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pledis has lots of negative sides, but allowing their artists to date isn’t the only right thing they did. first, they take health issues seriously. in aju nice era, wonwoo got enough time to rest and recuperate. when vernon was injured, they chose not to let him perform with the rest of svt in kcon japan. recently, they also chose to let hoshi rest than participate in kcon l.a. and when produce 101 was over, the nu’est members (jr, baekho, and ren) were given enough time to rest. last but definitely not the least, they don’t force their artists into strict diet.

“Let’s go, baby”

I usually don’t do this kind of thing, but I’m itching inside while reading some stuff, and I just really want to put this out there…

Jungkook and Jimin have a close and special relationship. End point. 

See, the thing about the recent event is that, no matter the circumstances, it doesn’t matter if he was quoting a k-drama (as I’ve seen some people attempting to point out, which… Sorry, it’s nice to think about stuff from different perspectives and in an unbiased way, but I just think it was a stupid thing to try and compare to, lmao. Especially if none of them have ever mentioned watching it, so…), what matters is that Jungkook is still younger than Jimin, and therefore, this is uncommon behaviour.

Oh but he could have been joking around”, see, if he’s joking around, he’s still playing with hierarchy. He owes his hyungs respect, and if he’s gone and called Jimin “baby” even if as a joke, it’s because Jimin let him, or if he was opposed to it, Jimin would’ve scolded him immediately, and he didn’t.

IN FACT! Jimin didn’t even flinch. He didn’t react. Jimin reacted to it as naturally as the speed of which the pet name came out of Jungkook’s mouth. It was normal for both of them. The act itself is bold. What’s so difficult to understand?

Oh, but he could’ve been talking to Taehyung!” 

Sorry but no, Jungkook wasn’t talking to Taehyung. Taehyung was right beside him, and when he spoke, he spoke louder and looked behind him - precisely at where Jimin was standing - to speak. If he was speaking to Taehyung, he wouldn’t need to look behind him, to where Jimin was. He would plainly and simply look beside him, where Taehyung was, which was much simpler and easier to do. Also, it was Jimin who was ‘holding them back’ because he was the one taking pictures and taking his time when both Jungkook and Taehyung were already ready to go. So, yes, he talked to Jimin.

And I can’t believe I’m saying this, but no, he was not talking to or about the ocean. I mean??? Do I even need to go there? Yeah, I thought so.

Thing is: Why is it so hard for some people to just accept the fact that Jungkook acts in a certain way with Jimin that:

- Is uncommon in between boys in Korea;

- Is uncommon when HE is the youngest in the pair. Jungkook is the maknae, he is Jimin’s dongsaeng. Jungkook is in (technically) a lower position in relation to Jimin. 

Jimin doting on Jungkook, or any of the hyungs really, is common behaviour because Jungkook is the baby, he is the youngest. They will dote on him.

But the fact that some of the shit Junkook says (like speaking informally, calling Jimin princess, manggaetteok, baby) is not normal for the YOUNGEST to say/call/tell to his ELDER, and that is what is so telling.

It’s not the pet names themselves, it’s the fact that they’ve acquired such intimacy and comfort with each other that Jimin lets him do it and get away with it. And not only that, but Jimin is also comfortable with it. If he wasn’t so, he would’ve stopped Jungkook a long time ago. 

So really, the main point here is: the things that Jungkook does to Jimin, he doesn’t do to any of his other hyungs, and the things he does to Jimin, they’re uncommon. It’s a breach in hierarchy, and this is what’s shocking and this, per se, is what speaks so loud about their dynamics and relationship. They’re close. Maybe the closest in the band, and no one can deny it.

I’m not making any assumptions in here, see? I’m just plainly stating facts. For Jungkook to be able to do such thing is because Jimin lets him. And for Jimin to let him, it’s because they’re close. End point.

I have no idea if they are dating or not, I don’t even feel comfortable saying it, this is not even what this post is about.

What I’m trying to say here and I’m rambling is just that I don’t get people being so salty and annoying over facts and why people keep trying to deny facts. They are close. Jikook are close, and that’s it. Just get over it. 

