they're all over each other's personal spaces

(( OOC: I want to say this because it’s been a recurring thought of mine recently - but some of you guys are just amazingly creative.

There’s way too many people in this community for me to follow and actively track but I totally stalk all your blogs when they pop up and I just want to say… I dig it?? Because even though the rp community has kinda exploded over the last number of months with so many new people, there’s still so much originality and creativity and it makes me hella happy.

Not only that, the support and encouragement you all give each other is so cool. I haven’t seen any real negativity in a long time, and it’s so nice to witness such a safe, non-judgemental space.

I have an awful lot of appreciation for this community, and the majority of that is down the the people in it. So keep doing all the things. You’re all great.

*Goes back to stalking* ))


The second thing that struck me about this scene (after I was done flailing about how amazing Makoto is and how much I love her entrance) is that it fits with a lot of what Crystal is doing to emphasize the ways Usagi is being introduced to her Sailor Senshi….


It would entirely not be out of place for a romantic pairing in a shoujo manga to meet exactly like this, for it to be structured this way even!  To be daydreaming and not see the car coming at her until it’s too late, to be rescued by someone who came along at just the right moment, to have them tell her to be careful, that it’s dangerous.

And, most of all, to have all these close-ups, sparkles, and sense of… the way this scene is shot always makes me feel the physical intimacy in the scene, the physical sense of closeness, the way Makoto has to get into her personal space to get her out of the way of the car, the way you see Makoto’s earrings up close, the tight focus on their faces.  It always impresses on me just how much they're touching or within each others’ personal space here.

Then you add in the surprised face and the roses that appear over Makoto’s first words to her (as we often see with Usagi’s Sailor Senshi) and I just cannot, at all, escape that I have seen set-ups like this a dozen times before that were intended to be romantic.

I love it because it’s a gorgeous looking scene, it’s so beautiful and everything I wanted, but I also love it because YOU WILL TEAR BISEXUAL USAGI AWAY FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS, OKAY.

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Have you ever noticed when ppl get video of Chris and Darren in between takes or before filming while they're just hanging out. they never seem to be having really loud conversations. They're always quite close to one another and seem to always be borderline whispering to each other. It's like they're having private conversations about deep subjects (which I'm sure it's true all the time) even among a lot of ppl. That's so cute to me.

Most definitely.  Reminds me of some of the tweets coming out of the Bryant Park skating riot:

i ship koplait ‏@_nellie12

Chris and Mike showed up, called Darren over, he skated across the rink and hugged Chris. And Mike is way too excited to be here tbh lol

Michelle Paradis ‏@namesmichelle

Why are they whispering in each others ear? It’s not loud.

i ship koplait ‏@_nellie12

@stacekinsk they do invade each others personal space during conversations though. There’ll be pics I’m sure