they're all so fit

Y’all need to support this movie so this cast can hang out more for a sequel [Part 2]

(These are just highlights. There’s so much more adorableness from their snapchats on this youtube account)   


❝ making people happy, grabbing hearts and affecting their very core
                  … isn’t that sort of thing called a ‘masterpiece’? ❞

bey pairs ☆ tatara & shizuku

Am I studyblr enough yet


Graham Coxon - Song for the sick

My Season 13 Wish List
  • <p> <b>The Winchesters take a vacation:</b> A whole episode where nothing is trying to kill them, toes in the sand, beers in hand. Relaxing and talking about hunts and events we dont get to see.<p/><b>Montage of Sam's morning routine:</b> The run, the work out, shower, shaving, hair grooming (sweet Jesus pls) and picking his clothes out for the day.<p/><b>Dean gets a game console:</b> Help him work out his aggressions in a safer manner.<p/><b>Winchesters vs The Flu:</b> One brother down, whiney and sick, while the other takes care of him. When he's better, the other is sick... rinse, repeat.<p/><b>Winchester Christmas:</b> A good legit one with Mary. Sam has never had a Christmas with his mom. Tree in the bunker, decorations, gifts, and if Cas is still around, have him tell the story of Jesus' birth, because he was there!<p/><b>Winchester Birthdays:</b> Mom is here now, lets have some birthday cake!<p/><b>Sam in the shower:</b> If we can't have the morning montage, let's at least have a shower scene, that's not water boarding!<p/><b>Brothers working out together:</b> We know they don't get those bods just by tossing monsters around!<p/><b>Winchester snow day:</b> 2 feet of snow and the brothers have to stay in, watching TV and playing board games!<p/><b>The Bunker gets a family room:</b> complete with TV, couch, recliners etc<p/><b>Evil Sam with FANGS!:</b> Sam turns into a Vamp, or Warewolf, or some other scary monster that has fangs! Of course Dean fixes him, but not before he becomes scary! (and perhaps bites Dean?)<p/><b>One or both Winchesters need reading glasses:</b> It just tickles me that they're growing old together.<p/><b></b> So maybe this is all too much to fit into just 1 season, so Im good with saving these for the next 5 seasons!!<p/></p>
“There’s a force that attempts to overthrow the World Government”

Did I ever say I absolutely love the Revolutionaries designs? well now you know~ 

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All I know is that I’m really really excited for dream daddy bc as a black person it’s nice to see a black gay man character that isn’t a gross stereotype of what a gay man is supposed to be and also u can be a trans mlm of color and it’s 2017 and that’s wild to me

I want…to make a Mood Board



My friends are good as fuck boiiiiiiiiiii


FFXV Pokemon Teams [pt.2]


they’re wearing cheap fake wrong english made in china night market tshirts

Sherlock, let me in
I want to give you myself
It’s…all I have left
—  John’s haiku to Sherlock