Even if as a joke, even if as a quote, it’s still the dongsaeng calling his hyung baby. It’s the act. It’s the dynamics. @satellite-jeon has spoken about this so many times now, and she explained it well enough in her last post

So, please. I’m not trying to prove shit with this, I’m just trying to say that Jimin and Jungkook have a special relationship. Be it platonic, be it romantic, be it professional, be it whatever. They have something special. 

Just get over it. 


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  • You, a fool: Here's a big diagram braking down all of the different creatures incorrectly referred to as "Dragons" only if they have four legs and wings are they actually Dragons, two legs and two wings are Wyverns NOT dragons, and this kind over here is actually...
  • Me, an Intellectual: 'Dragon' is an umbrella term, fam. They're literally all Dragons, just different types of dragons.
  • You: b-b-but
  • Me: They're all Dragons, Brent

Hey, Jason Todd.

Let me just say how pleased I am that you are that you can now sit around eating fries with the other Robins.

I’m not sure how you achieved this, or how many retcons were needed to do it. And I see you still can’t go two minutes without mentioning you died that one time.  But kudos to you for trading in your mid noughties anti-hero schtick – even if only temporarily.

Soon, no doubt, I will be watching your WB mandated, sustained torture and psychological manipulation by the joker on the big screen, in tones of grey and… other greys.

And when I do, it will be a comfort to know that somewhere out in the multiverse, you’re squabbling with your bros and having a burger.  

Ravenclaw Headcanon

Sometimes, usually when there’s mostly first years around, and the riddle the eagle asks if really difficult, the older ravenclaws will just start talking about Voldemort. They start asking the eagle knocker questions back, like “could Tom Riddle just walk in because he WAS a riddle?” Or “Was him being a riddle make a double negative at this door, because at this point all riddles are negative.” And “Is that why he became so evil? Because he couldn’t answer the riddle that was HIMSELF?” And sometimes the older students get so far fetched with their questions that the knocker just let’s them in based on their ability to expand on a small thought.

BTS Reaction ▾ Falling in love with a foreign actress/singer


When you were first introduced to all of the boys, Jin immediately felt a little reserved towards you. You came from a foreign country, much different than his, and even spoke another language. But not even a minute later of being introduce to one another, you spoke to him in fluent Korean when you told him how much you looked forward to working together. Albeit, your words were hesitant and your grammar a little broken, he was just glad he wouldn’t have to struggle because of a measly language barrier. 

And he was definitely glad after working with you because he was a hundred percent sure he’d fallen for you. Spending all that time with you working on this music video together had his a heart in a beating frenzy nowadays. He looked forward to spending more time with you at work, and outside. You spent your free time going to every restaurant he swore served the best food, right alongside him. The best part was, he very quickly realized how much of a happy person you were. Your smile could rival Hoseok’s and that, in itself, was an impressive feat. He only wished you felt the same about him.

Jungkook and Yoongi were the first ones to notice how he felt about you, and the other soon followed suit. They tried to get him to confess his feelings to you. But every time he would muster up enough courage, one look at your face and it would come crashing down. He really was in deep with this one and he had no idea how do get out.

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When your manager had contacted their’s at first about a collab, everyone was on board. They knew you had a large fan base and not only that, you were a well-reputed singer. Yoongi on the other hand didn’t really like it. It wasn’t necessarily that he didn’t like you, he just didn’t like collaborating with other artists because he always worried that they would somehow change the style of their music. But he didn’t want to go against what everyone wanted, so he stayed quiet. 

And he’s glad he did because here you were, in his studio, still recording this song even at five in the morning and his heart swelled at you voice. Your voice slurred into the microphone set in front of you as the light melody of the song played in the background. He can’t believe he had ever been skeptical about this collaboration because he couldn’t imagine this song being completed without yours. He wondered if it was shallow to fall in love with someone because of their voice but he realized he didn’t really care. He liked how you were around him. So shy and humble for someone as big as you. Especially around him. He knew of the crush you had on him, but never wanted to indulge on it. At least not until the song’s over and done with. After that, he would make sure you knew exactly how he felt.

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Hobi is quite sure that it was love at first sight. He doesn’t know why but as soon as you shook his hand and spoke to him, he felt his heart stop but at the same time he felt his blood pumping loud throughout his entire body. You’d only introduced yourself and smiled at him and he was already whipped. He wondered if you sang at all because your voice was sweet but you explained that you only acted. You were going to be in their next short movie project acting as Jin’s love interest. He’s not ever the one to feel jealous but he was envious of Jin. He really had taken an intense liking to you.

