tearing one of his capes like every three days. bodhi comes to their room when he misses home especially much and chirrut makes tea for the three of them. k2 teaches baze binary and is very proud of it because all the droids on base start liking baze the most so they don’t bother him and r2 anymore. It’s nice, as far as war can be anyway

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Can you do a cute Bughead fluff where they're married and have a toddler and have a cute family day and the toddler says "Mommy" and "Daddy" a lot! Sorry this prompt is so confusing😂

“Cody! That’s such a good boy! Momma is so proud of you!” Betty bounced her one year old son on her knees, kissing his cheeks and smearing the banana all over her own face.

Jughead walked downstairs, leaning against the doorframe and smiling at his little family.

“What are we proud of today?” He asked, surprising Betty and causing her to whip towards him, lifting up Cody and holding him out to Jughead

“He ate a whole banana! The whole thing! He was a hungry little bug today!” She looked down lovingly at the baby in her arms. He pressed a pudgy hand to her cheek and beamed

“Momma” he giggled. Betty nuzzled his hand and nipped at it, causing him to break into laughter.

Sometimes Jughead thought his life was too good to be true, he had the most patient, kind, beautiful wife in the world and his son was his pride and joy. He was such a good boy, he hardly ever cried and Cody loved his family, his mother was the light of his life and he looked at his father like he hung the moon, no one except Betty had ever looked at him like that and It was one of his proudest accomplishments. The dark haired, twenty five year old had published three New York Times best sellers and was on Peoples “top 20 men to look out for” list, Betty owned her very own Veterinary clinic in Riverdale and was one of the most prominent features in the tiny town, she put together bake sales for the elementary school, was head of the Riverdale Big Brother Association, and she was the co-chaperone of The Blue and Gold, next to Jughead of course.

“Momma! momma!” He looked over to see Cody sitting on the floor clapping his hands in his play pen while Betty arranged his toys and ruffled his mop of dark hair.

“Momma has to wash off all this banana, as yummy as it is, I’ve got a hot date with a golden retriever this afternoon and the only messy kisses I want today are from my two favorite guys.” She winked at her husband as she headed for the kitchen.

At the mention of Golden Retriever, a mess of white fur flew past Jughead and nudged at Betty’s legs

“Hi hotdog, good morning. Now you wanna be friends? Last night you only wanted to cuddle with daddy, I see how it is! You only want me for my banana!” She scratched behind his ears.

“Daddy!” Jughead tore his eyes away from his perfect wife and looked to his son

“Hi bubba.” He picked up Cody and smiled as his son dropped his head to his neck, “tired?” He asked as Cody nodded , before pulling his head away “daddy.” He said seriously. Jughead had to bite his lip to keep from cracking up. Cody only knew the words “yes, momma, daddy and Hadag(hotdog)” but that didn’t stop the one year old from having some pretty serious conversations with his parents.

“Yes of course, that makes perfect sense.” He nodded. satisfied, Cody nudged gently as Jughead placed him back in his pen, turning to walk away he heard the tiny little voice, exasperated, “daddy!”

Jughead turned around and smiled adoringly
“Of course how could I forget.” He bent down and placed a kiss to Codys forehead. The little boy grinned up at him before hollering

The big pile of fluff came forward and licked the babies face causing him to squeal in excitement. Jughead smiled and rubbed the dogs nose “good boy.” He whispered before heading into the kitchen, walking Over to Betty and wrapping his arms around her waist
“Good morning Juliet.”

She turned slightly in his arms and smiled up at him
“Good morning handsome.”

He placed a kiss to her neck and smiled when he felt her visibly shiver, even after four years of marriage they were still as in love as they were when they were sixteen.
“I thought you had today off?” He whispered as she turned in his arms, wrapping her hands around his neck “I did, but Moose And Diltons golden Retriever apparently has a cold and they called the clinic last night, I swear Juggie, it was like the stress of this dogs cold was enough to drive them to divorce, I’d like to prevent that.” She cringed at the memory of Dilton screaming and Moose practically in tears.

“Thank goodness they don’t have a baby.” He snorted, pushing a strand of blonde hair from her eyes.

“Hey, I wouldn’t say anything mister, remember when Cody got his first bloody nose? You made your dad spend the night because you were afraid neither of us would be able to drive Cody to the hospital.” She raised a brow as he blushed.

