they're a great couple


sixofcrowsnw challenge: take two ≡ best moment of your otp

kanej + religion


The Last Shadow Puppets
I Want You (She’s So Heavy)
Webster Hall, NYC

ok but what if wash is a total shorty, and the other freelancers tease him about it, so maine starts carrying wash around on his shoulders because no one is gonna make fun of wash when he’s in command of a giant growling bald man

(these dorks are my babies im sorry)

also wash definitely wears stupid sweaters i will fight u on this

ok its official I am retreating into a 17 year old fandom to do fluffy friendship/maybe shippy pics and I’m not really sorry because this is all the stuff I wanted to draw for these characters when I was a baby fangirl but didn’t have the skill for

OK SO YEAH I always headcanon’d Rude and Elena as ex-Military so here have Infantry Rude and fresh-from-the-academy Elena being bros. The timeline wouldn’t lineup at all so they’re either undercover ironically or this is an AU where they aren’t Turks take your pick.

Rude and Elena being really close is so important to me and it makes me sad when Rude is just an accessory to Reno in fic.


ten unappreciated scenes

I fell today...

I tripped over some concrete 

fell flat on my face in the middle of the street

and scraped my knee real bad

The pain was so godawful that I had to take some deep breaths and go to my happy place ….

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after that; I realized it was Monday, my ship was finally canon and I was only 6 days away from some more Richonne goodness in my life. 

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So I got up and walked it off.

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It’s all about perspective!

Richonne is Canon. Richonne is everything. And nothing hurts.

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When they were talking about motorbikes Philip was looking at Lukas like they have their own perfect little bubble and he's just, so in love.

cleaning out my tumblr drafts and i discover so many jupiter ascending and lotr cherik paintings that i never posted/totally forgot about omg (and this excludes other fandom artwork i totally forgot about as well) some of which include:

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Keep creating awesome K18 stuff, hopefully I can one day jump on and draw them together once I feel comfortable drawing romantic stuff :) . Krillin deserves a girl like Lazuli and we all know how much she loves and cares for her smol hubby. They're a great couple and more people should realize this.

And yes, I would love to share your art! It doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic! Single character stuff is awesome too!