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I lowkey miss BTS before the "I need u" era but at the same time I love all the attention they're getting nowadays bc they've worked their asses off to get to where they are now.

I totally understand where you’re coming from but i gotta preface this answer by saying that I lowkey hate when people say this but!

I get where you’re coming from, honestly, it’s that feeling of nostalgia, right? like even I will say i miss it when i didn’t start stanning BTS until october of 2015, but I Need U was their turning point it was the moment the world looked at them and said, yeah, we want to give you everything you deserve. and before then, they enjoyed their mild popularity and were having lots of fun and it was easier to get into fansigns / attend concerts / music shows (rip my ass) and maybe they were a little more extra on some of their bangtan bombs, but at the same time they’re growing up.

maybe they are a little more subdued, but they’re all adults. they can’t keep running around screaming all the time (but they still do, because at the end of the day they’re still idiot losers who buy ramen for each other even when some members lose bets and start singing at the same time and drag each other to hell and back on twitter) but they are also professionals

so while it’s fine that you miss the past with BTS, don’t get too caught up in it ^^ like you said, they’ve worked so, incredibly hard to enjoy the worldwide success and influence they have, but they have never- not once- let it go to their heads

BTS still has an amazing future ahead of them, and whenever you miss previous eras and moments, they’ve been documenting everything for years, so you’ll never lose your favorite bangtan bomb of yoongi making ssam.


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Jungkook & the lamp + Jimin’s laughter 😂

my life is complete. bangtan is pure perfection, and you can see how much dedication and hard-work they do…and they’re even more beautiful and handsome irl (if that’s even possible).
the fans were all so excited and polite!
ah yas i can’t. they’re live performances were all on point and oh my god, the aegyo and fan service, aishhhh. they were so into it, and cypher pt 3 went so hard. yet, they went so hard during all the songs and looked like they were having a pretty chill time!

annnnd, i got to touch their hands and thank them. there’s so much more I wish I could’ve said, but I’m so grateful I could say thanks, and they said thanks while shaking my hand and looking me in the eye…ah may now ascend as ive been touched by actual angels, seven actual angels.

(and oh my god, j-hope’s smile is literal sunshine, his entire presence is just like the sun shining on a field of beautiful flowers, like yas)

((Also got goodies from some of the fan sites there! Thank you for all your design and distribution of goods! <3))

so in conclusion, bangtan is love, bangtan is lifeeeee.

redbubble store bullsh*t

redbubble has ultimately suspended my account/store since I’ve “violated the intellectual property rights of Viacom” numerous times (for korra-related pics) that had to be taken down. I don’t even understand the content guidelines for what’s not allowed and what is anymore. What they take down compared to what they allowed for me to put on are literally the same thing i don’t? ???

they really need a submission pending process where I don’t have to get these nonsense violations ;_; 

anyway, they won’t remove my suspension until I “review my works” like what does that even mean should I delete everything jeez

I’m so done with this site, i’ll probably move to another site like society 6 or something….


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