“It was horrifying and we were both in hysterics.” He shrugged.

“And I love you for it.” She pressed a kiss to her husbands lips and his hands tightened around her waist. “What do you say we drop Cody off at my mothers tonight? Polly said jay jay has been dying to see his little cousin again and I’ve been dying to try a new recipe, what do you think?” She dropped her lips below his ear and he groaned audibly
“Sounds like a very very good plan.“he whispered, picking her up and dropping her on top of the counter, his lips attacking hers as her hands tugged at his hair.

"Momma, Daddy!” The tiny voice broke them out of their bubble and Betty hopped down.

“To be continued” she giggled, winking as Jughead smiled dopily, leaning against the counter and sending a quick Thankyou to whatever being up above had let him have this life.

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Wow another ask! Anyway, how would UF main 4 react to human child falling underground and they're blind? But their sniffing and hearing is TOPNOTCH.

i made the mistake of watching a playthrough of “little nightmares” so now all i’m imagining is a baby version of The Janitor - M.M.


The fact that you always seem to know where he is kind of freaks him out, but he doesn’t point it out. You’re a sneaky little thing, aren’t you? The fact that you can’t see just makes him all the more protective, but seeing you make it through on your own makes him…proud at the same time. You’re a real gem, aren’t you, kid? Well, he’s supporting you from the shadows, pal. & given the Underground’s current state, you’re gonna need it.


The fact that you’ve made it through all his puzzles both confounds & irritates him. You’re blind, he should have captured you by now!! How are you so good at this?! He’s impressed by you, he bitterly admits, & considers you a worthy adversary for him to face-off against. So prepare yourself human, because despite your handicap, the Terrible Papyrus will not show you Mercy!!


She’s torn on her objective. You’re blind, but you’ve made it this far, & she still has a duty to take your SOUL. You’ve got a disadvantage, & that just makes you an easier target. But you’re a child. A blind child. The moment you start avoiding her attacks, though, she pulls off the Gloves. You’ve got a SOUL, & she’s got a mission dammit, as bad as it feels–you’re coming with her!!


She considers you to be extremely interesting. She’s been watching you this whole time, from her hidden cameras. You’ve made it all the way to Hotland, despite it all. You’re one of the most interesting humans she’s ever met, not that she’s met any. She’s secretly a bit of a fan. You’re strong, you’re smart, & you’re obviously brave, having gotten where you are with such a huge disadvantage. So, cautiously, she agrees to help you through to see the King. She’ll keep her distance, but finally getting to be on your side is…actually kind of exciting.

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We are all so proud of Harry and seeing how far he's come. Can you imagine though what Louis must be feeling? When Harry cried during that interview saying he wants people to like him, and it cut to Louis saying he felt useless cause he couldn't help him... look at his boy now. Having your best friend and your partner stand by your side, lift you up and encourage you, and love you gives so much confidence and growth. I hope they're so proud of each other. Always.

god, they must be. they’ve both got so much to be proud of! your message honestly made me tear up a bit

Honestly though, tsukki rarely smiles genuinely, he’s usually mocking someone or thanking them for calling him annoying (what a brat lol) but other than like one(?) time that he’s smiled at something his brother said, he also only smiles at yamaguchi, usually when he’s just yelled at him but also when he’s in his serve streak against seijoh. Anyway tsukki is super proud of him and cares about him a lot okay

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Kageyama's parents don't accept his relationship with Hinata and when Hinata's Mother found out, she practically adopted him as her own, and makes sure he gets all the love his parents deprive him from. When they're older, even though they can't legally get married in Japan, they still have a ceremony. They're on the national team. They keep their relationship on the dl but their fans suspect their relationship. Their team knows... THEY'RE JUST SO IN LOVE, OKAY!


she was always so proud of the both of them and loved having him over. sometimes when she made a dish she knew kageyama loved, she would invite him over herself to come eat with them. she loved him and treated him like her own son

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I agree, this is a smart and savvy plan all around. This initial tour gives harry a chance to develop his stage craft on his own on a reasonable scale. People keep talking about how this isnt going to make a ton of money, but that's not even the point right now. Columbia invested a lot in him and their promotion in him reflects that. the primary focus right now is expanding his fanbase and establishing himself as a major star because they're planning for long term success. I'm so proud of him 🤗

Harry, a man who is worth £50 million+ and has signed with a company that is willing to throw $80 million towards his solo career, is not worried about making bank on his first tour.

