they're all positive so don't worry

why the signs are sad
  • Aries: they try so hard to be so intense all the time, but in reality they just need a break. they're constantly going full speed ahead and then feel like they have too much on their plate. they work too quickly and make mistakes that sometimes cause them to overthink or become outraged.
  • Taurus: try to fix everyone and everything. without paying any attention to themselves, they try to give advice, talk to people 24/7 and try to make the world a perfect place. but, when things come crashing down, they feel alone in the world with no one at all.
  • Gemini: are always being silly and acting as if life is a party. they forget that being serious has its benefits, and sometimes are worried that they're not getting enough out of life. they are social butterflies who sometimes feel like they're never going to find their one niche.
  • Cancer: cancers are emotional to begin with so sometimes they're sad because they just feel down. they sometimes have a pessimistic attitude towards life and thinks of things from a negative point of view, which allows for sadness to seep into their veins unwelcomed.
  • Leo: although they may seem outgoing and funny, they often have a sense of doubt within themselves. they feel like no one likes them, or that they're not good enough for the world. all of which is completely untrue.
  • Virgo: are hopeless romantics who sometimes feel heavy with grief when the girl or guy of their dreams hasn't come along. they worry that they're going to end up finding no one.
  • Libra: try too hard to be carefree. they worry a lot to begin with and try to change the way in which they work. they are sad because they don't want the world to be a sad place.
  • Scorpio: are so intense they often become raveled up in their own thoughts, which ultimately put them in a position to be upset. they are also quite worried about the future and what's going on, and think so hard they upset themselves.
  • Sagittarius: works so hard that they feel under appreciated and lonely. they do everything for everyone and feel like they never even get a thank you! they are overwhelmed and feel like they need a break. (which they do)
  • Capricorn: when they don't have someone to talk to, they feel left out and alone. they like having that one guy or girl that they can speak with all the time, someone who is theirs. when they are missing this, it's like their missing a part of themselves.
  • Aquarius: are super shy and insecure on the inside. they feel unliked and underestimated. they sometimes feel like they deserve the harsh treatment they may be getting, and have a hard time accepting their own greatness.
  • Pisces: if they are without a friend or a significant other, they go absolutely crazy. they need someone to keep them grounded, and they need someone to listen to them. when they are alone, they feel like the world is crashing down and that they might not make it out. they're so emotional.

anonymous asked:

i see all these positivity posts about dogs, and the posts are great, really, but what do you do if you don't think your dog loves you? like, you've raised them from a pup and they're touch-shy, don't initiate contact, and no matter how much training, attention, and affection you show? im just really discouraged with posts where its like 'dont worry if you fuck up, they still love you' and i just im just so tired

Okay so let me tell you about Frost. 

Frost is a sweet dog. She loves playing fetch. She’ll drag sticks out the creek and trot proudly all the way home with them. She does a happy dance when you are about to feed her, and when you have a treat in your hand she’ll do anything to get it. 

She’s basically a sweet, vivacious, typical labrador. 

Want to know how much love I feel radiating from her to me? 


In her character evaluation, the judge marked her down as having zero connection with her handler. She quite frankly couldn’t give a rat’s furry ass what I’m doing if she has something better to do. She doesn’t seek us out. She’s the opposite of a velcro dog. Whereas all our other dogs are constantly begging us for attention and rubbing up against our legs, she has zero interest in what we are doing. She doesn’t like cuddles. She doesn’t like smooches. She tolerates belly rubs sometimes but rarely. 

When you look at a dog like Frost, it’s easy to think, “well shit. She couldn’t care less if I dropped dead.” 

But dogs don’t always express their love in ways we expect. There are moments, when I’m throwing a stick for Frost, and I see the happiness and the love radiating from her eyes as she brings it back, eager for me to throw it again. 

Maybe you catch glimpses of love. Maybe the only time your dog seems happy is when they’re off doing their own thing and you feel like you’re not even a part of the picture. 

But when you watch them run around the yard, sniffing at leaves. When you watch them grunt in their sleep and maybe stretch and roll over. When you watch them eat with gusto, and when you watch them bark at squirrels… that’s when you see it. 

Your dog is happy. Your dog feels safe. Your dog is cared for. You did that. Maybe your dog isn’t able to express their love the way some others do, but that doesn’t mean you’re irrelevant. You are still the most important person in their life, and without you in their world, things would be dark and scary.