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clique six dynamics (as ranked by my followers): #12 - farkle minkus & maya hart 

it’s farkle who’s always loved us and tried to protect us. // maya hart, she’s a person i believe in. 


1940s beach babes

Working With Soldier Spirits


  • Best stories. 10/10
  • the arrogant ones who think they’re All That are just gold
  • when they show up in dress uniform just to look sharp
  • one showing up when u work out to yell at you that ur not running fast enough and is that the best you can do, soldier????
  • “get off your phone for once, g o d, back in my day–”
  • listening to old music w them
  • u feel very safe 24/7 if they hang around
  • they just want someone to talk to and hang around with.  9/10 soldiers that come around are good ppl.


  • Nazis.  Bluntly, if you’re working w soldiers, there’s a good chance one will show up to mess with you.  They are not nice.  they are MEAN.  Don’t bother talking to them, BANISH THE HECK OUT OF THEM.  you’re stronger than they are, let them know it.  this goes for any nasty spirit that shows up against your will.  protect yourself!!
  • it’s sad when a really young soldier shows up.  it’s just sad.
  •  im so much cleaner when soldiers come around tbh that’s not a con.

But listen, these episodes of the Flash with anything Westallen was legit.

First we had Barry with these wedding vows “There’s no Flash without Iris West” “I just wanna give you the home that you deserve” “I have everything I wanted right now”

and then Iris coming through as well “I love and trust you, Barry Allen, The Flash. I love all of you, and I always will.”

Give me Marichat where they’re thick as thieves, best friends, where they let their confidence run wild with no hindrance. The wildest parts of themselves. The unerring and easy friendship that most people never achieve. A friendship that’s so strong and all consuming, what else would they need?

Give me Ladrien with the most broken parts of themselves, the parts muttered at midnight to a pair of listening ears. Where they’re both so shattered, they cling to each other to bear through the storm. Pedestals are broken as they realize that they’re just a person. Just another person. And in the fires, friendship is forged.

Give me Adrienette with the blush of first love fading. Two people sure and steady with teenage friendship, knowing that they can depend on the other. A structure like Lego, bricks being added one by one, with the knowledge that we did this together. Easy come, easy go, easy to, easy fro.

Give me Ladynoir with a shared challenge and a sibling bond. Teasing, fighting, adoring, irritating. The vibe that this is what we do, this is how we do us. An arm around a shoulder one moment, shoved away the next, with no hurt feelings in the mix. With mischievous grins and knowing exactly what the other is thinking. Two only children, suddenly having a sibling.

Give me the love square with platonic feelings. Because there is so much more they could be than ‘in love.’

Long distance is no thing for Stydia

LISTEN, Stiles and Lydia’s love can literally bridge a gap between two separate worlds, so what’s a few hundred miles when your love is powerful enough to pull someone from another dimension back into yours and back into existence? Have you seen how pure and strong their love is? Nothing will ever tear them apart.

yo real talk for a damn moment, bon jovi are straight up one of the best bands of all time and i am tired of us as a species pretending like they’re only good for karaoke classics like love urself and blast the new jersey album next time ur driving and then get back to me

anywhom i do not care about the quality of the thoughts i share at all anymore have some Garbage:

  • so izzy and clary are the grossest sappiest couple u have ever met in ur whole life. if simon and izzy’s brothers didnt love them so much they would be straight up murdered they’re 2 cute
    • also luke is like clary as ur dad i approve of ur gf she’s great but as a person with two ears being forced to listen to this flirting get out of here ur disgusting
  • they flirt Constantly like they’re not dating yet 
  • izzy’s favorite thing to do is ask clary for kisses and clary likes to ask “why should i?”
    • one time izzy answers by flexing her arms and being like “here’s reason one and reason two”
    • clary’s gf is so buff she’s too lesbian for this shit,, ofc her arms are enough of a reason for them to make out for half an hour
    • jace and simon are gagging in the background
  • simon jokingly asking clary if she’s trying a new way of applying lipstick bc kissing izzy leaves red lipstick smudges Everywhere
  • esp on her neck B Y E

Listen I LOVE fantasy novels about badass women overcoming patriarchal societies, but like… I’m also really really tired of fantasy novels about patriarchal societies? 

There’s something very demeaning about the way so many fantasy authors can create fascinating, in-depth worlds and characters and magic systems, but a society in which men and women are simply treated equally is considered “unrealistic.” You cannot tell me that there’s simply no potential world where gender roles/bias aren’t an issue! I don’t believe you! I reject your every-fantasy-society-ever-has-to-resemble-Medieval-times arguments! 

Give me my fantasy novels where kings and queens are equally respected and princes AND princesses get to choose whether they want to become a knight or get married for political reasons and even the villains aren’t sexually aggressive towards female characters because that’s just not a thing you do. I hate this “if you’re a woman you’re never going to be fully safe no matter what world you live in!!” outlook. Bring on my escapist fantasy novels about elves riding into the battle on the backs of dragons sans the misogyny, please and thank you.

It’s Easy Allies first birthday! Go subscribe to them on YouTube so we can get them over 100k to celebrate their anniversary! They make really great content and are all very sweet! Plus the community is wonderful! These are all good things friends! Okay that’s all, thanks, love you.