The way I look at it is a test-run. How will things go? How quickly will tickets sell out? Is what they’re doing with Ticketmaster and the verified codes actually worth it? Is the preorder system through the UK beneficial to the fans? Who is Harry Styles on tour? What’s the best-selling merch? Is having a lot of the venues be 18+ a good idea? Is there a proper amount of personal security for Harry and the band?

There are things that his team need to consider when booking his first tour. And like you said, I’m proud of him for doing it this way. It shows he cares about his career and is willing to take the time to do it right.

He’s got one chance to introduce the world to Harry Styles, solo artist, and he’s taking that quite seriously. It’s a good thing.

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Hey! I just recently found ur blog and I absolutely love your work! Do you think you could do an imagine ((with extra fluff;) ) where the reader is a drummer and singer in a band and they're dating Ethan and him and teamiplier goes to one of the reader's concerts and they're all awed,shocked and amazed and Ethan is just so proud of his little drummer girl

o K this is so cute and i can’t and it’s nearly midnight when i’m starting this and i have classes tomorrow but this is really really really cute and i can’t

I Favor The Drummer

When you were eight years old, you got your first drum set and immediately fell head over heels for the idea of creating unique beats. It turned into your favorite thing to do, and you drove your parents absolutely insane. It was sort of hilarious; especially because you were never bad at it, you just were really loud. You were told by a teacher that you have the habit of hitting drums pretty hard, but the drumsticks you have are super durable. You’ve broken pairs before, but the practically endless supply has been replenished time and time again by your ridiculously supportive parents.

Honestly, you just loved the damn instrument. You loved music, playing it in front of crowds with your hair down and your makeup done, looking absolutely badass while people are cheering. It’s been your dream for the longest of times. But you’re beginning to live it, one show at a time.

At the beginning of a west-coast tour in your hometown of Los Angeles, you were out shopping for some thrift store tanktops to rip up and cut up. It wasn’t until you were out of the store that you met Ethan.

He was ridiculously sweet to you, because you forgot your bus card, he let you use his. On the way back to your stop, he talked with you, and you asked him if he liked music.

“I mean, who doesn’t? I’m not sure if I have anything specific I like, but music is still the shit.”

“I’m a drummer,” you smile, “that’s why I asked, is all.”

Your meetings at the bus stop turned a lot more natural, because you’d walk there to go to band practice and he’d walk there to go to his office.

“I actually do YouTube,” he sounds prideful, “my viewers are the best people I’ve ever met. They’re fantastic and I can’t believe how much support I get from them. Especially now, when I’m working as an editor and also a content creator.”

“That’s so admirable. It’s kinda like how I feel with my band, y'know, like anybody who’s ever listened to us are just the best people, no matter what they have on their minds. They’re there then, and now.”

“I’d love to see your band sometime,” he smiles to you. You laugh a little, brushing your hair behind your ear.

“That’d be awesome, thanks. I’ll subscribe, and find some time to watch you.”

As you and Ethan talked more and more, you understood each other more. Your professions actually weren’t too far off from being the same. It’s hard to make it both ways, and it’s really fun both ways. He always talks about the people who watch him in the best possible light, and you talk about the people who listen to you in the best possible light.

You’re still surprised when he asks you to coffee one morning.

“Like… now?” You ask, worried that you’ll be blowing off the girls. It’s always been a habit of yours to come to practice, rain or shine, sick or healthy.

“If it’s fine by you,” he smiles. “I don’t have much work today, I did a lot of it in advance so we could have the morning.”

“I guess I do need some coffee,” you grin, and walk with him to the little shop down the street.

He buys you your drink and you sit and talk for a little over an hour. You don’t even feel the time passing, because his stories and his voice is timeless. You’re so amazed that he’s so persistent and constant in his job, and you think that he thinks the same of you. It’s really the greatest.

For a while, you sit and talk with empty cups about everything and nothing. Favorite things, horrible first dates, high school. It’s casual and you switch topics so smoothly. It makes you happy to see him smiling at you across the table. Especially because of how he looks at you, with the same pride that one would with a fond friend.