Soon, it didn’t matter who you were portrayed to be in love with on screen, because you spend a lot of your free time with him. Sometimes, he would show you around and take you to all the places he wanted you to see. Or sometimes, you would stay at their dorm and just watch some TV. Things already felt so domestic with you that he sometimes forgot that you were supposed to be just friends. And before shooting was even close to done, Hoseok finally asked you out. 

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The both of you knew each other before the idea of doing a song together even came about. You even considered each other close friends. Namjoon had known you for years and always harbored a crush on you but never acted on it for fear of losing you as a friend. Most of that changed when the two of you started to work on this song together. He knew you had a nice voice, being a singer in your own country and all. But he never realized how utterly and beautiful it sounded when you sang in Korean. He found himself entranced by your voice and maybe, this was the little push he needed to just haplessly fall in love with you. 

He suddenly became hyper aware of your every touch and his senses went into overdrive whenever you did touch him. Whereas before, he’d just wrap his arms around you without a second thought and pull you closer into him. It only took a late night recording session for him to finally give up on holding back and make his move by holding you in his arms, and dipping down for a deep kiss. Let’s just say, you felt exactly the same way.

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You weren’t necessarily a big actor in your country but you were good. And they only needed you for a short segment in their new music video so them hiring you wasn’t based on publicity. You just tried out, and got the part. As simple as that. You were pretty ecited to be woring with the band because you’d listened to their music and it wasn’t to insensible. It was actually pretty good. On top of that, the pay wasn’t too bad. 

The first time you actually met Jimin was on set. The director had vaguely introduced you to the boys and they’d all meekly exchanged greetings with you but didn’t pay you too much attention. Well, not all of them at least. Jimin couldn’t tear his eyes off you. He didn’t really know why. There was something about you that made him want to know more about you. So, without hesitation, Jimin walked up to you and properly introduced himself. When you smiled and you eyes brightened as you shook his hand, he swore time had just stopped. You looked so innocent that it shook him to the core. He wasn’t sure what this was, but he was adamant on keeping you around for as long as he could.

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Taehyung hadn’t even tried to hide that he was interested in you. He would constantly flirt with you in order to garner a reaction from you, but it seemed you felt nothing for him. Nonetheless, that didn’t deter him. He was adamant on Jungkook’s word who’d told him you were just shy around him because you liked him. Your bashful face and widened eyes made his stomach flip and he loved seeing you that way.

He doesn’t know if he let himself fall in love or he just did, but he’s glad it’s you. Who else could be better? You loved the same things he did and over the weeks, you’d finally warmed up to him enough to joke back an forth and to his surprise, flirt a little. Though, he was saddened when it was time for you to leave and go back to your country. You only were here to work on their song with them and he should’ve realized a little sooner that your days were numbered with him. 

Though, on the night before you were to leave, you should up at the dorm to speak to him. He had only just closed the door and turned around to face you when he felt your lips on his. You know those fireworks they talk about when you kiss someone you like? Well, he felt something like that, but they felt mellow and slow. Like they were blooming instead of bursting and he never wanted to not feel this way again. 

You still left the next day but promised him that you’d video call as much as you could and even visit the next it was possible for you too. You left him with the kiss and with your presence, the fireworks left too.

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It really was a lighthearted joke. You didn’t think that the boys would take it seriously. While they were on tour in the US, you had showed up at one of their concerts to finally meet them. You were really close friends with Namjoon and you were finally at the right place and the right time to meet the rest of the band. When they greeted you in all their post concert glory, you think you almost swooned at the youngest. He was breathing a little shallow but he maintained a small smile as Namjoon spoke for you. It wasn’t like you didn’t know Korean, it was just that you were kinda tongue tied right now. You had seen picture of Jungkook but they didn’t justify how he looked in real life at all. Though you tried to regain yourself and actually speak to them, which made Jungkook actually direct more of his attention to you because not only were you incredibly cute, you could actually speak to him.

Things led to another and soon, you had become close with Jungkook as well. But it was vastly different from what you were like with Namjoon. The both of you were often teased about each other and it wasn’t really a secret the two of you were attracted to one another. It was just a matter of time when one of you would cave and confess. And he was the one who did.

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