It only takes you another couple months of small coffee rendezvous for him to ask you on a proper date. You end up spending a day together at the coast, chilling and building sand castles. He makes you laugh and you tell him that you want to go out with him again, and he beams with happiness when you guys step your feet into the water. It’s really, really cold.

One day, at the coffee shop (you managed to reschedule practice to a couple hours later than it used to be), you’re both sitting together hand-in-hand.

“I have a show this weekend,” you sort of mumble. “I was wondering if you wanted to go, ‘cause you still haven’t seen me play.”

“I’m totally going,” he announces. “And I’ll even bring my friends. I’m sure you’re going to be amazing, okay?”

You hide a shy smile, because he’s the one person you don’t want to mess up for.

The weekend rolls around faster than you thought it would. You’re waiting backstage at a small venue, knowing that Ethan’s in the audience for you. You keep twirling your drumsticks between your fingers, doing some light vocal warm-ups because you always sing the stripped-down songs. Your T-shirt is one he bought you; “I Favor The Drummer”, only you cut off the sleeves and added some other little holes because drumming gets really warm really fast.

The moment you get out on stage, you can hear people yelling for you. You turn your head to see Ethan and a group of people, all in the shirts, smiling with such pride. And Ethan’s is the biggest.

Your set is probably the best you’ve ever played. You throw in some cool drumstick tricks, and as always, end up getting up to the microphone once to sing. There’s something sweet about feeling like you’re singing to someone. You can’t mask it in your smile, in your stare to Ethan, in the way he nearly makes you giggle on stage by smiling right back.

In fact, the minute you’re off stage, Ethan comes over and gives you the biggest hug. And for a second, you wonder if it’s the right time to kiss him, because you could. You’d love to, in fact.

So you do, in a crowd of people who just listened to you play the most amazing show you ever had. And Ethan, of course, caused all of it.

Even though you’re sweaty and tired and you’re pretty sure you’re gross, he picks you up and spins you around and smiles like you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him.

And you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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The biggest downfall for any of Batman's foes fighting against any of Batman's protégés is that they automatically think they're fighting against a inferior version of Batman. Reality strikes when they realize each one plays by their own rules and aren't so predictable (or alone). Batman did take them all in so they wouldn't end up just like him. When are people going to get the memo?

Bruce is such a blessed contradiction, like any parent, he proud when his children grow and develop into their own person but at the same time deeply annoyed that they don’t follow things exactly his way.

Bruce himself sometimes underestimates his partners’ skills just because they’re different from his way of thinking (a touch of arrogance in that ‘if I didn’t think of it, it’s not the proper way’). I think the fact that Batman is occasionally dismissive of his partners and the fact that despite being labeled ‘partners’ he is clearly the dominating force in the relationship (like 80% to 20% input) makes it easy for villains to sort of write off the sidekick. It’s only when they see them alone do they realize that they’ve not only learned extensively from Batman but grew beyond him as well. Bruce does understand this but you know how white middle aged men dads can be sometimes. Over and underestimating you in a single breath which in turn affects how others view you. It’s an advantage in a lot of ways, insulting even more until at the kid is able to build their own rep


These two are my favourite screenshots of bts at the bbmas, they’re so excited and happy and I am just so proud of them TwT

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kenma is trans but his parents aren't very supportive so he spends a lot of time at kuroo's where kuroo's parents literally adore him and use correct names/pronouns and basically kenma starts showing up in their holiday pictures and photo albums and they're like a second set of v proud parents they come to all the nekoma games they can and have little homemade tshirts that say things like "go kenma! go kuroo!" on them and it makes kenma so fuckign happy

aaa!!! this is a pretty sad scenario if i think about it, but the idea of kuroo being supportive of kenma is just so like him… kenma joining in the kuroo family pictures is so endearing too omg

i feel like kenma would probably be too embarrassed to pose with the rest of the family tho!

Thank you for putting so much of yourself into the group and the four other boys. I Know all of them give so much to the group, but G-Dragon being the leader means he is the one who gets all the stress on him. And to have seen him carry all that on his back makes me proud. Thank you to our best leader, Thank you for treating them like your brothers and not like “members”.